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Parks And Recreation Characters Sorted Into Their Hogwarts Houses

If Pawnee's local government employees had studied at Hogwarts, many of them would have likely been bitter rivals. The brusque lone wolf Ron Swanson would have had little to do with the sunny and outgoing Leslie Knope ut Donna and Tom may have bonded over their love of the finer things in life. And Ben Wyatt and Ann Perkins would almost certainly have spent time studying together in their house's common room.

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Each of the characters in Parks and Rec is unique, likable, and yet flawed in their own way, and while some would have enjoyed Hogwarts' limelight, others would have retreated into its shadows.

11 Ron Swanson - Slytherin

Ron is fiercely independent and austere, as his political outlook and lifestyle confirm. He is skeptical and often dismissive of established practices and rules, much like Slytherin students (and sometimes teachers) are of Hogwarts' rules. For example, he believes that most government activity is pointless and should be reduced to one man in a room with a nuclear button.

Yet Ron has a begrudging respect for the idealistic and passionate people around him, such as Leslie, even though the two rarely see eye-to-eye. He has also been known to reveal his soft side on occasion.

10 Ben Wyatt - Ravenclaw

Ben is measured, thoughtful, and studious; he has all the hallmarks of a Ravenclaw. He uses his organizational skills and intelligence to invest in his friends, such as when he briefly moves in with Andy and April and teaches them how to be grown-ups-- everything from how to do grocery shopping to setting up a bank account.

Ben also demonstrates these virtues in his roles as state auditor, and later as Leslie's campaign manager. This, along with his penchant for reading and other 'nerdy' pastimes-- such as model trains-- places him squarely in Ravenclaw.

9 Leslie Knope - Gryffindor

Leslie is the embodiment of a true Gryffindor: her bravery, determination, and leadership skills mean she would fit right in alongside the likes of Hermione, Dumbledore, and Harry.

Parks & Rec revolves around Leslie-- as the Harry Potter franchise does around its titular protagonist-- and Leslie earns her spot in the center of the Parks & Rec universe. Not only does she spearhead campaigns and developments in Pawnee's local government against much opposition, but she is constantly there for her friends and colleagues and helps them succeed.

8 Ann Perkins - Ravenclaw

Ann is more reserved and ruminative than her best friend Leslie. A hard-working nurse and later the director of public relations for the health department, she is intellectual and wise, often providing her friend with sage advice and helping her to make tough decisions.

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Occasionally, she finds herself in awkward situations, perhaps because of her inability to follow her own advice. For example, she is suspicious that Chris might be cheating on her, so she gets Leslie to go to his house and snoop around, only to later find out that he had already broken up with her weeks before.

7 Tom Haverford - Slytherin

Tom is a difficult character to place; it's not hard to envisage the Sorting Hat taking its time while sat on his head. Ultimately, though, his ambition and entrepreneurial spirit qualify him for Slytherin.

Whether he's pitching his own cologne to a successful business mogul or attempting to launch a media empire-- Entertainment 720-- with little-to-no relevant experience, having the courage to chase his dream lifestyle against all odds must be commended.

6 Chris Traeger - Gryffindor

Chris possesses infinite energy and positivity. He is also a leader, the city manager of Pawnee, and sometimes has to make difficult, unpopular decisions, such as enforcing the rule that government employees cannot be romantically involved with one another.

Chris is not as easy to place as some of his fellow Gryffindors, as his people skills and commitment to fairness also authorize him for Hufflepuff. However, his willingness to explore his mental health with a therapist is courageous and admirable, and just about edges him over the line to the house of red and gold.

5 April Ludgate - Slytherin

The Sorting Hat would almost certainly sort April into Slytherin without much hesitation. She is brooding and cold, dresses in dark clothing, and, like her fellow Slytherins, has a fondness for less mainstream pleasures, such as the genre of German Death Reggae.

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April is dry and sarcastic, like well-known Slytherin Severus Snape, and prone to teasing her co-workers, yet in a far less malicious way than Draco and his gang torment Harry and his friends. Still, she is loyal to the small number of people she cares about. When Andy is upset that she doesn't appreciate his band, she arranges for them to play a surprise performance for Andy featuring her on lead vocals.

4 Andy Dwyer - Hufflepuff

In some ways the antithesis to his wife April, Andy might initially be considered for Gryffindor house. However, he would be more at home among Hufflepuffs. The friendly, good-natured, and energetic frontman of Mouse Rat is like a puppy dog. He has a lot to learn, but what he does know is the importance of friendship, loyalty, and the difference between right and wrong.

Whether Andy is impersonating an FBI agent with his alter ego Burt Macklin, or working at Pawnee City Hall's shoe-shine stand, he brings openness, relentless optimism, and joy to everyday life.

3 Jerry Gergich - Hufflepuff

Jerry is a total Hufflepuff. A family man who works hard and keeps his head out of trouble, he can be relied on and trusted by friends and colleagues. Jerry's greatest virtue is his kindness, which he almost never abandons, despite always being the butt of everyone's jokes and unnecessary criticism.

Jerry is clumsy and goofy but has revealed his exceptional talent on several occasions, such as when he paints an impressive picture of Leslie, albeit as a topless centaur. Unfortunately, his talents are overlooked-- and the same could be said for Hufflepuffs in general, as they are often overshadowed by Gryffindors and Slytherins.

2 Donna Meagle - Slytherin

Donna is mysterious and outspoken and isn't afraid to challenge her colleagues if their decisions perturb her. Yet her personal life often involves some bizarre activities and mysteries, such as when Andy, Ben, and Tom bump into her in a lavish nightclub, where she sits smoking a cigar surrounded by men with no explanation.

It is also revealed that Donna owns multiple properties, Ginuwine is her cousins, and a Pearl Jam album was written about her. Fans believe she might be hiding something; this, combined with her Donna-first outlook, means she would likely thrive in Slytherin.

1 Li'l Sebastian - Gryffindor

Li'l Sebastian is famous, adventurous, and universally adored-- characteristics he shares with Harry Potter and which place him squarely in Gryffindor. The mini horse didn't let his small stature get the best of him, and triumphing over adversity is quintessentially Gryffindorian.

When the gate to his pen is left open during 'Harvest Festival,' his desire for adventure leads him to escape and go on a journey that concludes in the corn maze, where he is eventually found. Li'l Sebastian wanted to leave the limelight for a few hours, something many Gryffindors can relate to. Described as a 'beacon of light' by Leslie, Sebastian would also have been perfect for her Patronus animal.

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