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Marvel's New Knockoff Wolverine is The Worst Version Yet

Warning: contains major spoilers for Deadpool: Black, White & Blood #1!

A pathetic new wannabe Wolverine just tried to take on Deadpool and showed that he is definitely not the best he is at what he does. Deadpool: Black, White & Blood #1 is an anthology comic that throws Wade Wilson into assorted adventures. This allows the Merc with a Mouth to team-up with old friends, battle old foes, and run into some rather strange characters.

Deadpool and Wolverine have been at odds for many years. However, this issue does not feature Logan except in the first story - solely to hang up his phone on Deadpool. That doesn't stop this mercenary from having a run-in with someone who has similar attack methods. There have been many clones of Wolverine and several Weapon X program foes with similar abilities. This latest "version" of Wolverine is one of the absolute worst in terms of similarities and attack power, which is exactly what makes it so amusing.

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"Born in the USZORSUSR" is written, illustrated, and lettered by James Stokoe. This story pits Deadpool against Omega Red and Ursa Major - as well as an elderly man who might just have secret aspirations to be Wolverine. Gary is described as a "cool local" who makes beef jerky and is living in a nation of Omega Red's own creation within the borders of Canada. His first introduction features him snoozing away in a rocking chair. However, this casual appearance is merely a front, as Gary is actually a sleeper agent for Ursa Major who is attacking Omega Red. Since Deadpool was spotted with the Russian mutant, he becomes a target for Gary. The old man first shoots the mercenary, then emulates Wolverine.

The elderly man leaps onto Wade's back and stabs him in the shoulder with three knives, positioned strategically between his fingers. He similarly wields another three spaced the same way in his opposing hand despite not attacking with them. This prompts a hilarious response from Deadpool, who wonders aloud about "feral Canadians." This is an obvious jab at Wolverine, though this IS a bit of a pattern with Marvel. Sabretooth is a feral mutant who, like Wolverine, is also Canadian. The same is true of Walter Langowski, otherwise known as Sasquatch, who worked for the Canadian government and was part of Alpha Flight. Sasquatch has been known to lose control of his Gamma mutate form, becoming more feral on occasion. Deadpool - another Canadian - isn't feral, but this Marvel mercenary often acts rather savagely against his foes with flurries of violence and isn't always in his right mind - putting him in good company with his fellow Canadians.

Gary may just be one of the worst Wolverine stand-ins ever. He mirrors Wolverine's claw attack in one of the cheapest ways imaginable, with strategically placed knives. He also has no awareness of who his foe really is since he proves completely ineffective against Deadpool - as most of the mercenary's opponents tend to. Deadpool flings him off his back, shoots him, and Gary finds himself landing on a missile, which launches at Ursa Major. Afterwards, the wannabe Wolverine is not seen again. This is definitely one of Marvel's strangest imitations of Wolverine. While Logan has pulled off cowboy-style looks before, Gary fails to live up to the power that his much cooler counterpart brings to every fight. Deadpool generally can't die, but Wolverine always puts up a really good fight against him, causing serious damage. The only thing this cheap imitation can give Wade is a small flesh wound that will heal far faster than Logan's usual inflictions. Marvel's Wolverine imitators need to up their game if they plan to take on Deadpool in the future.

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