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Pokémon: The 10 Most Powerful Psychic Moves, Ranked | ScreenRant

Ever since Psychic-type Pokémon were introduced in Generation I, the type has remained one of the most common. After realizing Psychic Pokemon were too overpowered in the first games, the Dark-type and Steel-type were created in Generation II as a way to make the games more balanced.

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Yet even with these measures, the Psychic Pokemon are still incredibly powerful, with plenty of interesting moves. Also, many of their moves have secondary abilities that show why the Psychic-type is a popular choice among many fans.

10 Psybeam

Introduced in Generation I, Psybeam is an iconic Psychic-type move. For this move, the Pokemon fires a ray that has a chance to make its target "confused." This status condition is very useful because it causes the affected opponent to sometimes hit itself with its own attacks, dealing damage to itself. Coupled with the user's own attacks, it can easily lead to the target's defeat.

With the move carrying this unique ability, Psybeam is definitely powerful. But, it also has a low base attack power, which is 65. Along with its 100% accuracy which means it still has a small chance to miss, it is not as good as the other possible moves. Even with all of this, however, this move is one of many that prove why Psychic-type Pokémon dominated the first Generation of games.

9 Psycho Cut

Psycho Cut is one of the many new Psychic-type moves introduced in Generation IV, and it is TM69 in Generation VIII. This move creates blades made of psychic power that slash at the opponent. While it only has a slightly higher base attack power than Psybeam, the move does have a higher critical hit ratio, which means it has a higher chance to be an even stronger move.

Despite this, Psycho Cut does have a base attack power of only 70 (with an accuracy of 100%). This means that if it does not manage to make it critical hit, it will not reach the same power as other moves, and there is even a small chance that this move will miss.

8 Extrasensory

When Extrasensory was introduced in Generation III, it was the signature move of Nuzleaf. After Generation IV, however, the move could be learned by other Pokemon. For example, Tapu Lele, a Legendary Pokémon that some players do not like, can learn this move. Besides dealing attack damage, this psychic attack also has a 10% chance to cause the target to "flinch." Flinching is a status condition that makes the affected Pokemon unable to fight for a turn, which can be extremely useful.

With the powerful ability to make Pokemon flinch, this move can be extremely powerful, and the base attack power of 80 puts it above plenty of other Psychic-type moves. However, it also has a small chance of missing because it has a 100% accuracy rating. (Only a null accuracy rating exempts a move from accuracy checks entirely.)

7 Zen Headbutt

Zen Headbutt, which is a move introduced in Generation IV, is similar to Extrasensory. For this attack, the Pokemon gathers up willpower in its forehead, then headbutts its opponent. Similarly to Extrasensory, this move has a chance to make the target flinch and has a base attack power of 80. At first, it may even seem that this move is worse than Extrasensory because it has an accuracy of only 90%, which means it has an even greater chance to miss.

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What makes Zen Headbutt better is that it has a higher chance to make the target flinch. While Extrasensory has a 10% chance, Zen Headbutt has a 20% chance. Given how powerful the flinch ailment is, the higher percentage more than makes up for the lower accuracy.

6 Psychic Fangs

Although introduced as the signature move of Bruxish in Generation VII, the Psychic-type move Psychic Fangs became a move other Pokemon can learn in Generation VIII. With this attack, the user bites the target psychically. This move also has the ability to destroy the protective abilities Light Screen and Reflect, which, along with its base attack power of 85, makes it very powerful.

However, this move still has a 100% accuracy, which means it still has a slight chance of missing. Also, while it has a higher base attack power compared to other Psychic-type moves, it is still lower than plenty of others.

5 Psychic

The Psychic move is another iconic Psychic-type move from Generation I. When a Pokemon uses this attack, it sends a telekinetic force towards the target. With the high base attack power of 90, this move does plenty of damage. Besides the attack damage, this attack also has a chance of lowering a target's special defense stat, which can be useful. Slowpoke, the Generation I Psychic-type Pokémon that does not look like a Psychic-type, can learn Psychic.

Even with this strength, however, this move still has some issues. Again, the move has a 100% accuracy, which means it can still possibly miss its target. Also, while the percentage for lowering the special defense stat used to be 33.2% in Generation I, the move was nerfed in Generation II and the percentage became 10%, which was done to better balance the game.

4 Psystrike

Psystrike is a powerful move with a base attack power of 100 that attacks its target with a psychic wave. This move was introduced in Generation V and is the signature move of Mewtwo. With the high power and 100% accuracy, this move is extremely powerful.

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As always, the 100% accuracy means that the move can still possibly miss. Also, since it is the signature move of Mewtwo, the move is limited to Mewtwo. Also, it does not have the secondary stat abilities that make other abilities powerful.

3 Photon Geyser

Photon Geyser is another attack that has a high base attack power of 100, and it was introduced in Generation VII. When Necrozma uses this signature move, it summons a pillar of light that either deals attack or special attack damage depending on which is higher.

Once again, the limitation of it only being used by one Pokemon and the 100% accuracy makes it a less viable move compared to others. Unlike Psystrike, though, it does have the added bonus of doing different types of damage depending on the user's stats.

2 Freezing Glare

As one of the new Psychic-type moves introduced in Generation VIII, Freezing Glare is the signature move of the Legendary Galarian Articuno, and is also the only Psychic-type move with the ability to freeze its target. This move has a high base attack power of 90 as well. With this attack, Galarian Articuno shoots psychic power from their eyes, and the move has a 10% chance to freeze the target.

This move again has limited possibilities since it can only be used by one Pokemon and the accuracy is 100%. Still, the uniqueness of the power makes it worth it.

1 Hyperspace Hole

As the only new Psychic-type move of Generation VI, Hyperspace Hole is an incredibly special move. While it's the signature move of Hoopa's original "Confined" form, it can also be used by its alternate "Unbound" form. With Hyperspace Hole, Hoopa travels right next to the opposing Pokemon and deals damage. While the move has a base attack power of only 80, it is the most powerful Psychic-type move because the attack hits every time without worrying about accuracy checks or protective moves.

Even with the limitations of it being used by only one Pokemon, plus its lower attack power, the guaranteed aspect of the attack makes it a terrifying move.

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