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Superman & Lois Broke Arrowverse Crisis' Rules Again (Where Will It End?)

Superman & Lois breaking the Arrowverse’s post-Crisis rules twice opens the door for it to keep happening with even more heroes and villains. After the Superman & Lois season 1 finale, two characters from an alternate Earth have popped up on Earth-Prime.

Doppelgangers used to be common in the Arrowverse, but that changed – supposedly for good – when “Crisis on Infinite Earths” rebooted the multiverse and moved all of its shows to one world. The idea was that all of the characters’ post-Crisis problems would be tied to their own Earth, thus taking alternate timeline characters off the table. In the beginning of Superman & Lois season 1, it was revealed that an exception to these rules existed in the form of Wolé Parks’ John Henry Irons aka Steel, who came from a world where Superman (Tyler Hoechlin) turned evil. It was believed that Steel was the last survivor of his Earth, since it was destroyed by the Crisis.

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This assumption was proven wrong when a spaceship occupied by Steel’s daughter, Nat (Tayler Buck), suddenly arrived in Smallville in the Superman & Lois season 1 finale. Apparently, Steel’s Arrowverse introduction wasn’t a one-time-only exception, as now Nat is on Earth-Prime too. While it’s not clear yet what made her survival possible, just her being alive raises questions about what other alternate Earth characters could have crossed over.

The explanation offered for John Henry Irons worked because of the timing. Timewise, the destruction of the multiverse in “Crisis on Infinite Earths” lined up with his own backstory and his Earth’s fight with Evil Superman. His efforts to take out Superman while on his ship happened at just the right moment. Despite facing different circumstances, Nat ended up in the same situation, even though what happened with her father should have been a fluke. Plus, Nat showed up long after the Crisis occurred, which has created some confusion regarding where she was all this time, and whether or not her world could have been reborn after the Crisis.

It remains to be seen if Superman & Lois will keep breaking the post-Crisis rules. Either way, it does appear to be possible now. One character in particular that they might cross paths with is Evil Superman. Since he attacked Irons’ ship prior to his disappearance, he could have come along for the ride. If that happens, it would enable Clark to face off against his General Zod-possessed counterpart. Of all the doppelgangers Superman & Lois can use, this is the one that fits the show best, but it could always introduce new ones or bring in characters from entirely separate Earths. After all, if John Henry Irons and his daughter found breaches in the multiverse on two separate occasions, the Arrowverse could be secretly loaded with alternate timeline refugees.

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