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The 10 Most Powerful Movie Witches | ScreenRant

Throughout cinema history, the big screen has graced audiences with countless portrayals of wonderfully powerful witches who have delighted audiences with their fabulous spellcasting abilities. Each of these witches is iconic for a number of reasons, and of course, these magical charmers stand head-and-toes above the rest when it comes to their incredible enchantments.

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From the beloved Hermione Granger's book smarts to the classic Wicked Witch of the West and her flying monkeys, these sorceresses are clearly the best of the supernatural best. Naturally, these amazing witches are definitely the strongest of them all when it comes to magical powers.

10 (Kiki) Kiki's Delivery Service

This 13-year-old is definitely one of the most powerful witches to grace the big screen. Throughout the film, viewers watch as the young teen leaves home to train as a witch. By the end of the movie, Kiki proved that her magic was significantly impressive, becoming highly skilled at flying on her broom and using her power to run a delivery business.

She even uses her special ability to save her friend Tombo from an airship accident. Kiki's flying skills and smarts definitely make her a noteworthy powerful movie witch.

9 Maleficent (Sleeping Beauty)

This iconic enchantress isn't just the main antagonist for a classic Disney film; she's also a powerful and commanding movie villain. Maleficent's most impressive and frightening powers include the ability to teleport, manipulate natural elements, and even transform into a fire-breathing dragon. Most notably, she curses the young infant Princess Aurora to a deadly prick from a spinning wheel.

The Three Good Fairies definitely had plenty of good reasons to fear Maleficent and her deadly magical powers, as she is certainly a forceful and dangerous sorceress.

8 The Wicked Witch Of The West (Wizard Of Oz)

This iconic green-skinned witch is a well-known classic character with some awe-inspiring powers. Not only did she have notable spellcasting abilities, which allowed her to perform incantations and curses like the one used to put Dorthy and her friends to sleep in the field, but she can also teleport and fly.

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The Wicked Witch of the West was even able to use magic to control animals, like the flying monkeys, that she used to do her bidding. This well-known witch is famous for her amazing and powerful supernatural skills.

7 Ursula (The Little Mermaid)

This powerful sea witch and iconic classic Disney villain has plenty of supernatural skills that are worth taking note of. Outside of her impressive potion crafting abilities, Ursula is also able to transfigure others and shapeshift, as seen when she disguises herself as a human named Vanessa and tricks Prince Eric.

One of her downfalls is that she couldn't alter her reflection, (which helped her enemies identify her), but even so, Ursula's powers were definitely dangerous, and plenty of the sea creatures appropriately feared the wrath of this mighty villain.

6 Winifred Sanderson (Hocus Pocus)

Winifred isn't just the eldest of the Sanderson sisters, she is also the smartest and most powerful of her supernatural crew. Most impressively, she is was able to create magical green lightning that emerges from her fingertips, but that isn't her only awe-inspiring ability. Winnie is a noteworthy spellcaster and manages to perform all sorts of wicked incantations with the help of her beloved spellbook.

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Some of Winnie's most impressive feats include raising her ex-lover Billy from his grave and enchanting all the partygoers at the Halloween Ball into performing an endless dance. In terms of power, Winnie is a standout not only amongst her sisters, but amongst all film witches.

5 Tia Dalma/Calypso (Pirates Of The Caribbean Franchise)

This striking and mysterious practitioner of voodoo magic appeared throughout the series and always managed to impress with her powerful abilities. However, Tia Dalma wasn't just a mystic, she was also the sea goddess known as Calypso. This mighty sorceress's powers include the impressive ability to raise the dead and bring individuals such as Jack Sparrow back from purgatory.

Still, the extent of her magic isn't revealed until she regains her form as Calypso and becomes a giant who is capable of shapeshifting and commanding storms. She's definitely an impressive witch and clearly the most powerful character in the franchise.

4 Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch (MCU)

Wanda Maximoff (aka the Scarlet Witch) is one of the most noteworthy characters among The Avengers. Not only have Wanda's powers continued to advance significantly, but they've also shown some seriously impressive and powerful skills.

Recently, Wanda showed off some of these abilities on the small screen, where her magic managed to take over an entire town and turn it into a nostalgic shrine to classic television. Outside of her telekinetic abilities, she was also able to create a version of Vision and even a set of twins. Wanda's powers are definitely impressive.

3 Sarah Bailey (The Craft)

While Sarah might not initially seem like the most impressive member of her newly joined coven, this powerful witch proved just how mighty her abilities were after her friends turned against her and forced Sarah to take drastic action. Not only was Sarah able to strip her former friends of their powers, but she was also skilled at spellcasting and elemental witchcraft.

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Unlike her friends who got overzealous with their magic, Sarah was always cautious and knew not to head down the same path as Nancy. She was powerful, but she knew when it was appropriate for her to use her supernatural skills.

2 Hermione Granger (Harry Potter Franchise)

Known for being highly intelligent and extremely hard-working, this muggle-born witch is definitely one of the most noteworthy students at Hogwarts. Her thirst for knowledge makes her extremely well-versed in magical history, and her drive to succeed was one of Hermione's greatest strengths, making her spellcasting skills stand out amongst her peers.

Throughout her time at school, Hermione successfully performed spells well beyond her years, such as the Full Body-Bind Curse in her first year and the Polyjuice Potion in her second. Hermione's talents definitely make her stand out as a powerful witch.

1 The Blair Witch (The Blair Witch Franchise)

This extraordinarily manipulative and powerful witch is not only able to psychologically torment the inhabitants of Burkittsville, Maryland, who go into the Black Hills Forest, but she also has the power of illusions, shapeshifting, and possession.

Despite rarely been seen on screen, this villainous figure's supernatural abilities and deadly force make her downright terrifying. Her most noteworthy and powerful tricks are seen when she stalks and hunts the unfortunate people who go into the forest. The Blair Witch is one of the strongest and most frightening figures in film.

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