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RHOD: LeeAnne Locken Denies Celebrating Show’s Cancelation On Instagram

LeeAnne Locken, former star of The Real Housewives of Dallas, is defending herself on social media after fans claimed she was celebrating the show's cancelation. LeeAnne was a big part of the show while she was on it. Seasons 1-4 saw LeeAnne getting into major drama with almost every other member of the cast, sometimes at the same time. Whether she was arguing with Brandi over her hat choice at a charity function or fighting with D'Andra about whether or not her fiancé was cheating on her, LeeAnne brought a lot of iconic moments to the show. She was, however, ultimately fired from the Bravo show after she made racist comments towards her fellow cast member Kary Brittingham. Many fans attribute the downfall of the show to LeeAnne's absence.

Bravo recently announced that The Real Housewives of Dallas will not be returning for season 6 in 2022. While the show may not be over completely, the network said there are currently no plans to continue with RHOD anytime soon. This is a familiar feeling for fans, as this was how the cancelations of The Real Housewives of Miami and The Real Housewives of DC were initially announced in the past. After the announcement was made, most of the cast members took to social media to express their sadness and thank their fans for all their support over the years. D'Andra Simmons thanked her fans and explained how happy she was to have certain moments in her life recorded that she can look back on. Stephanie also thanked her fans, and shared her excitement at starting this new chapter in her life and to be able to focus on her husband and kids.

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LeeAnne is now under fire for her social media posts, in which it seems like she is celebrating the cancellation of RHOD. As Reality Blurb reports, LeeAnne shared a video on her Instagram Story in celebration of something at the same time the cancelation was announced and her former cast members were posting their goodbyes. Fans of the show didn't take well to the post, claiming they felt LeeAnne was gloating and celebrating the downfall of the show. After fans began to accuse LeeAnne of gloating, she took to her Instagram Stories once again to clear up any confusion among fans. She said her post had nothing to do with the show's cancelation and everything to do with the rumors her husband has been offered his own show.

She posted a video of herself claiming to have heard a rumor which made her so happy that she felt as if it was her birthday. The Story also featured Pharrell Williams' song "Happy" playing in the background, making it very clear that LeeAnne was really happy when she posted it. After the backlash, LeeAnne quickly took to Twitter to praise the show and say how grateful she was to have been on it. Fans praised her and let her know they thought the show was better with her on it. One fan called out cast member D'Andra, who had a falling-out with LeeAnne in her last season, and said she wasn't able to keep the show going without LeeAnne like she thought she would. Other commenters told her they were excited to see what LeeAnne will be up to next.

LeeAnne is never one to shy away from drama, so it is questionable whether or not she really was trying to shade her former castmates. It would not be a surprise, considering the circumstances in which she left the show to begin with. While she was on The Real Housewives of Dallas, much of the drama was based around something she said, or a way in which she insulted someone, so being shady is in her character. Only time will tell if her husband, Rich, actually does have a show in the works.

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Source: Reality Blurb

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