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RDR2's Non-Button Immersive Cheats (& Where To Find Them) Explained

Red Dead Redemption 2's cheat codes can drastically alter players' experience of the Wild West, but the game does away with the usual, button-based cheat codes in favor for a more immersive approach. RDR2 developer Rockstar Games usually includes cheat codes in its titles, with the cheats in the Grand Theft Auto series having a particularly high level of ridiculousness.

Cheats codes in GTA games are button-based; players simply have to learn and input a code in some in-game menu to activate it. GTA 5's cheats came via cell phone, allowing players to dial numbers into their in-game phones in order to trigger various cheat codes. This was a more immersive version of traditional code inputs, but RDR2 took that a step further.

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In Red Dead Redemption 2, players must first find the cheat code phrases hidden in the game world, as was first implemented in the original Red Dead Redemption. Some of these can be found at random while exploring RDR2's massive map, such as inside a cabinet in an abandoned shack or etched into an icy surface. The easiest way to acquire RDR2's passcode phrases, though, requires Arthur to purchase some newspapers.

Red Dead Redemption 2's newspapers can be purchased from sellers in Saint Denis, Blackwater and Valentine. Once a newspaper is in hand, all players have to do is flip it over and look at the bottom of the page. If the paper contains a cheat code, they'll see a small section below one of the articles, containing a distinct phrase, such as "Greed is American virtue."

Entering an RDR2 cheat code is extremely simple to do: Players simply navigate to the the Cheats tab in Settings, tap the "Enter Cheat" button to pull up a text box, and enter the code(s) they've found in newspapers and around the environment. Doing so will unlock a specific cheat, which can then be toggled on and off.

The cheats themselves aren't too over the top, focusing more on enhancing Arthur's attributes than lending him the overpowered abilities of Grand Theft Auto 5 cheats. For instance, they can give Arthur certain weapons or infinite ammunition, make his Dead-Eye and Stamina infinite, or spawn in a War Horse. Still, Red Dead Redemption 2's approach to cheat codes makes even finding these inherently non-immersive abilities a more immersive experience than in other games - perfect for a game that takes strides to instill realism into every aspect of its gameplay.

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