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The 10 Best Comedy Westerns, Ranked By IMDb | ScreenRant

One of the most famous genres in the early days of film was the western. Even today westerns are looked on fondly as fans remember the exploits of various cowboys and outlaws as they try to make their living in the Old West. Some are grounded in reality and tackle serious subjects such as Unforgiven and Tombstone.

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Many fans, however, choose to look at the funnier side of the genre. There is a multitude of side-splitting films that take place in the Old West, many of which are self-referencing parodies of the more somber films of the past. With a plethora of comedy westerns at their disposal, fans often take to IMDb to see how their favorites measure against all the rest.

10 Three Amigos (1986)- 6.5

Tropic Thunder is highly regarded by many to be one of the funniest films in recent years. What many fans don't realize is that there was a film with a similar plot released 22 years prior. Three Amigos stars comedy legends Steve Martin, Chevy Chase, and Martin Short as an acting troupe who are under the impression they are going to a Mexican Village to give a live performance of their onscreen bandit personas. The trio is unaware, however, that the villagers think they are the real deal.

The film is beloved and wins new fans each year with its blend of slapstick comedy, musical numbers, and western action scenes. A film with this much comedic genius onscreen always ensures laughter, especially when the three leads perform Randy Newman's song "My Little Buttercup" to win over a cantina full of hardened gunslingers.

9 Shanghai Noon (2000)- 6.6

Jackie Chan and Owen Wilson don't seem like the most obvious pairing, but the two prove they have remarkable chemistry in Shanghai Noon. The film revolves around a clumsy imperial guard who joins forces with a train robber to rescue a kidnapped princess. The film is not only a fish out of water story, but also follows a buddy cop scenario as the two leads are constantly bickering and getting into mischief.

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Shanghai Noon is a unique western that mixes kung-fu into the plot to create a hilarious blend of several styles of filmmaking. The film even received a sequel, Shanghai Knights, which saw the duo head to Victorian England and encounter such noted historical figures as Charlie Chaplin.

8 City Slickers (1991)- 6.8

While City Slickers takes place in the present day, the influence of early western films is certainly present. The film revolves around a group of middle-aged men who want to escape their lives and participate in a cattle drive. Things don't go as planned, and the friends are soon lost with a gruff old-school cowboy, who is played by Jack Palance in an Academy Award-winning performance.

The film doesn't focus on the gunfighting cliche many of these films do but instead focuses on the simple life of living in a time past. The film is big on heart and laughs, with a great lead performance from comedian Billy Crystal who has plenty of iconic roles under his belt.

7 The Mask Of Zorro (1998)- 6.8

The movie may not have a traditional western feel, but the influence is apparent as Zorro's earlier films were westerns. The Mask of Zorro has humor and action on par with the Indiana Jones series and shows that the character can be just as successful in the 1990s as he was in the 1940s.

6 Maverick (1994)- 7.0

Based on the 1950s television series of the same name, Maverick follows Mel Gibson as Bret Maverick, who gets himself into all kinds of trouble with his fellow con artists Jodie Foster and James Garner (who played Maverick in the television series) as they try to buy their way into a high stakes poker game.

The film does a fantastic job at showing comedy in the Old West, as stern gunslingers must encounter the snarky and often childish Maverick. Mel Gibson is the perfect comedic foil, as his charm wins over many characters and especially the audience.  The film was directed by the late Richard Donner, who knew Gibson could deliver as both a comedian and an action star since he worked with the actor on the Lethal Weapon films.

5 Rango (2011)- 7.2

While not a traditional western, Rango fits right in with the greats with its lawless setting and side-splitting humor. Rango is a chameleon who takes over as sheriff in the town of Dirt so he can get some water, but quickly finds out he is in over his head.

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The film earned a well-deserved Oscar for Best Animated Film of 2011, and it is no surprise why. The film has a loyal fanbase that seems to grow as time goes on. The film not only stands on its own but also serves as a tribute to the westerns of the past.

4 The Ballad Of Buster Scruggs (2018)- 7.3

When Joel and Ethan Coen are behind the camera, fans are sure to be in for a fun albeit dark time, as is the case with the western anthology The Ballad Of Buster Scruggs. The Netflix film has six separate tales, including a singing cowboy who is handy with a gun, a prospector searching for gold, and the journey of an impresario among others.

The classic Coen Brothers dry wit is on full display here. Each segment shows a unique and dark look at westerns that expertly combines tragedy with black humor. The film also boasts a star-studded cast who all successfully convey the tragicomic tone the Coen Brothers are famous for in past films like Fargo. Whether it is Buster singing his way through life, or a spontaneous James Franco cameo, fans are sure to find something to enjoy in this recent classic.

3 Back To The Future Part III (1990)- 7.4

Upon being released in 1984, nobody could have expected Back To The Future would spawn one of the best westerns of the time. The second and final sequel did just that, as Part III takes place mostly in 1885. After being struck by lightning at the end of the second film, Doc Brown finds himself trapped in the Old West, and is quite content there. Marty plans on leaving him there in peace until he finds that Doc will suffer a tragic fate if he stays.

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The film is a unique western parody, in that it names many of the films and actors it is spoofing. Fans of westerns and fans of the trilogy will enjoy the film, and it was a perfect way to end one of the greatest trilogies of all time.

2 Way Out West (1937)- 7.6

It is fitting that one of the funniest and well-regarded western comedies was released in the early days of the genre. Legendary comedy duo Laurel and Hardy star in this classic film about two men who are tasked with delivering a deed to a goldmine. When the deed is stolen, the classic Laurel and Hardy hijinks ensue.

The movie is simple and the slapstick comedy is top-notch, which is to be expected from the classic comedy duo. The movie is special because it was released at a time when westerns dominated the then-young box office and dared to mock the genre's popular conventions.

1 Blazing Saddles (1974)- 7.7

To many, the gold standard of comedic westerns, or for comedies in general, is Mel Brooks' raunchy and unorthodox classic, Blazing Saddles. The film follows Bart, a man who finds himself the sheriff of a town who is less than enthused to allow a person of color to serve them in the position.

The film was released during the renaissance of westerns and mocked the time period as much as celebrate it. The film was controversial at the time, and would even have a hard time fitting in today due to its off-collar jokes and off-the-wall humor. Fans of the film love it today as much as they ever had, and it shows just how ahead of his time Mel Brooks was, as many of the jokes and satires still apply today, if not more than in 1974.

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