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Super Smash Bros Ultimate: Where Each Of Samus' Alt Costumes Come From

The Super Smash Bros. series is a unique and beloved member of the Nintendo family. Its core concept is wild on paper: take a hodgepodge of Nintendo characters, from the eminently recognizable Mario and Link to the more obscure Duck Hunt dog and Wii Fit Trainer Avatar, and throw them into a 2.5D multiplayer brawler. Yet it works. More than that, the game has proven to have genuine staying power, with five blockbuster titles produced across the span of nineteen years and a steadily growing number of fans and new combatants. It even allows for a degree of personalization with eight unlockable costumes for each fighter.

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While some of the alternate costumes simply feature a recolored character skin, Nintendo has been historically good with making conscientious, non-arbitrary choices that are drawn from the character's history. One standout example of this is for the playable character Samus Aran from the Metroid series, where every alternate costume in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate references a real skin from the franchise's storied history.

8 Orange - The Varia Suit

The original suit worn by Samus is more than a cybernetic exoskeleton; it's an icon of the gaming world synonymous with Samus herself. Short for "variable," the Varia Suit is known for the many different ways in which it aids Samus throughout the game, offering damage reduction and the ability to transform into a compact, highly mobile metal ball.

Though it did not appear by name as the Varia Suit until 1991's Metroid II: Return of Samus, the same orange color scheme was used in the original Metroid in 1986. In-game, the suit's main function has always been basic damage reduction and heat resistance, with upgrades available along the journey.

7 Brown - The Dark Suit

Samus' brown costume from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is a clear reference to 2004's Metroid Prime 2: Echoes' Dark Suit. Across the Metroid series, this suit marks one of the most striking aesthetic revisions to Samus' armor, not only replacing the color scheme of the Varia Suit but also giving it a bulkier machine-inspired design.

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This suit was originally invented by the Luminoth as a way to resist the life-sapping atmosphere that engulfed the planet Dark Aether. When dark vapor reaches critical levels, this suit reduces the environmental damage Samus takes by 20%. Though the suit in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate doesn't have the fine details of the armor as depicted in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, it's still a welcome addition to Samus' costume roster.

6 Pink - The Gravity Suit (1994)

There are three total references to pink armor across the Metroid franchise. The most direct example comes from 1994's Super Metroid, widely considered the best game in the series. Another series staple, the Gravity Suit is generally known in the Metroid series for enabling Samus to move freely in non-standard gravity environments like the vacuum of space or underwater.

In Super Metroid, this iconic armor also reduced damage taken by magma. The pink suit appears briefly into two other series titles: a colored sprite in 1986's Metroid when the player selected missiles as a weapon, and in Metroid: Other M as a pink aura when the Gravity Suit's effects were in use.

5 Green - A Gundam Reference

The only exception on this list, Samus' Green Suit does not appear in prior Metroid games. Instead, this skin was first featured in the original Super Smash Bros. game, donned when Samus played for the green team during multiplayer matches. Despite this, the game's developers have insisted that the suit is canon, referring to it as "mass-produced Samus."

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This has led some to speculate that the Green Suit is inspired by the "mass-produced" Zaku II Gundam suit, which bears a striking aesthetic similarity to Samus' armor. This green suit may also be a reference to Doom Guy from the Doom franchise.

4 Blue - The Fusion Suit

Making its first appearance in Metroid: Fusion, the Fusion Suit represents a symbiotic bond between Samus' armor and Metroid DNA. In-game, this living set of armor bestowed Samus with certain physical perks like the ability to hang onto ledges while removing the ability to use one of the game's signature weapons, the Ice Beam. This suit also allowed Samus to take on some of the abilities of the Metroids, namely the ability to reabsorb health and ammunition from airborne X parasites.

This Fusion Suit appears to have inspired new artwork from the upcoming Metroid Dread game. Certainly a memorable suit of armor from the series, it's a welcome addition to Samus' costume roster in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

3 Purple - The Gravity Suit (2002)

2002's smash-hit Metroid Prime saw several new elements make their way into the franchise. Most notably, the game marks the series' first foray into first-person gameplay and true 3D graphics. The game also came with numerous aesthetic revisions, such as with a series staple like the Gravity Suit.

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In Metroid Prime, the Gravity Suit features sleek purple armor that allowed for more precise movement underwater and  gave Samus improved underwater vision -- a clever addition for the series' inaugural first-person game -- while adventuring through the murky depths of the Phendrana Drifts or the Sunken Frigate.

2 White - The Light Suit

Sleek and stunning, Metroid Prime 2: Echoes continues its radical revisioning of the Metroid universe with the Light Suit. Clearly the inspiration for Samus' white costume from the Super Smash Bros. series, this suit provides gamers with the ultimate resistance to the toxic effects of Dark Aether's environment.

Interestingly, the E.M.M.I foes from Metroid Dread bear some resemblance to the Light Suit, though it remains to be seen if there is any canonical connection. Though it is only worn during the game's final act, its memorable design can be enjoyed again in Super Smash Bros.

1 Black - The Power Trooper

Arguably the most striking alternate costume for Samus, the Black Suit offers a stylish variation on the classic model. This armor recalls the Power Trooper enemies from Metroid Prime -- space pirates who relentlessly hunt Samus inside the Phazon Mines.

With a striking black and gold design, these enemies are unique in that they utilize weapons very similar to Samus, having supposedly reverse-engineered them. The armor also bears some resemblance to that of Dark Samus, a separate playable character in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

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