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Monster Hunter's Mid-Credits Scene Explained (& Is A Sequel Happening?)

Director Paul W.S. Anderson's 2020 creature feature Monster Hunter features a mid-credits scene that could hint at a sequel. The movie is the latest example of Anderson looking for inspiration from the rich well of video game lore. Based on the popular Capcom series, the movie follows a team of soldiers transported to an alternate universe. There, they are forced to battle a variety of gigantic, otherworldly monsters while trying to find a way back to Earth. Featuring giant subterranean lizards, venomous spiders, and fire-breathing dragons, the movie certainly doesn't lack spectacle.

Despite the popularity of the existing video game franchise, Monster Hunter actually disappointed both critically and commercially. Although viewers consistently praised the visual effects and intense action sequences, many took issue with the occasionally clunky dialogue and underdeveloped characters. However, despite the film's issues, many fans remain intrigued at the movie's tantalizing mid-credits scene, which could hold the key to an ongoing franchise.

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During the 30-second snippet, the camera reveals a dark tower, surrounded by bolts of lightning. After a few blasts of electricity, what seems to be a huge Gore Magala, or black dragon, appears. As the dragon staggers around along the ground, the camera pans up to a mysterious hooded figure watching the scene unfold from the top of the tower. Back on ground level, the dragon is quickly confronted by a bipedal cat wielding a supersized glowing sword. The camera cuts to black as the cat charges.

The cat in question is none other than Palico – a member of the fictional Felyne subspecies popularized by the original games. In the movie, Palico is the companion of Ron Perlman's Admiral – the leader of a group of human hunters who populate the alternate world. The character's presence in the mid-credits scene likely highlights director Anderson's desire to include some fan-favorite elements in the movie.

While Palico's appearance is instantly recognizable, what's less clear is the identity of the cloaked stranger at the top of the tower. Given the context of his appearance, heralding the arrival of a giant dragon, it seems likely this character is in fact The Seeker from the recent Monster Hunter: World game. As a member of the Research Commission and one of the few specialist Wyverian Hunters in the video game franchise, it makes sense The Seeker would appear alongside a large dragon. To make the case more compelling, the character is usually seen hooded and cloaked when traveling in the game, just like the unidentified figure in the film.

The inclusion of the supposed Seeker, as well as the offscreen fight between Palico and the Gore Magala, all point towards a potential sequel to the 2020 original. Disappointingly for fans, poor box office returns and critical reception mean that these plans may very well be put on hold. Conversely, Anderson has made no secret of his passion for the Monster Hunter franchise, so he may well revisit the series at a later date. For now, however, plans for a Monster Hunter follow-up look about as certain as the identity of the strange figure on top of the dark tower.

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