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Star Wars: The 9 Most Beautiful Shots In The Sequel Trilogy

Although Star Wars has been introduced to a brand new generation thanks to the sequel trilogy, it still has to feature the same visual language as the previous movies in the franchise. Throughout the three movies in the sequel, there are some truly breathtaking pieces of imagery that help to really tell this galactic story.

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Whether it's through the use of lighting and color (thanks to clever editing) drawn from the initial concept art, or even credited to the practical elements brought onto the set, each of these frames tells its own brief narrative. These shots are beautiful for a variety of reasons and removing one of them from their respective films might actually change the viewing experience itself.

10 The Holdo Maneuver

A shot can really be enhanced by its position in the film and the Holdo Maneuver featured in The Last Jedi was a perfect combination of visual spectacle, amazing sound design, and beautiful storytelling. With the Captain sacrificing her life, she jumps to Hyperspeed, traveling through the First Order fleet.

It was a bold choice to maintain complete silence for the moment and the burning white light that shoots across the screen is completely mesmerizing. The scene perfectly encapsulates the destruction that has been caused by the deadly decision and it ultimately down to the choice of lighting within the scene.

9 Han Solo's Death

Many Star Wars fans believe Han Solo's story could have played out very differently, but The Force Awakens ultimately saw the iconic character meet his end at the hands of his son. It's a pivotal moment in the film and one that's beautifully framed and lit to encapsulate the emotions of the scene.

This frame shows the murder itself. However, but with the darkness surrounding the duo, the bright red blade really pops in the black. It's an amazing metaphor for the dark side of the Force itself, with Kylo Ren's face drenched in the metaphorical blood and full of rage.

8 Luke Skywalker's Return

Fans hotly anticipated the return of Luke Skywalker to the Star Wars franchise considering he was absent for a vast majority of The Force Awakens. When he finally does appear on screen, it's in a beautiful natural location which clearly emphasizes the light side of the Force.

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Not only is the beauty of this scene enriched by such an amazing environmental setting, but the way the two characters are blocked against one another is also very telling of the dynamic of the scene. It's even interesting to note the parallels of the costume design, teasing the future relationship of mentor and teacher.

7 Rey And Kylo Ren Team Up

There were plenty of Star Wars theories surrounding the true identity of the Supreme Leader Snoke, but many of these never came to fruition thanks to his untimely death at the hands of Kylo Ren. This was quickly followed up with an action set piece for the ages.

The Last Jedi moment is one of the highlights of the film, as the red of the First Order guards blends well with the throne room itself. Rey and Kylo balance one another, as they stand back to back, the reflective surfaces adding to the gorgeous visual. Snoke's body can be seen in the background, emphasizing why the conflict has begun in a brilliant piece of visual storytelling.

6 The Emporer's Throne Room

In regards to throne rooms, The Rise Of Skywalker brought back an iconic set in a far less glorious fashion. The wrecked remains of Emperor Palpatine's very own Sith palace was a key location in the film and the meeting of Ren and Rey was intensified by the setting.

Kylo Ren's ambitions of being one of Star Wars' most powerful Sith Lords are interestingly challenged in this scene, with the destruction of the past showing that the dark side may not provide a path forward. It's the reminder of the past and the addition of Rey as a symbol of his future that perfectly indicates the internal struggle Ben Solo has about his path forward.

5 The Battle Of Crait

The Battle of Crait is one of the most gorgeous and aesthetically beautiful moments in the history of Star Wars. The location of Crait itself sees the salt flats that throw up a cloud of red dust as the resistance fighters fly by, which contrasts stunningly with the white of the ground beneath. It allows for some great cinematography opportunities.

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Ignoring the setting for a moment, the line-up of the resistance in these broken down vehicles also shows the spirit of the heroes, who will do what it takes to save the galaxy once more. Combined, this is a shot brimming with action and tension, with the tiny ships dwarfed by their surroundings showcasing them as the underdogs.


3 Finn's Rise

Finn was pitched as the Jedi hero for The Force Awakens but wasn't given much of an opportunity to develop in this role. However, there is a stunning shot where he picks up the lightsaber for a hero moment, facing off against Kylo Ren in a dangerous duel.

The blue of the lightsaber glows in the night, as the snow is violently blizzarding around the former stormtrooper. There's a lot to be said about the use of color and the light side of the Force, but the stance and emotion on Finn's face also helps to visually tell this story of someone inexperienced but sure of their duty.

2 Maz's Castle

Maz Kanata's Castle is perhaps an underrated location within the Star Wars universe, but this shot actually helps to show the level of world-building that the sequel trilogy tried to commit to. This is very much the equivalent of the Cantina scene in the original trilogy.

With so many flags on display, there's a whole range of colors and symbols that represent a variety of different factions, families, and organizations. It's an overwhelming number but feels very much within Star Wars lore. Finn seems overwhelmed by the vastness of the galaxy, all shown through these simple flags. The location design itself is also a stunning piece of architecture.

1 The Twin Suns

The twin suns are a powerful symbol of hope and are recognized as the sign that the hero is on Tatooine. The planet itself has a lot of connotations within the franchise with The Rise Of Skywalker clearly trying to pay homage to a similar moment within the original Star Wars. 

The silhouette of the Jedi and her droid is very much iconic at this point; this duo really signifies the future of the Jedi Order itself. Sometimes a structural explanation as to why a shot is so perfect isn't enough; the image is simply a beautiful way to finish a saga by looking to the past and the future.

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