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Marvel's Avengers: 10 Changes That Improved The Game | ScreenRant

Marvel's Avengers didn't have the best debut and plenty of players have shunned the Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics title. However, the developers have continued to make massive improvements to the game and fans are slowly returning to check out what might be different from its initial botched launch version.

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Whether it's simple fixes to ongoing problems, brand new DLC, enhanced characters, or a clear plan on how the game will progress forward, the developers are clearly listening to the fan community and are doing their best to improve the playability and reputation of the game. With new characters such as Black Panther and compelling original stories involving time travel, the game promises to be even better than it was when it was first released.

10 Expanding Roster

When Avengers launched in September of 2020, the game had a limited roster of characters that were tied directly to the main story campaign. While there was a promise that future heroes would be added at a later date, there were some fundamentally important characters that weren't revealed or confirmed as potential playable heroes.

There were plenty of characters who fans wanted to play as and the game quickly brought Kate Bishop's iteration of Hawkeye into the fold. After Kate's debut, Clint Barton's archer was also introduced, alongside other versions of the character like Ronin and Old Man Hawkeye. Most recently a Maestro iteration of Hulk and Black Panther have been added, effectively expanding and diversifying the team's once threadbare lineup.

9 A Clear Road Map

There's still a lot to expect from the Avengers title in 2021 but Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix have made it clear that there is a very precise roadmap that will see the game continue to evolve. This means fans know what to expect for the next few months and will have a clear idea about what future content will be released and when it will be available to download and play.

This roadmap highlighted huge DLC updates and even smaller events as well as promising the debut of Spider-Man, which fans have been waiting for a long time. With this changing strategy, Square Enix is signifying that they intended to keep the game fresh and vital so that players can safely invest their time and money.

8 New DLC

Multiple new DLCs have been added to the game to expand the story of the main campaign. The first DLC released was Taking A.I.M., which introduced fans to Kate Bishop and continued a subplot involving the female Hawkeye looking for the missing Clint Barton.

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The second DLC, Operation: Future Imperfect, took fans into a brand new era of the video game's world with time travel being brought into the mix and Clint Barton traveling from the far future to warn the current Avengers team of the Maestro's threat to the timeline. The War For Wakanda expansion story was the most recent addition and introduced an entirely new map, mission, and characters such as Black Panther and Shuri.

7 Further Boss Battles

The sign of a great superhero video game is whether there are several diverse and compelling boss battles included. Marvel's Avengers was very limited on the bosses that they used, with only Abomination, Taskmaster, M.O.D.O.K., and the Scientist Supreme appearing in the game's main campaign.

The three DLCs are rectifying this lack of suitable antagonists. Taking A.I.M. introduced the Super-Adaptoid while the fearsome Hulk villain the Maestro appeared in Operation: Future Imperfect. Last but not least, War For Wakanda added both Crossbones and Klaw to the growing list of villains, giving players another set of foes to test their might against.

6 A Variety Of Villain Types

One of the criticisms levied at the game was that many of the enemy types felt too similar. Fans were used to fighting their way through non-descript A.I.M. goons and robots and expressed their desire for the creators to add more variety of the DLC stories and multiplayer online missions.

In response to this criticism, the game has put further emphasis on The Watchdogs as enemies, a group of mercenaries with a hatred of Inhumans. The Future Imperfect DLC employed a futuristic twist on familiar foes by giving the usual villains a cosmetic makeover that made them look like brand new adversaries. Additionally, War For Wakanda added Klaw and Crossbones' men as well as other mercenaries and robotic spiders. The result is a game that feels more varied and challenging as players now have to battle a wide assortment of different enemies.

5 An Evolving Game Design

Many of the interfaces that fans would be using on a day-to-day basis felt very clunky at launch, with each aspect taking far too long to load. It wasn't easy to simply change a costume and it was only really the War Table mechanic that felt as if it was fully thought out.

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Recent updates have completely shifted how players interact with the menu system though, making things far more intuitive and accessible. Load times have been cut down with these changes as well, allowing for players to experience the game without the frustration of having to wait a long time to access it.

4 Bug Fixes

Even a character's most iconic moment can be completely ruined by a glitch halfway through their important scene. Whether it was in these cinematic sequences or through the gameplay itself, fans had identified plenty of bugs upon the game's launch that made the title unplayable at times. There was a learning curve for the developers to be sure, but over time these problems have been largely solved. A continued dedication to fixing some of these issues has meant the game works better. Each DLC has been fully developed so that even a huge expansion doesn't bring with it additional bugs.

3 An Ambitious Story

The original campaign was fun to play through but wasn't overly ambitious with what it did with its iconic characters. The game didn't take advantage of the massive amount of heroes, villains, locations, and storylines the Marvel Universe has to offer. Instead, the game focused solely on the conflict between A.I.M. and the Inhumans, which limited the scope and appeal of the narrative.

Each DLC has progressively demonstrated that the story will continue to take risks though. There's been more focus on the Kree invasion, with a future apocalypse being heavily alluded to Operation: Future Imperfect. The addition of the Cosmic Cube heightened the stakes and Black Panther's story perfectly set up the introduction of Wakanda, one of Marvel's most marvelous locations.

2 Evolving Market Place

Micro-transactions can be the death of any game and Marvel's Avengers is trying to find ways to actually make the marketplace attractive to players. Although there are additional ways of unlocking some of the Avengers' incredible custom costumes, there's now free content for players to enhance their gaming experience.

This will likely continue throughout the rest of the year with even a caped Black Panther outfit available for nothing in recent weeks. The diversity of this free content is also expanding, with more costumes and weapons inspired by Marvel's past comic books as well the recent MCU movies and television shows.

1 Small Scale Events

Major DLC is important so that the game can continue to shift and move in new directions, but with the day-to-day gameplay, smaller-scale events are also vital for nurturing a potentially volataile fan base. The game has managed to roll out a number of interesting ideas to keep players entertained.

The Red Room challenge takeover that also brought in other villains was an absolute success, as was the idea that players could use multiple versions of the same hero in online gameplay at the same time. Mega Hives continue to evolve and with other plans on the way, there may even be ideas to make some of these events permanent for audiences to enjoy whenever they want.

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