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Marvel's What If...? Episodes Could Lead to Live-Action Spinoffs

Live-action adaptations could be in the cards for some episodes of What If...? Marvel's foray into the streaming realm has be wildly successful so far. Both WandaVision and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier scored multiple Emmy nominations ahead of the ceremony later this year. Loki, which was released after the eligibility period, was the MCU's most acclaimed series yet on top of being the series that most overtly set up the next part of Phase 4 by breaking the multiverse wide open. That multiverse will be explored in depth in the next Marvel and Disney+ series.

What If...? will apply the concept of the comic series of the same name by taking some of the MCU's most well-known events and characters and portraying them in vastly different ways. From Peggy Carter taking the Super Soldier serum instead of Steve Rogers to Black Panther joining the Avengers, the possibilities are truly endless. As Marvel's first animated series, it will be unconstrained by budgetary concerns and will allow the MCU to go in wild new directions, directions that will be just as important to the MCU as a whole as any other series or movie.

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Now, executive producer Brad Winderbaum tells Inverse that What If...?'s stories could even make their way to live-action one day. First, Winderbaum expressed hopes of seeing more chapters of the various stories being told in the series. He then points to the fact that many of the stories in the What If...? comics have already made their way to the main continuity of the MCU, hinting that that could happen with the animated show, too. Check out his full statement below:

We wanted each story to be able to be open and shut in that half an hour timeframe, but it's hard not to imagine more chapters with some of these characters. I hope that one day we do get to see more adventures in some of these alternate timelines.

All you have to do to prove that is look back at how many stories from the What If...? comics ended up in the main continuity of the comic universe. My prediction is a similar thing could happen on the cinematic side as well.

Of the various stories that could make their way to live-action, Captain Carter's seems the likeliest. Audiences have longed hope to see more of Hayley Atwell's character in live-action, so much so that a brief glimpse of a woman in Loki prompted many to think Agent Carter had made a brief cameo at the TVA. With Steve Rogers retired and the multiverse broken wide open, it would be a treat for many to see Captain Carter take on her own live-action mission in the MCU.

With 9 episodes each slated for What If...? seasons 1 and 2, there are plenty of other stories that could make their way to the big screen, too. The series will already tease the possibilities of the multiverse, but it now seems that it will be in more ways than one. These infinite universes making their way into the franchise could mean big and bold stories the likes of which haven't been seen in the MCU yet and it sounds like What If...? is just the beginning.

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Source: Inverse

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