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Marvel's Avengers Used Black Panther's MCU Stunt Double

Marvel's Avengers brought in the MCU's Black Panther stunt double to do motion capture for the character in the game. Crystal Dynamics wanted to ensure that it could utilize the character effectively and make Black Panther different from the other heroes in Marvel's Avengers, so the team put a lot of effort into ensuring he was his own character.

The upcoming Marvel's Avengers - War for Wakanda expansion will bring both Black Panther and Wakanda into Crystal Dynamics' corner of the Marvel universe, something fans have been eagerly awaiting. The expansion is arguably the biggest update the team has done yet and adds plenty of new content, including hours of new story missions. Similarly, it's also the biggest character the team has had to take on post-launch. Given the reverence for the character of Black Panther, Crystal Dynamics wanted to do him justice and make sure he was distinct within the game.

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Speaking with Screen Rant, Marvel's Avengers' senior game designer Scott Walters talked about how Crystal Dynamics tried to make Black Panther unique. The team looked at tools and weaponry from African tribes, dug into the lore and mythos of the character in the comics, and even brought in an expert to help create the way Black Panther moves.

"For Black Panther, we wanted to show off the agility, the strength that he has. He's not an engineered super solider like the way Captain America is. He gained his powers and strength from that heart shaped herb, it's a bit similar in that sense, but he has his own fighting style. We had Gui DaSilva, whose the stunt double for Black Panther in the movies, come in and do motion capture to really capture that look and feel of the way he fights."

Marvel's Avengers takes inspiration from Black Panther's history, but has still done plenty to establish that this is its own version of the character. This isn't a rehash of Chadwick Boseman's interpretation of Black Panther, which allows the team more freedom to play with the character in new and exciting ways. Still, using someone who's worked so closely with the character before should allow the team to bring a good sense of authenticity to the way Black Panther moves in the game.

It's currently unclear just how big of a role Black Panther will play in Marvel's Avengers after the War for Wakanda expansion, but it seems like Crystal Dynamics has put a lot of effort into making him a key character. Although the films are separate from the game, Wakanda was set up in the Black Panther film and then used as a massive battle ground for the pivotal climax of Avengers: Infinity War. It's not hard to imagine Crystal Dynamics will integrate Wakanda and Black Panther as crucial elements in the larger story of Marvel's Avengers, especially given previous teases of where the game appears to be heading.

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