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Supernatural: 10 Of The Biggest Arguments Between Sam & Dean

Throughout the 15 years of Supernatural, some things kept popping up, as regularly as season to season. This included running jokes, certain episode tropes, and Sam and Dean fighting with one another. It was pretty much a guarantee that the two would fight one another in every season of the show, mostly verbally and passive-aggressively, and other times coming to blows.

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Some of the fights would only last an episode, often revolving around a differing opinion between the brothers. Others would last most of a season, usually because one of the brothers had a dark secret or because of a story-altering incident brought on by one of them.

10 Fights About Whether Or Not To Kill Certain Monsters

One of the most common debates between the two that popped up throughout Supernatural's run was on the philosophical idea of when it is good not to kill a monster. One of the first and important fights related to this comes thanks to Gordon Walker in "Bloodlust."

While Sam was of the idea that the vamps they were hunting were good and unharmful to humans, Dean fell in with Gordon's line of thinking that hunting was black and white. Eventually, of course, the brothers got in agreement after the vampires were shown to be better. But throughout the episode, there was a lot of tension between the two, and Dean even punches Sam. The episode kicked off the Gordon saga and was the first real instance of the 'can monsters be good' debate.

9 Their First Big Argument In "Scarecrow"

When fans first meet Sam and Dean in "Pilot," it is immediately shown that they are different personalities. For much of season 1, the two bicker and even get at each other's throats, but "Scarecrow" is when they get in their first real fight.

They fight about not going after John before Sam gets out of the Impala on the highway and hitchhikes to find a way to get to California and track John. Sam's leaving nearly gets Dean killed, but luckily he returned to Dean just in time to save him from the Vanir. After eleven episodes, this was the first time the brothers properly get at each other to the point where one wants to leave, with Sam blowing up at Dean's priorities and following John's orders.

8 Regarding Dean's Killing of Amy

Many arguments are just natural differences of opinion and natural bickering between two brothers who spend all their time with each other, usually in a car or shady motel. Some, though, happen when one of the boys acts arguably villainous, like when Dean kills Amy.

Dean was pretty justified in killing Amy, she was killing people, after all, however not all fans believe that, and Sam didn't either at first. When he finds out, he leaves Dean. This is a short argument, but only because Sam quickly left Dean behind, with the two apart for over a week until a hunt forces them together. It is a fight that goes back to the debate on when the line is drawn on killing monsters.

7 After John's Death

When John Winchester dies, the brothers react in different ways. Sam is broken up and feeling guilty for their strained relationship, while Dean is pretty stoic on the matter, not talking about it much.

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This leads to a couple of big arguments between them. Sam gets mad at Dean for not opening up to him and showcasing his feelings on his father's death a couple of times near the start of season 2, while Dean gets mad at Sam for asking him about it repeatedly. It was heartbreaking to see how Dean struggled in silence, as well as to watch Sam be overcome with a lot of guilt and loss.

6 Regarding Treatment Of Jack

Dean's treatment of Jack at points throughout the last three seasons of Supernatural was awful. He was emotionally abusive and his wanting to kill Jack was one of the only times some fans truly disliked the older Winchester.

They fight early in season 13 because Dean treated Jack like trash and believed he would turn bad and that he was a freak, which Sam did not take lightly. They then fight two seasons later over pretty much the same thing, except Dean is far more violent and genuinely trying to kill Jack. Oftentimes Sam can come off bad in the boy's fights and long-term arguments, but when it came to Jack, Dan was out of line most of the time.

5 Blaming Sam For Charlie's Death

There is no doubt Supernatural struggled with its female characters sometimes, and Charlie is a great example of that, getting killed off far too soon in a vicious manner. At her funeral, the boys have a quiet but powerful argument.

Dean flat out tells Sam he is not allowed to apologize, as her death is his fault. It all came about from the Book of the Damned and the fact Sam lied about his continuous use of it. Of course, the Mark of Cain impacted all this, but it was still one massive argument, affecting both brothers and taking place at a funeral. This argument was also significant, as it led Dean to massacre the Styne family and go right off the deep end with the Mark of Cain.

4 On Dean's Acceptance Of Death & Hell

Dean's demon deal and his subsequent trip to hell led to not only some of the best Supernatural episodes and stories ever but some of the most vulnerable Dean moments and a good few arguments from frustrated Sam.

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At the start of the season, Sam got on at Dean for acting like he did not care about death. The arguments later turned into getting Dean out of his deal, which further annoyed Dean, who knew Sam would die if they weaseled their way out. It was obviously hard for both brothers in different ways and frustrating for fans to watch the two go at it, especially when both were right in their arguments.

3 Sam Not Looking For Dean/Dean Befriending Benny

Season 8 was pretty much a whole season of tension for Sam and Dean. It ended, of course, with the trials, but it all kicked off with Sam not looking for Dean and Dean becoming close friends with a vampire.

Sam came out of the entire situation looking all kinds of bad. Fans did not like the Amelia aspect of the story as it dragged on, and his not looking for Dean was so out of character, and Dean was right to feel both betrayed and angry. Sam went at Dean for his trust in Benny several times, which fans knew to be justified, but Sam just saw the whole thing as bad news. The arguments, passive-aggressiveness, and mistrust kept up for a good chunk of season 8.

2 When Sam Finds Out About Gadreel

In season 9, it was Dean that came out looking worse off in his secret-keeping and bad decisions as he tricked Sam into giving Gadreel - posing as Ezekiel - permission to possess his brother.

This was kept a secret for a long while, but he was rightfully furious when Sam finally found out. Dean doing all this cost Kevin his life. Dean was even upset at himself, leaving Sam to go off on his own, with no resistance. Even when the two were reunited, Sam was so broken up about what happened that he could not reconcile with Dean; it took the latter's murder by Metatron for that to truly happen.

1 The Demon Blood Saga

If there was one time throughout all of Supernatural when Sam and Dean's relationship looked truly in danger, it was season 4, when Sam Winchester started guzzling demon blood and keeping it hidden from Dean.

Throughout the whole season, the two get in little fights, and there is a lot of tension because Sam is so painfully obvious in his lying. When Dean does find out, it all comes to a head, they fight, Sam gets locked up, and the two brothers get in their biggest brawl, which results in Dean telling Sam never to come back. It was hard to root for Sam, but it was impossible not to be heartbroken at what was going on between the two.

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