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Sister Wives: Times When Kody Brown Really, Really Hurt Meri

There have been many times when Sister Wives star Kody Brown emotionally wounded his first wife, Meri Brown. The couple may have started off the series in a good place, but TLC viewers now feel that the two have fallen out of love with one another. There may be no chance of reconciliation.

In the series, Kody Brown is the father of 18 children and the husband of four wives. The show features the real-life goings-on in a polygamist relationship. The TLC series premiered back in 201o and has now been on the air for 14 seasons. It's one of the network's biggest hits. The couple shares one daughter together, and Meri revealed on the show that she hasn't had more children due to "unexplained infertility." The duo legally divorced in 2014 so Kody's fourth wife, Robyn Brown, could marry him.

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For years, Kody has been at the center of the large polygamous family's struggles, as he tried his best to make each of his four wives happy. However, no wife has escaped the tensions, as he has had issues with Meri, as well as Janelle Brown, Christine Brown, and Robyn. "Selfish" Kody has even been flat-out mean to each of his brides, and Meri seems to get the brunt of his attitude. Kody has crossed several lines, and this is one big reason why he and Meri have a rocky relationship. Many TLC fans still believe that the Sister Wives star resents Meri and her emotional cheating scandal. In one of the episodes, Meri told a therapist that she considered her marriage "dead."

Kody wasted no time before hitting back during this past season. He shared in a confessional that he wasn't attracted to Meri anymore. However, there have been issues dating all the way back to his second marriage to Janelle. As per the family's book, Becoming Sister WivesMeri mentioned that her original issues with Janelle were caused by Kody wanting to marry his second wife on her birthday. Kody has often stated that he and Meri haven't been on the same page for a long time. Kody has been very outspoken, especially on the family series. He once told cameras he felt "deceived into a relationship that was very different than what I expected" with Meri.

Words can hurt more when they come from a loved one, such as a spouse. Kody's ability to distance himself from Meri has been his coping mechanism during the unhappy relationship. However, his disdain for her seems to have plunged Meri into despair. Kody's lack of support has made Meri more bitter. The mother of one now seems to be contemplating a life beyond Kody, and fans can't really blame her, in light of how Kody has treated her. Kody's uncaring attitude towards Meri may just be the Sister Wives star's very own Waterloo.

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Source: Becoming Sister Wives

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