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Pokémon Unite Reveals Sylveon & Mamoswine Are Coming Soon

The developer of Pokémon Unite has officially announced that Sylveon and Mamoswine will be coming to the free-to-play game, expanding the roster once again. The MOBA may have only recently launched on Nintendo Switch, but its growing list of new Pokémon additions is already impressing fans, with lots more content coming to Pokémon Unite in the future.

Pokémon Unite launched last month on Switch, impressing many with its more casual and accessible approach to the MOBA genre. Players are tasked with battling Pokémon in teams of five, defeating opponent Pokémon and scoring goals in order to win matches. While the game has been popular, it's also been criticized for what some believe to be a heavy reliance on microtransactions, with real-world money used to purchase character licenses, cosmetics, and more. The game features five different types of currency and a battle pass, meaning costs can add up fast if players want to purchase licenses to acquire new Pokémon Unite characters.

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Revealed during the August Pokémon Presents livestream and confirmed by the official Pokémon Unite Twitter account, Sylveon and Mamoswine will soon be joining the roster. Comparing the Fairy-type Sylveon with the Ice/Ground-type Mamoswine, Pokémon Unite described the duo as "beauty and brawn," but has not yet revealed full details on their roles in the game. Players looking to add Sylveon and Mamoswine to their fighters are advised to keep an eye on Pokémon Unite's social channels for more details.

Fans of the game might not be surprised to see Sylveon's announcement. The character was previously discovered in a Pokémon Unite datamine, which revealed movesets for Blissey, Blastoise, Sylveon, and Greedent, suggesting they would soon be coming to the game. While Sylveon and Blissey have been confirmed, the developer has not yet commented on the other leaks, though it's likely they'll be the next characters added. The datamine claims that Sylveon's moves include Swift, Psyshock, Hyper Voice Attract, Draining Kiss, and Fairy Wind, though these have not been confirmed. Interestingly, Mamoswine wasn't uncovered by the datamine, which could suggest there are more upcoming Pokémon not yet discovered by leaks.

It's not known when Sylveon and Mamoswine will join Pokémon Unite, but it's possible the characters' release will coincide with the mobile launch of the game. Pokémon Unite is already available on Nintendo Switch, but will release on mobile devices on September 22nd. Players can likely expect to see new characters and cosmetics unveiled in celebration of the launch, which will include full crossplay for Pokémon Unite fans.

Source: The Official Pokémon YouTube channel/YouTubePokémon Unite/Twitter

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