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Star Wars: The Bad Batch - 10 Hidden Details Fans May Have Missed

The inaugural season of Star Wars' latest animated hit show has wrapped up, and after 16 episodes, fans are picking The Bad Batch apart and speculating about the future of the show. Alongside the loveable characters and solid story, season 1 gave audiences so many brilliant easter eggs, references, and hidden details to stick their teeth into.

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It would not be a Star Wars property without obscure references and details not noticeable to those who are not uber-dedicated fans, and The Bad Batch has plenty from canon connections to familiar designs.

10 Only Certain Characters Wear Their Helmets

A harrowing hidden in plain sight detail in "Aftermath" comes in the form of helmets, which are sometimes some of Star Wars' scariest and most iconic props, used in this instance to hide the faces of some of Star Wars' most beloved groups of characters, the clones.

When Clone Force 99 arrives on Kamino for the first time since the rise of the Empire and fall of the Republic, they immediately notice something weird on Kamino. If audiences pay close attention, in that first sequence when they walk through Kamino, only four characters are not wearing their helmets, Hunter, Wrecker, Tech, and Echo. Everyone else is droid-like in their unity and anonymity. Even Crosshair, at this point, is wearing his helmet, perhaps hinting at his eventual siding with the Empire.

9 55+11 = 66 Victories

Clone Force 99's return to the beloved planet of Kamino marks their first time back 'home' in 205 standard rotations, and in that time, they have accumulated a total of 11 victorious battles to add to their tally.

In their barracks, they have a carved tally of successful missions they have partaken in. Before Wrecker starts carving in the eleven new missions, there are 55 already on there. Add on the eleven, and the result is the hugely significant and relevant 66, a fun little detail.

8 The Mantell Mix Is Connected To Galaxy's Edge

The dynamic between Omega and Wrecker is one of the best and sweetest in the show, with the two having a lot of love for each other and a lot of fun with one another. A part of their relationship highlighted throughout the season is their love of Mantell Mix.

After missions, they treat themselves to it, but it is more than just a sweet, crunchy snack for the two characters. For fans who have attended Galaxy's Edge, if they look at the Mantell Mix, they will see that it is the Outpost Mix, a popcorn snack sold at Kat Saka's Food Kettle in the Black Spire Outpost.

7 The Kamino Alarms

The final two episodes of The Bad Batch are truly heartbreaking, with the destruction of Tipoca City, the home of the beloved clones, being destroyed and the end of the Clone Wars-era of Star Wars truly marked as over with an exclamation point.

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Along with the fire, explosions, and overall falling apart of the city, there are blaring alarms throughout the final episode. Specifically, when Clone Force 99 is trapped and separated, an alarm sounds that will be familiar to The Force Unleashed fans, as the alarm is used throughout that game.

6 The Scientist Costume

The show's final scene sees the Empire take Nala Se to Mount Tannis, where she will presumably be working on perfecting specific types of cloning for them. When she arrives, she is greeted by a new scientist who is bound to be important in the show's future.

While the scientist is, at this point, unknown, her uniform is recognizable. It seems to be the exact same as Dr. Pershing's from The Mandalorian, the scientist working for the Imperial remnants on Nevarro and tasked with studying Grogu and his blood.

5 Fennec's Bola

While it was Cad Bane's return that stole the show as far as bounty hunters go, Fennec Shand had a great outing in The Bad Batch. Her battle with Bane for the bounty of Omega was great and brought about the appearance of an old Star Wars weapon.

Seen in the Dr. Aphra comic, an episode of The Clone Wars, and, of course, in Return of the Jedi, Fennec throws a bola to disarm Bane during their battle for Omega. Famously used by the Ewoks against the stormtroopers, the bola is only visible for a couple of seconds, moving at a fast pace, and so is very easy to miss.

4 Helmets & Blasters In Cid's Office

The shady parlor owner Trandoshan, Cid, is a key character in The Bad Batch season 1 and helps Clone Force 99 provide for themselves for much of the show, as well as bring about some moral dilemmas.

Cid's Parlour is full of fun details and easter eggs for fans, including a bunch in her office, akin to Thrawn's art-filled office in Rebels. Along with the obvious fur pelt and horn, Cid's office has clone trooper helmets, a Mandalorian helmet, and a picture of WESTAR-34 blaster pistols, the blasters made famous by Jango Fett.

3 Han's Dice Design

It is not just the back office of Cid's parlor that has some cool details. The IG-droid-esque drink dispensers, as seen in A New Hopeare also present along with holo tables, various gambling machines, and cool-looking drinks, including Oo'ta Goo'ta, Mooften, Reactor Coolant, and Dark Blue Milk.

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However, the entrance to Cid's alone contains a brilliant little detail and easter egg. Alongside the sign that reads 'Cid's Parlor' in Aurabesh, there is a picture of a pair of dice similar to the famous lucky dice of Han Solo as seen in films like Solo, a fun, easy-to-miss little detail.

2 Sorosub Luxury Yacht Model

When Clone Force 99 arrives on Pantora, the Sullustan who greets them at the docking station leaves for his office to call Fennec Shand to collect her bounty - Omega. In the said office, there is a model ship sitting on his desk.

This ship is not just any random spacecraft from the catalog of Star Wars' weird and wonderful ships; it is a SoroSub 3000, a.k.a a Personal Luxury Yacht 3000. The ship is seen in The Clone Wars but is most famous for being Lando Calrissian's 'Lady Luck,' brought into canon from Legends in the novel Last Shot.

1 An Important Y-Wing At The Syndulla Residence

The two-episode Ryloth arc, to many fans, was a highlight of the season. Alongside the obvious brilliance of having Hera, Chopper, Cham, and other established characters, there is a superb little detail in "Devil's Deal."

At the Syndulla residence, as Hera and her mother talk following Howser's return of the young Twi'lek, eagle-eyed fans can spot a crashed BLT Y-wing fighter in the background. This may just seem like a run-of-the-mill, meaningless war-ship from the Clone Wars. In fact, this is the Y-wing that crashed at the Syndulla residence that brought Chopper into Hera's possession.

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