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Mario Golf: Super Rush: 10 Mechanics We Hope Return From Previous Games

When Mario Golf: Super Rush was first released on June 25 for the Nintendo Switch, many fans were disappointed in the lack of overall content. While the gameplay is similar to previous installments of the Mario Golf series and the graphics are amazing, this game is missing some of the mechanics that made this series unique and iconic since its humble beginnings on the NES.

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With Nintendo's announcement that there will be free DLCs for the game in the near future, there are plenty of things the DLCs should add to this installment from previous games.

10 More Character Customization

Currently, Mario Golf: Super Rush does not have a lot of customization options for the player's Mii character. Players receive Standard Attire and Standard Shoes from the Caddie Master, and then players can buy one outfit and pair of shoes at each of the five shops that correspond to the five courses. Each of these outfits and shoes grant special abilities that relate to the courses.

While the effects add to the clothing options and make the choice more than just an aesthetic preference, many players who want to have their own unique style may find the six Attires and Shoes to be lacking. In the previous entry of the Mario Golf series, Mario Golf: World Tour on the Nintendo 3DS, the player could unlock 25 shirts, 25 pants, 76 pieces of headgear, 76 gloves and 76 pairs of shoes. Hopefully, future updates and DLC will allow players to show off their individual fashion preferences.

9 Item Shots

Another feature included in Mario Golf: World Tour that was not included in this game so far is the Item Shot, which is when an item is used on a golf ball to give it a special ability. For example, the Fire Flower gave a golf ball the ability to burn through trees and other obstacles along with an increased shot distance.

Even though these abilities make the game less realistic, they do expand the gameplay options and create a more unpredictable experience. Plus, if players want the realism, they can just choose not to use the items.

8 Mario Golf Unique Characters

Since NES Open Tournament Golf, the Mario Golf franchise has had original characters that were made specifically for the series. Originally, players would just compete against these characters, but later games allowed players to even choose these characters. In Mario Golf for the Gameboy Color, players could take control of eight new characters, who were named Kid, Sherry, Joe, Azalea, Putts, Grace, Tiny and Gene Yuss. These characters could also be used in Mario Golf for the N64 if the data from the Gameboy Color was transferred using the Transfer Pak.

Although there are many well-known and beloved characters that should be in Mario Golf, part of the game's charm has been its unique characters. The future character additions should include some of these characters for players to play as and connect with.

7 RPG Story

Along with the new characters, some of the previous entries of the series also had a full RPG-like game experiences. For both Mario Golf for the Gameboy Color and Mario Golf: Advance Tour, players assumed the role of an original character and played through an original story while leveling up their stats. For both of these games, the story was well-developed, which made the games feel like a true RPG.

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While the Adventure Mode in Mario Golf: Super Rush seems to be trying to emulate this, it does not reach the same complexity as the previous entries. Instead, Golf Adventure feels more like a tutorial rather than an actual separate game mode. Players are forced to use the mode to learn about the other aspects of the game, and the story does not feel as fleshed out as the previous RPG installments.

6 More Game Types

In Mario Golf: Super Rush, there are a couple of main game types, which include Speed Golf, Battle Golf, and Golf Adventure. But, there are plenty of game types from previous games that do not exist yet in this newest installment. Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour, for instance, also includes several other modes like Ring Shot. For Ring Shot, the player must hit shots through rings along with finishing the course.

In order to give the game more re-playability and variety, Mario Golf: Super Rush should add some of these game modes and more. The added modes will attract more players and lead to more play time.

5 Mini Golf

Speaking of more game types, Mini Golf is a game type that should absolutely be brought back. In Mario Golf for the N64, players had two mini golf courses they could play: Luigi's Garden and Peach's Castle. The courses were shaped like numbers and letters, and players could change the ball speed for an extra level of difficulty.

With games like Golf With Your Friends being immensely popular, Mario Golf: Super Rush would benefit from some mini golf. The smaller courses would be a nice change from the large open spaces of the other environments. Also, since mini golf courses typically have unique shapes, obstacles and set pieces, it would be the perfect way to add in some Mario-themed charm.

4 Unique Obstacles

To set Mario Golf: Super Rush apart from other golf games, all the courses should have parts in it that would only be in a Mario game. For example, in Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour, the game used various Mario-themed hazards and set pieces. These included enemies like Boos, Piranha Plants and Chain Chomps, and possibly helpful set pieces like Warp Pipes and Bouncing Mushrooms.

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At the moment, the courses in Mario Golf: Super Rush are mostly going for a more realistic version of Golf, which is similar to early titles in the series. While realism is not necessarily a bad thing, some flare could still be added to the courses to give them more life and to make it more enjoyable for casual players.

3 Access To Courses From The Start

In order to gain access to courses in Mario Golf: Super Rush, players have to go through the Golf Adventure Mode first. This is different from previous entries in the series. Even in the games with a story mode, players could choose to play some of the courses right away without the story mode.

Unlockable courses can give some incentive for players to explore more of the game and complete challenges, but some courses should be available right away so that players can start playing immediately without having to go through the other content. Since Golf Adventure takes some time to get through, players who do not care about the RPG elements and just want to get to meat of the game may find the experience to be tedious.

2 Courses From Different Parts Of The World

In NES Open Tournament Golf, players could pick from three different courses: the US Course, the Japan Course and the UK Course. While these courses did not look that different from each other, the idea of playing golf in different parts of the world is still pretty cool.

Similar to many racing games, Mario Golf: Super Rush should have some courses that are inspired by different parts of the world. For example, it would be cool to have courses with famous landmarks like the Eiffel Tower or the Great Wall of China. Unlike past titles, the game has the graphics and technology to make this game the best.

1 Unrealistic Mario-like Courses

Besides courses inspired by real-life places, Mario Golf: Super Rush should also incorporate unrealistic courses inspired by Mario levels and games. Mario Golf: World Tour, the previous title in the series, had plenty of Mario-themed maps. This included Yoshi Lake, which resembled Yoshi's Story and Yoshi's Woolly World, and Peach Gardens, which has pink grass and Peach's Castle.

While this obviously strays from the realism of the earlier games, the change helps newer and casual players remain interested since the Mario environments provide an entertaining backdrop. The realistic courses should be kept for the players who want a more realistic simulation, but other types of courses should be added for the players who want something a little different.

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