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Marvel's Most Powerful Hero Took On Galactus Alone (And Didn't Lose)

When it comes to legendary battles that haven't been seen but heard in the Marvel Universe, the Sentry has quite a few incredible stories. Spider-Man once revealed the Sentry took on Galactus one-on and fought the massive cosmic being to a standstill. In a story emphasizing how strong the Sentry truly was, the web-slinger revealed the hero's fight against the Devourer of Worlds.

Bob Reynolds originally debuted as a schlubby, depressed man whose memory of being the world's greatest hero was erased (and those who remembered him) by his fellow heroes, to protect the world from his dark side. The heroic version of Sentry is Marvel's strongest hero, as he has the powers of a million exploding suns after ingesting an experimental Super-Soldier Serum. He's essentially Marvel's take on Superman, but he might be even stronger than the Man of Steel. However, Sentry was also infected by the Void, a potential universe-ending cosmic entity who overtook the hero and tried to destroy everything in its path. To stop the Void, Sentry chose to erase his memory again and was forgotten for quite a while.

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In The Sentry & Spider-Man by Paul Jenkins, Rick Leonardi, Terry Austin, Jeremy Cox, and Comicraft, Spider-Man recalls first meeting the Sentry and being in awe of the hero, as the Golden Guardian calls him special. Spider-Man recounts teaming up with Sentry to fight the Void and learning the true terror of the villain. In the story, it's revealed how Spider-Man helped Sentry announce himself to the world with a Pulitzer Prize-winning picture most "influential image of the decade." While Sentry would eventually erase everyone's memory (and his own) to stop the Void, before doing so, Spider-Man gushes about the hero as the Avengers take on the darkness. Spider-Man emphasizes Sentry's strength and powers by revealing once fought Galactus "to a standstill."

It's no surprise Sentry took on Galactus and survived the ordeal. After all, he was originally created to be the most overpowered and strong superhero in existence. Galactus is a powerhouse and few characters rival his cosmic powers. But, Marvel needed to emphasize how strong the Sentry truly was - and fighting to a standstill with the Devourer of Worlds is ridiculously impressive. Wolverine even once described Sentry's punch as hitting as "friggin hard as Galactus."

While Marvel Comics would bring Sentry back in later stories, the numerous stories from characters like Spider-Man about how powerful he really drove home why the Void was such a threat. There was no choice but to erase his memory, even if it made the strongest superhero completely disappear. Even if his fellow heroes don't remember, the Sentry was Marvel's most powerful hero, as his fight with Galactus proved how strong he truly was.

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