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Modern Family: 10 Character Pairings With The Best On-Screen Chemistry

One of the reasons why Modern Family lasted for 11 seasons was because of the cast's chemistry. Everyone got along so well off-screen that it translated on-screen with their characters. From marriages to parental relationships, the chemistry was felt in every scene.

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But not every character had strong chemistry with everyone. Although Jay and Gloria were madly in love and married, their chemistry wasn't as strong as Phil and Claire's. The beautiful part of the show is that a duo didn't need to be romantically involved to have chemistry. Some of the strongest forms of connection came from paternal relationships or simply being an ex.

10 Jay & Stella

Although Jay and Gloria were happily married to each other, Jay had more chemistry with his pet dog, Stella, than with his wife. Jay dreamt of Stella, cried when he thought Joe was allergic to her and snuggled up to her in bed.

There were plenty of moments where Gloria was actually jealous of the dog because she felt like Jay loved Stella more than her. Jay was protective of "his little girl" and would do anything for her. It was sweet (and relatable) to see.

9 Phil & Luke

As much as Phil loved all three of his children, he had more of a connection to his son Luke than to his daughters. Luke and Phil were two peas in a pod, who adored being with each other. They both inspired each other and encouraged each other to think outside of the box.

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Their sillier moments together—like trying out their whacky inventions—play rent-free in fans' minds. The father and son's chemistry faltered a bit when Luke matured but they got back on track when Luke began community college.

8 Gloria & Manny

One of the reasons why Gloria and Manny are so in sync is because Gloria raised him as a single mother. The two relied on each other and only had each other to lean on.

Adorably, the pair's chemistry only grows as Manny aged instead of drifting off like a few of the Dunphy kids. Gloria helped Manny with all of his love interests over the years, but he never had the same amount of trust or respect for his girlfriends as he had for his mom.

7 Haley & Andy

Fans on Reddit can agree that Haley had more chemistry with her ex-boyfriend Andy than she ever had with her future husband Dylan. Andy and Haley spent time getting to know each other as friends before ever embarking on a relationship.

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However, their chemistry with each other was so strong that Andy had to break up with his girlfriend Beth, and Haley had to break up with Dylan. The beauty of their bond was that it wasn't just physical for them. They both inspired and pushed each other to do better in general, which is why they were such a beloved pair.

6 Phil & Claire

Phil Dunphy is known for his hilarious quotes and unique greetings when someone calls him. He's also known for his love for his wife, Claire. As different as Claire and Phil are, their chemistry can be felt by Modern Family's viewers.

Fans on Reddit noted how comfortable Phil and Claire seemed with each other in comparison to other couples on the show. From quick kisses on the cheek to gentle nudges in the kitchen, these two were in unison.

5 Cameron & Keifth

Cam and Mitch were obviously in a committed relationship where they cherished each other, but did they have more chemistry than Cam and his ex-boyfriend, Keifth? Not quite. The moment Cam saw Keifth again it took his breath away.

They looked at each other with more of a connection than Cam and Mitch ever had. And while both Cam and Mitch are low-key villains in the show due to their constant lying that didn't make them a bad couple. They just didn't have the same amount of chemistry as Cam and Keifth did.

4 Gloria & Phil

It's not a surprise that Phil had a small crush on Gloria. But to be fair to Phil, who in his family didn't? Phil and Gloria were as different as can be but had a few things in common.

Gloria loved how passionate Phil was, and Phil loved that Gloria was an outsider to the family like him. It was because they married into the Pritchett household that they really bonded. Over the years, their chemistry really grew and shined on screen.

3 Mitch & Claire

Mitch and Claire are different in every way, but as siblings, they have an undying love for each other. The way they react and approach each other proves how much chemistry the two have. They know what sets the other one off and what would make the other happy.

This is why they help each other's spouses when need be. And while they didn't have the easiest childhood (from their parents' divorce to their difference in personalities), they have really grown together as adults.

2 Cam & Lily (Before Lily Became A Teenager)

Cam and Lily's chemistry was so deep that Mitchell was jealous of it. He felt like he wasn't being the dad he wanted to be because Lily was so attached to Cam.

Cameron admitted that he spent too much time with Lily but by this time they were already attached to each other. As Lily grew, their connection drifted (as if often does with teenagers), but her younger years were filled with great advice and chemistry with her sweet father Cam.

1 Claire & Jay

As Jay's eldest daughter, Claire is Jay's go-to whenever he needs something done. Even though Claire is an adult in Modern Family, she still acts as Jay's little girl and wants to please him. The two lean on each other in a way that they can't do with Mitchell or their spouses.

Claire is a miniature Jay, and they respect each other. Their chemistry grew to another level when Claire began working with Jay, which is when he gave her great advice about running a business and how to run a home.

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