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Pretty Little Liars Characters Ranked Least To Most Likely To Win The Hunger Games

The main characters of Pretty Little Liars face some challenging and scary situations when A (and subsequently AD) is tracking their every move. Hannah, Aria, Spencer, Emily, and Alison have to be sneaky and evade A's manipulation and blackmail as best they can, and they run into some seriously dangerous scenarios while doing it. Some characters even kill others when they feel like they have to.

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Although they have become very good at hiding things and even physically defending themselves at times, the PLL squad have never faced anything as terrifying or ruthless as The Hunger Games. How would these characters fare in this iconic battle royale? Who would be eliminated early on, and who would come out on top?

10 Ezra Fitz

Ezra is more of a 'stay in reading a good book' than the outdoorsy type. He is quite passive and not particularly competitive. He does not have the experience of A following his every move that some of the other characters have, which would be a useful experience for The Hunger Games.

Ezra would likely make it off the podium and be making his way (a little too casually) to the supplies when he is eliminated by one of the more aggressive and proactive contestants.

9 Aria Montgomery

Aria is kind and creative, and is a wonderful friend to the other liars. While these are great qualities, they are not ones that help to win The Hunger Games. Aria is the least powerful character on Pretty Little Liars and is not particularly athletic.

Additionally, her tendency to panic in stressful situations would not help her in The Hunger Games. Aria would probably make it slightly further than Ezra and reach the Cornucopia, but panic upon his demise making her a very easy target for her competitors.

8 Hanna Marin

Self-confessed fashionista Hanna is definitely not suited to the outdoor environment of The Hunger Games. Hanna cares much more about how she looks than engaging in any physical activity and, although Hanna has shown that she can rise to dangerous situations, she does not thrive in them.

Hanna also has a tendency to act like a typical teenager sometimes, and struggles to keep things in her stride and methodically work her way through difficult situations. Hanna would probably last for a good few hours, before throwing a bit of a fit, which would get her instantly killed.

7 Caleb Rivers

Caleb is very intelligent and has a knack for computers and electronics. He is also incredibly loyal to those he loves. Caleb would be like Beetee in The Hunger Games and would use his electronic skills and high intelligence to manipulate the games and fight back against President Snow.

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However, as Caleb dotes on Hanna, he would be unlikely to survive for long after Hanna's elimination. If Hanna is killed first, Caleb would be highly likely to take an unnecessary and silly risk in a moment of devastation and get himself eliminated too.

6 Alison Dilaurentis

Although she is sometimes nasty and downright cruel, Alison is no stranger to staying hidden. In Pretty Little Liars, Alison spent a long time evading A (although it probably helped that everyone thought she was dead). This makes Alison fairly suited to The Hunger Games, as she could avoid being eliminated by hiding from her fellow contestants.

However, Alison's personality is not always likable and the audience would probably not support her as a competitor. Although hiding out would mean Alison could last for at least a couple of days, the producers of The Hunger Games would target her due to her lack of popularity.

5 Toby Cavanaugh

As a genuinely good person, Toby would immediately be at a disadvantage in The Hunger Games. He would never take a life in order to save his own. In fact, he almost certainly found himself in The Hunger Games because he volunteered as tribute for someone he loves, just like Katniss Everdeen.

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However, as a cop, Toby's physical fitness and ability to calculate risk could help him to go far. But unfortunately, Toby's noble nature would have him sacrificing himself in order to save someone else he cares about once again.

4 Emily Fields

Emily is the most relatable character on Pretty Little Liars, and her level of physical fitness is very high as a competitive swimmer. These qualities would stand Emily in very good stead in The Hunger Games, which are extremely physically challenging. Her relatable nature would also make her highly popular with audiences, meaning she would not be targeted by the show's producers and would be given gifts to help her.

Emily would likely form an alliance with other contestants, but when push comes to shove and Emily needs to kill someone else in order to survive, Emily's sweet nature would not allow her to do it and she would be eliminated herself.

3 Spencer Hastings

Spencer's work ethic is almost completely unrivaled, as is her level of intelligence. Spencer excels in everything she does, and participating in The Hunger Games would be no different. Spencer would thrive using her skills to, once again, triumph in the challenge at hand.

She would almost certainly work with Caleb to fight back against the games and against President Snow. Spencer would make it through most of the games and would only be eliminated at the very end by the most ruthless and experienced competitors.

2 Melissa Hastings

Melissa, the smartest secondary character on Pretty Little Liars, is the only character able to rival Spencer's incredible work ethic. Melissa has the same Hastings intelligence that Spencer has but she always seems to be one step ahead.

Additionally, Melissa is more ruthless and willing to break the rules than Spencer, meaning she would be better suiting to the savage nature of The Hunger Games. Melissa would be taken out next to last and would win if not for the last contestant.

1 Charlotte Drake

This character is brutal, manipulative, and smart - everything someone needs to take the title of Hunger Games victor! In Pretty Little Liars, Charlotte demonstrated that not only is she intelligent and has the ability to spy on everyone else, but she also has a ruthlessness and evilness that the other characters simply do not.

Charlotte would not only do well in The Hunger Games, but she would also enjoy it too. Charlotte definitely did training in preparation for The Hunger Games and volunteered for her district - not as an act of martyrdom but because she actually wanted to compete. Charlotte would enjoy picking off every other character and would be thrilled if the Quarter Quell meant she could compete again.

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