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MCU: The 10 Best Wanda & Vision Moments Ever | ScreenRant

The MCU has had plenty of couples, but few have measured up to Wanda and Vision. Both characters had a connection from the start due to the Mind Stone. Yet, they became a really strong duo because of the great chemistry they shared.

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Also, they both helped one another as Vision learned more about being human through their relationship, whereas Wanda was pretty much alone before she grew closer to the android. Their romance wasn't just beneficial for the characters, though, as it was good for the viewers, too. After all, the entertaining duo has provided many great moments together.

10 Illusion And Glamour's Magic Show

The second episode in the WandaVision series saw the two main characters - going by the stage names of Illusion and Glamour - put on a magic performance for Westview's talent show. Things were a struggle, though, because Vision had a piece of gum stuck in his system, which made him act inebriated.

It was a very goofy scene for two of the most powerful Avengers to be involved in, and that's what made it so fun. The two characters have rarely had the chance to show off a comedic side, but they excelled in this one. 'Drunk' Vision was especially funny. Plus, Wanda covering for Vision every time he used his powers was cleverly done.

9 Fighting The Black Order

During Infinity War, Wanda and Vision were attacked on the streets of Scotland by two members of The Black Order. It was only a short battle, but it was exciting. Neither Wanda nor Vision have had as many action scenes are some of the other Avengers, so getting this little bit of time to shine was nice.

In fact, it served as a reminder of how strong Wanda is because the only shots she took were from behind. Likewise, it showed the viewers how powerful the villains were relative to a couple of the mightiest heroes.

8 Comic Book Inspired Halloween Costumes

It was Halloween in the sixth episode of WandaVision, and the titular characters went as the classic comic book versions of themselves. However, the two characters didn't use their powers to craft perfect replicas of their former garments.

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Instead, both outfits intentionally looked homemade, which is what made the scene so funny. Vision's costume was particularly bad with his pair of yellow shorts and the diamond-shaped piece of felt covering the mind stone. The whole moment was a fun nod to the MCU's tendency to avoid using their heroes' classic costumes.

7 Cooking Together At The Avengers Compound

Partway through Captain America: Civil War, Wanda lent Vision a hand in the kitchen. The two then proceeded to have a deep conversation as they related to each other's complicated relationship with their own powers.

It was a moment that added extra depth to two characters who were still relative newcomers at the time. Plus, while WandaVision made Wanda and Vision a more interesting couple, this scene was the first real indication of their close bond. Likewise, it was early evidence of the on-screen chemistry that Paul Bettany and Elizabeth Olsen had.

6 Stealing A Moment In Scotland

Before they were dragged into the battle with Thanos and his forces, Wanda and Vision got a bit of alone time together during Infinity War. In one moment, Vision told Wanda how he felt and asked her to stay with him.

The former J.A.R.V.I.S. was always an eloquent speaker, but in this scene, he struggled to get his words out. It showed how evolved he'd become as Vision seemed completely human as he awkwardly tried to express his feelings. And it showed the sort of effect that Wanda had on him.

5 Wanda Creating The Hex

A flashback late into WandaVision showed how Wanda created the Hex when she was overcome with grief. Along with changing the whole town of Westview, she created a new Vision.

It was an incredibly emotional scene as Wanda finally saw the love of her life again. But it wasn't a heartwarming moment as viewers already knew that it wasn't real. In fact, the creation of the Hex was one of the worst things Wanda has ever done in the MCU. Even so, it was sweet to see Wanda happy again after watching all the pain she'd been through in the previous years.

4 Saying Goodbye To Their Kids

The Hex couldn't last forever, and towards the end of WandaVision, Westview was turning back to normal. This meant that the two lead characters had to say one last goodbye to their kids, who were about to cease to exist.

The performances of Paul Bettany and Elizabeth Olsen were fantastic in this scene as they perfectly played a set of parents who were trying to stay strong for their children. And the whole moment was expectedly emotional as Wanda and Vision talked about the pride they had for their kids, and the Scarlett Witch even thanked them for allowing her to be their mom.

3 Vision's Ultimate Sacrifice

Deep into Infinity War, hope was slipping away as Thanos had gathered most of the stones. The only one he lacked was the Mind Stone lodged in Vision's head. Wanda had to destroy it and kill Vision in the process, making it one of the most heartbreaking scenes in MCU history.

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The part where Vision tried to convince a tear-filled Wanda to do the deed was particularly sad. However, it also showed the greatness of the hero and how much he loved Wanda as even though he was the one about to die, he was more concerned about her. He then spent the entire act reassuring her that it was the right thing to do.

2 "What Is Grief, If Not Love Persevering?"

During one of the flashback scenes in the penultimate episode of WandaVision, Vision comforted Wanda after she lost her brother. The moment is most famous for Vision saying, "What is grief, if not love persevering?" which is now among Vision's most memorable lines in the MCU.

Yet, there was more to the scene than that one quote. Vision trying to help with Wanda's grief despite never having felt it himself was truly moving. And the conversation was excellently written, with Wanda's description of losing someone being particularly brilliant.

1 Their Final Goodbye

Wanda and Vision's most recent goodbye didn't come in battle like the one on Wakanda. At the end of WandaVision, the two had time to share some final words together before the Hex ended and Vision was no more.

It was another emotional scene between the pair as they discussed their past and who Vision really was. The typical stellar performances of the leads made the moment as heartbreaking as possible. But it ended with hope as the two agreed that they might see each other again.

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