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Superstore: Each Main Character's Most Iconic Scene | ScreenRant

Anyone who has worked in retail can relate to Superstore on some level. The employees' annoyances are based on real-life scenarios, and, especially during the sixth season, the show is like a love letter to essential workers. With it hitting so close to home, some scenes stand out above others.

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Even those who haven't seen the sitcom have seen the hilarious Superstore memes that have fans laughing and sobbing on social media. All the main characters play different roles and represent different things, and they each have an iconic scene that they're famous for.

8 Glenn: When He Thought Embezzlement Was Bedazzling (S4 Ep14)

Glenn was one of the best characters on the show as the viewers couldn't help but laugh at the shenanigans he got up to while he was manager. He was the Michael Scott of Superstore, as the show's humor came from Glenn's inability to keep the store running smoothly. Comedy comes from chaos, and with Glenn in charge, there was plenty of it.

One of the funniest moments on the show was when Glenn accidentally realized he committed embezzlement. Instead of admitting to Cloud 9 that there was a surplus, Glenn stored the extra money in his office, completely unaware that doing so was embezzlement. He confused the word for bedazzling, which Mateo points out is also a crime.

7 Cheyenne: When She Announced The Store Was Closed (S2 Ep10)

Cheyenne's announcement over the loudspeaker is one of the most relatable moments in Superstore history. Those who work in retail know that customers often come in minutes before closing and take their time perusing the shelves. However, after the day the Cloud 9 employees had, Cheyenne simply wasn't having it.

In a sweet voice that some might call passive-aggressive, she says, "Attention shoppers, the store is now closed. Not like, 'bring your items to the front' closed, I mean, like, 'get the hell out.'" It's only one of Cheyenne's most hilarious quotes in Superstore.

6 Dina: When She Refused To Police Her Body (S4 Ep17)

Superstore has always been good at incorporating real-world issues into the series without taking away from the comedy, and Dina's most iconic scene is a perfect example of it. When Dina shows up to Emma's Quinceañera in a low-cut dress, Garrett makes a comment about how she could be drawing unwanted attention.

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Dina's response is, "Why should I have to police my body because the men in this world can't keep it in their pants?" Fans praised Dina for the statement, as she was speaking up for women who are often shamed or harassed by society because of the clothing they wear. The fact she highlighted how misogynistic Garrett's comment was and made him reconsider how he had been inadvertently judging her too was quite significant.

5 Mateo: When He Wouldn't Say Something Mean About Beyoncé (S2 E18)

Because he was undocumented, Mateo was unable to switch to another Cloud 9 store and date Jeff. But Mateo is never one who goes down without a fight, and while the problem Mateo was facing is no laughing matter, his solutions are absurd as he believes getting into a fight will prevent the transfer.

Mateo is known for his sassy and often rude comments, but he doesn't joke around when it comes to things he really cares about. In this case, that thing is Beyoncé. In one of the most comical scenes of the show, Cheyenne tries to get Mateo to insult the singer so she'll have the motivation to punch him. However, Mateo's response, "I'd rather get deported," is iconic because of how well it fits his character.

4 Sandra: When She Googled How To Kill Carol (S3 E15)

Sandra is proof that it's always the quiet ones who people need to look out for. Her rivalry with Carol often got out of hand, but no one realized how dark it actually was. The script itself was funny, but the actress' delivery of the scene is what made it so iconic.

In a voice that's terrifying, yet, somehow, casual, Sandra admits that she regularly plots Carol's murder. Sandra wears a hoodie, takes a bus to a library in another town, thinks of ways to kill her, and researches all the mistakes people usually make. Sandra is definitely one of many people who could have been the foot killer in Superstore.

3 Garrett: When He Refused To Close Early On Black Friday (S2 Ep10)

Garrett isn't afraid to call it as he sees it, and his hatred for his job makes him the most relatable character. It's not retail work, in particular, he hates, as much as it's doing any work at all. Black Friday is already the worst day of the year for retail employees, so Garrett was fed up long before customers shoved through the doors and trampled everything in their paths.

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Given that it seems to be the one day of the year this kind of behavior is expected, Garrett wishing everyone a great purge over the loudspeaker is his funniest moment. However, in a shocking twist of events, he refused to let the store close early when the employees all got sick with food poisoning. Garrett always takes the easy way out, but he wasn't letting Cloud 9 go down without a fight. His speech about doing the bare minimum, followed by him moving through the aisles in slow motion, was one of the most iconic moments of the entire show.

2 Jonah: When He Realized Amy Liked Him (S3 Ep15)

Ben Feldman's acting was on point in the Jonah and Amy moment fans had been waiting for. Not only was it one of the best moments of the show, but arguments could be made that it was one of the best realizations of feelings scenes in sitcom history. In an attempt to convince the workers that he doesn't like Amy, he ends up doing the opposite.

When Amy admits to having a crush on him in the past, Jonah loses his train of thought and becomes speechless during an employee meeting. The employees' reactions were one of the best parts, as they all stared at him wide-eyed as Jonah struggled to put a sentence together. Jonah was so frazzled that he kept digging himself deeper into the hole he created. Ben Feldman must have spent the whole scene ad-libbing because there's no way all that stuttering could be written on paper.

1 Amy: When She Quit Her Corporate Job (S6 Ep14)

Some fans were not happy with Amy when she turned down Jonah's proposal and left him to take a corporate job in California. However, Amy redeems herself in the series finale of Superstore by giving up everything she worked for to show support for her friends.

She realizes that Cloud 9 is still her home and the employees are still her family. All it takes is one look back at them to quit her job right there on the spot. The image of Amy standing up to Zephra with the Cloud 9 sign glowing behind her is, perhaps, the most iconic scene in the show.

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