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Rise of Skywalker’s Sith Assassin Was Darth Vader’s Deadliest Sidekick

Warning! Spoilers for Darth Vader #15 by Marvel Comics below

In Darth Vader #15, Darth Vader's sidekick just proved himself to his master, as Ochi of Bestoon battled against the Crimson Dawn in a deadly test from the Sith Lord. Ochi, who appeared in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, has had the difficult task of proving he's on Darth Vader's side after previously being hired to hunt him down - but, after completing his latest quest, Ochi might have gained some much-needed respect.

Ochi of Bestoon played a small but vital role in the plot of Star Wars: Rise of Skywalkeras a resurrected Emperor Palpatine had hired the assassin to find his granddaughter, Rey. Ochi died during the hunt for Rey, but not before he successfully located - and murdered - her parents. Ochi's dagger also played a key part in the film, as it featured the coordinates to Palpatine's wayfinder, which helped Rey find Exegol and take on Darth Sidious. But, long before Ochi killed Rey's parents, he was Darth Vader's unlikely sidekick - where he constantly needed to prove not only he could be trusted but that he was worthy of fighting alongside him.

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In Darth Vader #16 by Greg Pak, Raffaele Ienco, Jason Keith, and Joe Caramagna, Vader makes plans with Bokku the Hutt about the auction for Han Solo while he sends Ochi of Bestoon on a test. Vader leaves Ochi in the heart of the Crimson Dawn, as a number of the crime syndicates forces take on the assassin. Ochi is vastly outnumbered in the battle, but it doesn't stop him from using his blasters to take down a large wave of enemies.

When the next wave arrives, the Crimson Dawn offers Ochi the chance to join them. Before Ochi can respond, Vader arrives on the scene, and the assassin is warned by the Crimson Dawn the Sith Lord is testing him. After taking down the next wave of Crimson Dawn fighters, Vader reveals himself. Ochi tells him he will always obey Vader, and the pair take on even more of the Crimson Dawn.

Ochi of Bestoon seemingly passed Vader's test, as the Sith Lord watched as he had the chance to betray him and chose instead to continue fighting. While Ochi may never gain the full respect of Darth Vader, in the fight against the Crimson Dawn, he proved, at the very least, his loyalty now lies with him. Ochi of Bestoon doesn't want to make an enemy of Darth Vader again, so becoming his deadly sidekick is an excellent compromise. Darth Vader #15 is in comic book stores now.

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