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The 10 Best Summer Movies, Ranked According To IMDb | ScreenRant

It's not rare to find a good summer movie. Summer vacation is a popular subject for teen movies, and many films look to explore nostalgic feelings of summer breaks and experiences. There's no denying that summer - especially the end of summer, when people are getting back to school and work and saying goodbye to friends - has a distinct atmosphere about it.

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Luckily, for those who love summer, a lot of great movies have been made that capture that specific "vibe." What makes a good summer movie is hard to say. But according to IMDb, these are the best of them all.

10 Adventureland (2009): 6.8/10

Summer immediately springs to mind images of summer break and colorful fairs. And that's exactly what Adventureland offers. In the film, Jesse Eisenberg stars as James Brennan, a college graduate who takes a part time job at a local amusement park.

Adventureland is a fun coming-of-age story featuring all the typical tropes of the genre, including drug use, maturing characters, and falling in love. The movie also carries an incredible sense of style thanks to its unique fair ground atmosphere and '80s period setting. This could be a memory for anyone born in the late '60s.

9 Dirty Dancing (1987): 7.0/10

Aside from having one of the best '80s movie soundtracks, Dirty Dancing also has a great summer atmosphere. A period piece, Dirty Dancing takes place throughout the summer of 1963 and concerns Baby's experiences with a team of dance instructors.

The Catskills setting is undeniably beautiful (despite Mountain Lake Hotel being located in Virginia), especially during the scenes that see Baby and Johnny practicing outside. It's arguably one of the most famous dance-based movies of all time, featuring a stellar climax that contains some of the most memorable lines and images in movie history.

8 National Lampoon's Vacation (1983): 7.4/10

The Vacation series has spanned numerous distinct settings, including Christmas Vacation, whose warm and inviting atmosphere has made it an annual tradition for millions. But the first movie in the series makes for a near-perfect summer comedy. The Griswold family travel the entire United States throughout the summer break, venturing from Chicago to Los Angeles.

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It's a hilarious movie filled with memorable scenes and one-liners, and it launched the now-iconic franchisem featuring an amazing comedic performance from Chevy Chase as Clark Griswold - arguably his most famous movie character.

7 American Graffiti (1973): 7.4/10

American Graffiti is perhaps the most popular non-Star Wars movie directed by George Lucas. The movie takes place over the last day of summer vacation and proves Lucas's talents as a mature filmmaker. The movie has earned continuous acclaim not only for its filmmaking and period detail but for its introspective glimpse into cruising culture.

It also serves as one of the greatest movies about rock and roll, featuring a stellar soundtrack containing the likes of Buddy Holly, Chuck Berry, Fats Domino, and The Beach Boys.

6 Sideways (2004): 7.5/10

While not necessarily a summer movie, Sideways undeniably contains a summer-like atmosphere thanks to its gorgeous wine country setting. The movie takes place throughout the Santa Ynez Valley of California and sees a struggling and divorced writer taking his old college roommate on a wine tour/road trip.

An underrated road trip film (at least in regards to mainstream popularity), Sideways is simultaneously hilarious and touching and features Oscar-nominated acting, directing, and writing (in this case, Oscar-winning). It could also feature Paul Giamatti's funniest movie performance.

5 The Sandlot (1993): 7.8/10

A perfect movie for those end of summer vibes, The Sandlot is a beautiful on-screen representation of summer breaks. Taking place over the summer of 1962, lonely kid Scott Smalls befriends a group of baseball-playing children and quickly learns the value of friendship.

While featuring a lot of baseball, viewers don't need to be baseball fans to enjoy The Sandlot. It's a charming little movie about the nostalgia of playing and bonding with friends throughout summer breaks, and it features a lot of memorable lines and great period detail.

4  Call Me By Your Name (2017): 7.9/10

Based on André Aciman's novel of the same name, Call Me by Your Name is perhaps the most popular and acclaimed summer movie of recent years. A tender coming-of-age romantic drama, the movie takes place over the summer of 1983 and concerns young Elio falling in love with one of his father's graduate students.

The film makes for the perfect summer movie, complete with an absolutely gorgeous Italian setting, lots of shining sun, outdoor meals, fruit, swimming, and that nostalgic sense of past summer flings that went nowhere.

3 Jaws (1975): 8.0/10

Jaws is the rare that horror movies take place over the summer. The bright and cheery setting just doesn't lend itself to scary stories. However, Jaws proves the timeless exception. The entire first half of the movie is about the upcoming Fourth of July weekend, as the beach town of Amity Island prepares for the tourist season (despite having a man-eating shark in the water).

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The small beach town setting is both comforting and nostalgic, and the bloody action of the story contrasts with the bright and colorful visuals. Jaws is an undeniable horror classic.

2 Do The Right Thing (1989): 8.0/10

Do the Right Thing made Spike Lee a critical darling, earning him his first Academy Award nomination (for Best Original Screenplay). The story takes place within the Bedford–Stuyvesant neighborhood of Brooklyn and concerns some explosive racial tensions amidst a scorching heatwave.

Few movies capture the unrelenting and often uncomfortable heat of summer quite like Do the Right Thing, and the colorful outfits worn by the characters exhibit that beautiful sense of style that often accompanies the bright days of the season.

1 Stand By Me (1986): 8.1/10

Stand by Me is essentially The Sandlot, only with more mature subject matter. The movie not only deals with summer and summer break from school, but it also carries themes about the fleeting nature of childhood friendships.

The movie accurately portrays the wild sense of adventure that often accompanies a summer break spent with friends, and it ends in a suitably mature fashion with an older Gordie fondly looking back on his time as an innocent child. It's the very definition of a nostalgic movie, and maybe the greatest "summer" movie ever made.

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