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Minecraft Player Builds Functioning Graphing Calculator Using Redstone

An insanely talented Minecraft player has built an in-game graphing calculator using the title's Redstone tools. The survival sandbox game from Mojang was first released way back in 2009, and since then it has grown into one of the industry's most popular games. Minecraft places players into procedurally generated world where they can survive and thrive by gathering resources to craft tools.

Minecraft places an emphasis on player freedom and creativity, which has led to a number of truly impressive in-game builds. One dedicated player has built a massive ocean base over six months, creating a truly unique and beautiful area to inhabit. The ocean base was built within Minecraft's Survival Mode, rather than the Creative Mode which grants flight and infinite resources, making the build particularly impressive. Reddit user Silver22O2 began the project by first forming a tall glass wall to hold off the ocean's water, creating a safe space to build after draining the water. They then used the open space to build structures such as a large central monument and multiple buildings with an Asian aesthetic. Another impressive Minecraft build comes from Reddit user KevinJNguy01, who constructed a giant portrait using falling sand art. The falling sand art technique has players stack sand on top of torches, and when the bottom torch is broken the sand falls to form a beautiful work of art.

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An unbelievably impressive and complex Minecraft build, created by Reddit user mattbatwings2, acts as a fully-functional graphing calculator. The mind-boggling creation was made using Redstone, a Minecraft resources which can be used to program in-game objects. At its most basic level Redstone can be used to make automatic doors or light switches, but mattbatwings2 has demonstrated a true mastery of the system. By typing equations into a terminal, Redstone can actually chart the equations on a gigantic graph.

While many Minecraft players such as mattbatwings2 are interested in building and creating, other players are interested only in destruction. Griefers recently devastated Minecraft's 2B2T server, using a complicated exploit to wreak havoc on one of the game's longest-running servers. 2B2T is known for its chaotic nature, with occupants often destroying others' work or building offensive structures. Now a group of griefers has destroyed a large amount of the server's builds, using an exploit which allowed them to gather a huge amount of server data and track player locations in the game.

Minecraft's large and dedicated player base is known for creating truly remarkable builds using the game's large variety of available tools. However, mattbatwings2's complex use of Redstone is a particularly impressive feat. In order to recreate an advanced piece of technology like a graphing calculator, mattbatwings2 must have a truly extraordinary knowledge of how to program using Redstone.

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Minecraft is available for PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Android, and iOS.

Source: mattbatwings2/Reddit

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