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Starmancer: How to Put Out Base Fires | Screen Rant

Fire is often a hazard in colony sims like Starmancer, and knowing how to deal with it is a key component of keeping colonists alive and the base intact. Starmancer is still in early access, and many players have attributed the fire mechanics to bugs, but in fact the fire in the game responds in part to scientific principles, and can be avoided or easily put out if a player takes precautions and knows what to do in case of emergency.

Fires in Starmancer cannot be put out manually. Those used to playing other colony sims, such as RimWorld, wherein colonists can be directed to complete firefighting duties, may at first be frustrated by this fact. Many players have abandoned the game entirely, thinking that there is no way to salvage a base in flames, when in fact the task is quite simple. 

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First, it is important to note that fires in Starmancer can be caused by broken machines. To prevent fire as much as possible, ensure that at least one colonist is assigned to “Object Maintenance” and “Repair Object” as top priorities. As the player’s base expands, they should assign more colonists to this role. Making sure that machines don’t break down is one of the best ways to prevent fire in Starmancer.  

Much like in the other popular colony sim Oxygen Not Included, science plays a key role in Starmancer base maintenance. In Starmancer, fire responds to real-world scientific principles; no oxygen, no fire. This means that a player must remove the oxygen in a room in order to put out the fire. This requires careful planning and attention to detail. Rather than scramble to destroy a wall, and possibly suffocate colonists who need oxygen to survive, Starmancer players should keep fire in mind during base construction. First, each room should be separated by airlocks. This is solid planning in any case, since it allows for better conservation of oxygen, should a player encounter a shortage.   

Second, each room should be connected to a wall vent that leads to space. These vents should be kept in the off position. At first, this can be as simple as making sure there are vents on outside walls, but as the base grows, the player should consider constructing ventilation hallways leading from inside rooms to outside walls. The player may also consider building connecting rooms that share a wall vent on an outside wall.  

If a fire occurs in Starmancer, the player should order all colonists out of the room containing the fire. Next, the player should lock the airlocks leading into that room to avoid adding to the “Oopsy Tracker.” Next, the player simply has to select the appropriate wall vent and click “turn on” to vent all the oxygen in the room into space. This should effectively put out the fire. Remember to turn the vent back off before unlocking the airlock.   

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Starmancer is available for PC, Macintosh OS, and Linux

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