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Suicide Squad’s Prison Has A Horrible (And Gross) Security Flaw

Warning: contains spoilers for Suicide Squad: King Shark #1!

DC's Suicide Squad's famous prison has a glaring security flaw that the super-powered prisoners can exploit at any time. The infamous team of villains and anti-heroes, assembled by the mysterious and morally-grey Amanda Waller, is known for undertaking incredibly dangerous missions that the United States government would never officially authorize (and for the fact that most members of the team never make it back). These violent offenders will exploit any flaw in a system...which is why the "bathroom flaw" is so egregious.

In Suicide Squad: King Shark #1, written by Tim Seeley with art by Scott Kolins and colors by John Kalisz, the small-time criminal Defacer is locked up in Belle Reve Prison in Louisiana, recruiting grounds for the Suicide Squad. She's in a support group of supervillains led by Harley Quinn, talking about her ex, Dick Grayson. Hot Take, a supervillain with fire-based powers, insults Defacer regarding her C-list villain status, and Defacer responds in kind ("What kinda supervillain looks like somebody cooked trailer trash on the grill?"). Hot Take is furious, but Harley activates her inhibitor harness, preventing her from using her super-strength as well as her fire abilities.

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At lunch, Defacer is in the bathroom when Hot Take arrives. She warns Defacer that Harley Quinn isn't here to turn on her inhibitor harness - but then, astoundingly, she says the harness wouldn't work in the bathroom anyway, since it "...turns itself off when I go to the ladies' room so I can use my deuce-droppin' muscles." With that, Hot Take grabs Defacer, slams her head into a wall and is about to murder her when Hot Take disappears in a shower of blood. Defacer turns around to see King Shark holding Hot Take's severed feet...the only parts he didn't eat.

Hot Take's admission that her inhibitor harness stops working in the bathroom is perhaps one of the most inane design flaws a prison could possibly possess. A security system that deactivates in the bathroom - the most likely place for an ambush or attack in a prison - seems almost deliberate on Waller's part. Perhaps she actively wants prisoners to attack each other...or perhaps she simply doesn't care what happens inside the Belle Reve walls, so long as no one attempts to scale them. Moreover, Harley - a prisoner herself - appears to have been entrusted with the controls for the inhibitor. What if Hot Take stole the remote, or brokered a deal with Harley to obtain it? It's an incredible security risk either way.

Plenty of super-criminals stronger than Hot Take have ended up inside Belle Reve; perhaps they've been fitted with inhibitor harnesses of their own. If that's the case, it may be only a matter of time before they figure out this "bathroom flaw" and stage attacks on fellow prisoners themselves. The Suicide Squad may be known for their high casualty rate while on missions, but if the Belle Reve loopholes aren't closed, some prisoners may not be alive to join the Squad in the first place.

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