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MCU: 5 Ways Natasha & Yelena Are The Best Siblings (& 5 Thor & Loki Are)

With the release of Black Widow, a new pair of siblings was introduced into the MCU. Natasha Romanoff reconnects with her estranged sister Yelena and their interactions became the highlight of the movie. But how do the sisters compare to another established pair of Marvel siblings?

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Since Phase 1, the relationship between Thor and Loki has been central to the cinematic universe. Both the Asgardian brothers and the superspy sisters have qualities as siblings that make them fascinating and entertaining while exploring family dynamics in the world of superheroes.

10 Natasha & Yelena: Their Sibling Bickering

After years of being separated, Natasha and Yelena have a lot of issues to work out, but they also can't help but fall into typical sibling teasing. They immediately start picking on each other and arguing, which leads to some of the funniest moments in Black Widow.

Thor and Loki also have great moments of getting on each other's nerves and being petty. But seeing Yelena mock Natasha for her "posing" move seems so much like the kind of thing real sisters would tease each other about.

9 Thor & Loki: How Different They Are

It's always interesting to see the dynamics between siblings who seem to be so different from one another. While Yelena is a more sarcastic and reckless spy than Natasha, they feel rather similar in a lot of ways.

On the other hand, Thor and Loki seem like complete opposites which adds another layer to their relationship. Thor is stronger while Loki is smarter so each of them has a leg up on the other at various times. It adds another spark to everything from their fights to their conversations.

8 Natasha & Yelena: Their Family Members

A big factor in how siblings are presented is the family that they come from. Thor and Loki come from a fantastical realm where they were raised by the most powerful ruler in the universe and a witch. So it's surprising that Russian sleeper agents make for a more compelling family.

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As great as the Asgardian family adventures have been at times, the characters introduced in Black Widow are among the best in the MCU. Not only is it fun seeing Natasha and Yelena interact with this dysfunctional family, but it also explains a lot about how they were shaped as people.

7 Thor & Loki: Facing Each Other As Enemies

When Natasha and Yelena reunite in Black Widow, their trust in each other is shaky, leading to a brutal yet brief fight. Once that is over, their relationship stops being combative. While it's nice the see siblings getting along, pitting Thor and Loki against each other was thrilling.

Loki's balance between hero and villain is always fun to watch, but he is so effective as a bad guy because of the emotional weight his relationship with Thor creates. There is a feeling of history between these characters who find themselves as enemies. It gives the hero-villain dynamic a sad element.

6 Natasha & Yelena: Their Shared Past

Thor and Loki have been through a lot as siblings and those experiences impact their relationship. However, the past shared by Natasha and Yelena creates such a complex story for them in only one movie.

The exploration of the Red Room in Black Widow not only answers questions about Natasha's past but it makes Yelena one of the MCU's most tragic heroes. Together, they face their past and overcome the trauma they both experienced. The fact that they did this side-by-side cements a bond that even Thor and Loki might not have.

5 Thor & Loki: More Time To Develop

As much as Natasha and Yelena are able to feel like sisters in the course of one movie, they just didn't have the time to develop it the way Thor and Loki's relationship did. With an entire decade of movies, Thor and Loki's journey adds more and more to their relationship with each new project.

Audiences were able to be introduced to Thor and Loki, develop opinions about them, and have those opinions changed over time. Even with them separated, aspects of their relationships continue to grow and change in Loki.

4 Natasha & Yelena: Making An Unconventional Family

Interestingly, neither pair of these MCU siblings are actually related. Loki finds out that he was adopted from an enemy of Odin, which adds to his rivalry with Thor in a nice way. But the unconventional family formed by Natasha and Yelena is much more complex.

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Both girls were part of a fake family used as a cover and each has very different feelings about it. Natasha only has negative thoughts of her past, seeing it as a lie and not a true family. But for Yelena, that is the only family she has ever known and she wants nothing more than to have that again.

3 Thor & Loki: Loki's Death

Death is another common thread between these two pairs of siblings. Of course, Natasha sacrifices herself in Avengers: Endgame while Loki is killed by Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War. But even though Natasha is a more central character in the MCU, Loki's death is more impactful.

Natasha's death scene feels like a letdown for the character and like it could have been avoided. It also doesn't help that the audience only sees Yelena mourn her sister after the fact. But Loki's death means something for Thor's journey in Infinity War and gives the brothers a heartbreaking end that brings their relationship full circle.

2 Natasha & Yelena: Natasha Passing The Torch To Yelena

Thanks to Loki's multiple timelines, the Asgardian brothers are both continuing in the MCU, but on separate paths. On the other hand, Yelena will be continuing on in the MCU without her big sister, but Natasha will be a big part of her journey.

Yelena will replace Natasha as Black Widow in the MCU in a very fitting move. Yelena will continue to carry Natasha's legacy within the movies, even seeming to seek revenge for her in Hawkeye. It is a beautiful way of maintaining their relationship without Natasha around.

1 Thor & Loki: Their Arc Together

The arc between Natasha and Yelena in Black Widow is very touching as Natasha finally realizes what being a family means to Yelena. However, it simply cannot compete with the arc Thor and Loki share together.

While Thor is the central focus of his solo movies, audiences can track the arc of the brothers together across each movie. From their relationship as allies coming to an end to meeting as enemies to learning to trust each other again to fighting for the same cause. This journey results in one of the MCU's most satisfying relationships.

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