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Seeking Sister Wife: Everything To Know About Kaleh Clark

Kaleh Clark was part of a plural family that met its demise on Seeking Sister Wife season 3. Throughout season 3, Kaleh was at odds with her polygamist partners and fans embraced her for the bold choices she made in the face of a Seeking Sister Wife family fallout. From her rocky relationship with the Clark family to her life since Seeking Sister Wife, this is all there is to know about Kaleh.

Plenty of polygamist families featured on Seeking Sister Wife rub audiences the wrong way, and the Clark clan fit in with their fellow castmates. Specifically, husband Jarod Clark was disliked by fans for his controlling and regressive opinions on how his relationship with his wives should be. Kaleh first met Jarod at a club they both worked at. Jarod claimed he was a king and his wives were queens, but the television personality's definition of a queen isn't as empowering as some fans might assume. Basically, Jarod expected his queens to take care of him like the king he believed himself to be. Real estate investor Jarod Clark demonstrated this dynamic when Kaleh and his other wife, Vanessa, were lifting heavy furniture into the house while he sat back and supervised.

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On top of doing physical labor for Jarod, Kaleh had an emotionally strained relationship with her partners. On Seeking Sister Wife season 3, Kaleh was prone to fighting with Jarod and Vanessa over small things like cleaning the microwave. Kaleh even stormed out of the Clark home during an especially volatile argument with Jarod. One reason why Kaleh had tension with Jarod was that he expected her to stay home and not work. The COVID-19 pandemic made Kaleh's issues with Jarod and Vanessa that much more difficult to mend. The Clarks thought Kaleh's customer service job was too "chancey" for the sister wife to visit them during the spread of COVID-19, and wanted Kaleh to give up the job to move back with them. Ultimately, Kaleh split from the Seeking Sister Wife couple, as she didn't want to just be a housewife.

Since the end of her plural marriage, Kaleh has been living a new life free of the Clarks. Although her Instagram account is currently unavailable, Starcasm was able to break the news that the former sister wife is currently expecting a child. Before Kaleh took down her Instagram account, the Seeking Sister Wife alum shared videos with her baby bump and updated followers on her pregnancy. In late June, Kaleh posted a video captioned, "8 weeks to go." This means Kaleh's baby is due around August 30. Kaleh even has a registry that lists her due date and clarifies she is currently living in Raleigh, North Carolina which is only 30 minutes away from the Clarks' home in Fuquay-Varina. Although many fans think Jarod might be the father, it's unlikely, as Kaleh hasn't embraced the Seeking Sister Wife family in over a year.

Kaleh had a tumultuous experience with Jarod and Vanessa Clark that proved polygamy isn't for everybody. From her constant arguments to her new journey anticipating motherhood, it seems like Kaleh made the right decision ditching Jarod's kingdom. Kaleh's run on Seeking Sister Wife wasn't the most pleasant, but it may have been a necessary step in allowing her to find true happiness.

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Source: Starcasm

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