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MCU: 5 Heroines Who Would Be Best Friends (And 5 That Would Clash)

Over a decade of films has provided the MCU, and audiences, with memorable and loveable female characters. Whether they've been there from the beginning like Black Widow or only came into play recently like Captain Marvel, the writing and performances of these characters have made them stick with audiences long after the credits roll.

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Viewers have longed to see some of these characters interact as they would no doubt get along well. But there are also some who would clash with one another. Either way, these interactions would be fun for audiences to experience and would make sense for the given characters.

10 Friends: Pepper Potts & Hope Van Dyne

Pepper was the first female lead in the MCU in Iron Man, and Hope is a bit of a newer addition as The Wasp. They would get along well for a few reasons, one of which is their work ethic. They both know what it's like to run huge tech companies like Stark Industries and Pym Technologies, and both would be able to empathize with trying to succeed in a male-dominated industry.

They also leap into combat with the Rescue and Wasp suits which provide full-body coverage and would lead to another bonding point, given how protective or restrictive the suits can be.

9 Clash: Carol Danvers & The Ancient One

Carol's powers are cosmic in ability, but her mind and personality are quick and she likes having the appropriate facts and answers the exact moment she needs them. The Ancient One has extraordinary powers like Carol, but she has a bit more patience.

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Not only that, but she would rather let people discover the answers to their questions in their own time as she did with Stephen Strange, instead of telling them right away. She would want the person to come to their own conclusion rather than come to the conclusion for them. Carol would get frustrated with this and inevitably fly off.

8 Friends: Carol Danvers & Valkyrie

Valkyrie hails from Asgard as a member of their elite, all-female army. After she is left as the sole survivor, Valkyrie has adopted a sarcastic sense of humor and a penchant for drinking. Carol shares the same level of snark and sarcasm and would be able to joke back and forth with Valkyrie effortlessly.

They would be able to share stories about their time being in a group of superpowered warriors over a few drinks, and may even get into a bar fight or two. This would not be out of the norm for the two, who welcome a good challenge and would only bring them closer.

7 Clash: Nebula & Maria Hill

The daughter of Thanos and Nick Fury's right-hand woman are actually quite similar. They are both sharpshooters and are willing to go the extra mile in a mission in order to complete it, even if others aren't However, Nebula has huge trust issues due to her familial relationships, and Hill's line of work views trust as a liability.

These two couldn't get through a conversation together let alone survive a friendship with each other. One would always think the other was trying to double-cross them or trying to get the upper hand on the other. Needless to say, there wouldn't be many hang-outs between these two.

6 Friends: Shuri & MJ

The potential friendship between these two seems too good for the MCU not to capitalize on. The tech-savvy Princess of Wakanda and the macabre maiden of Queens seem like they would bond over many things, especially science and history, seeing as Shuri can create technology and gadgets beyond people's wildest dreams, and MJ knew lots about the places her class traveled to on their European trip.

MJ is also so keen-eyed that she was able to deduce Peter Parker was Spider-Man. Thus, both are whip-smart but in different areas and love delivering a good scathing burn when necessary.

5 Clash: Peggy Carter & Ghost

Much like her soulmate Steve Rogers, Peggy Carter believes in right and wrong. She thinks that there is always a correct way to go about something without compromising your moral integrity. Ava Starr aka Ghost hasn't been so lucky in life to believe such things. With her body deteriorating, she turned to S.H.I.E.L.D. for help, but they exploited her which left her to fend for herself.

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She has had to lie and steal just to keep her body in one piece and survive. Peggy would undoubtedly feel for Ava but would want her to look for a cure in a nobler way, which Ava would view as unrealistic and naive. Empathy aside, their' morals would keep them from becoming close.

4 Friends: Yelena Belova & Darcy Lewis

These two women are not only intelligent and strong but bring a lot of meta-humor to the MCU. Darcy was welcome comedic relief in the first two Thor films, as she was able to act as the audience and comment on how absurd everything happening around her was. This was only reinforced in WandaVision when she would comment on the fake show within the real show.

Likewise, Yelena calls out Natasha for being a "poser" when on Avengers missions and even chastises herself when she unintentionally makes the same pose later in the Black Widow movie. They would easily bond over the ridiculousness of the world around them and make audiences laugh in the process.

3 Clash: Sharon Carter & Okoye

The General of Wakanda's Dora Milaje, Okoye is not only a brave warrior but a loyal one. Even when Wakanda was overthrown by Erik Killmonger, she felt a duty to her country to protect the new king. Sharon on the other hand feels no loyalty to her country after they branded her a fugitive after the events of the Avengers' civil war.

These two may be able to bond over their fighting styles and combat skills, but when it comes down to it, their loyalties are what makes them unable to connect. Okoye is willing to kill her lover for her country, whereas Sharon feels utterly betrayed by hers for trying to do what is right. This would prevent them from becoming true friends.

2 Friends: Wanda Maximoff & Mantis

Wanda has had her fair share of trauma in her life and as seen in WandaVision, was not given the tools to deal with it properly. Mantis is also a character with trauma, but her empathic abilities make her able to connect with others and reflect inward on herself.

Mantis would certainly be a huge help to Wanda when it comes to unpacking the trauma of her parents, brother, and husband all dying before her eyes. The two are more soft-spoken wallflowers of their respective superhero teams and bonding over their emotions would help both women sort through their trauma, but also bring them closer together.

1 Clash: Natasha Romanoff & May Parker

Natasha not only has a close relationship with all of the Avengers, but her relationship with Tony Stark goes back to Iron Man 2 in 2010. Because of this, she understands how Tony's somewhat egotistical mind works, and hearing that Peter Parker's Aunt May had a flirtation with Tony might rub Natasha the wrong way.

May is certainly a level-headed and sensible character and Natasha wouldn't clash with her out of jealousy but out of protection. She wouldn't want May to get taken advantage of or be heartbroken by Tony's carelessness, which May would perceive as overprotectiveness, and would be upset Natasha doesn't think she can hold her own against Tony.

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