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The 10 Silliest Mobile Suit Designs In Gundam | ScreenRant

The original Mobile Suit Gundam anime from 1979 revolutionized mecha and anime in general through its gritty, grounded approach to war stories in the medium. Where previous mecha franchises dealt in robots acting somewhat like superheroes battling maniacal villains, Gundam's combatants were ordinary people caught up in a tragically destructive conflict.

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This contrast between Gundam and its counterparts in mecha anime led to what fans call the "real robot" vs "super robot" distinction, with Gundam being an example of the former. But despite its "real robot" reputation, Gundam has produced some pretty odd-looking and downright silly robots across its long history.

10 YMS-15 Gyan

Briefly piloted by a secondary antagonist in the original Mobile Suit Gundam, the Gyan went toe to toe with Amuro's Gundam on Earth during the One Year War. Equipped with a beam saber and a weird explosive shield type piece, it put up an impressive fight before its eventual defeat.

Unlike other mobile suits piloted by minor antagonists in the original anime (like the Gouf and Dom), audiences never got another look at a Gyan after the first one was destroyed. Its weird head and unconventional armament, as well as later appearances in spin-offs, have ensured that it's never been forgotten by fans.

9 Turn A

The mobile suits in Turn A Gundam are controversial, with the titular Turn A at the forefront of the argument. Designed by the legendary sci-fi artist Syd Mead (famous for his work on Blade Runner), and notable for being one of the strongest Gundams in the franchise, the Turn A has a unique look that sets it apart from its counterparts.

The biggest point of contention is, unsurprisingly, the "mustache," which replaced the traditional Gundam V-fin. Some fans argue that a mobile suit should not have a mustache, and even many characters in the anime itself ponder why this giant machine has such prominent facial "hair."

8 MSM-03 Gogg

During the One Year War, it became apparent to the Principality of Zeon that mobile suits with amphibious capabilities would be needed to successfully wage war on Earth's surface, especially where the Federation's many underground bases were concerned.

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This led to an oddly large amount of unique amphibious mobile suits being designed for this express purpose, many with unconventional looks. One of the most prominent is the Gogg, the suit with a funny name upon which many later designs would be based.

7 MSM-04G Juaggu

Another odd-looking amphibious mobile suit fielded by the Principality of Zeon is the Juaggu. Although in canon it was deployed during the One Year War, fans never actually got a chance to see the machine in action in the original anime. Thankfully, the OVA series Gundam Unicorn, which is now one of the Gundam movies available on Netflix, treated audiences to a fight scene with this unconventional suit.

Zeon obviously had a penchant for building weird mobile suits designed for amphibious assaults, but the Juaggu is up there among the strangest of the bunch on account of its very prominent elephant-trunk-like appendage.

6 AMX-109 Kapool

The Kapool, also known as the Capule, is a big ball with an interesting history. It was first featured in Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ as an amphibious mobile suit operated by Neo Zeon, and it had a cameo in Gundam Unicorn as well. However, it was never the amphibious mobile suit of choice in those shows, perhaps because it is simply a ball with arms and legs.

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Fortunately, the Kapool does get some time to shine in Turn A Gundam, where it's excavated and operated by one of the show's main characters, but it's ironically used primarily for ground combat.

5 NRX-055 Baund Doc

The sequel to the original Gundam anime, Mobile Suit Gundam Z introduced a number of odd mobile suits to the franchise canon. An apparent design emphasis on transforming machines on the part of the creators led to some odd mobile suits doing battle across the anime's run.

One of the strangest transformable machines in Zeta is certainly the Baund Doc. Its enormous size is already notable, as is its capability for transformation, but by far the strangest thing about it is the fact that it looks like a kangaroo. Throw in some asymmetrical arms and a strange color scheme, and the Baund Doc becomes one of the oddest suits in the entire franchise.

4 MA-04X Zakrello

In a competition between the weirdest mobile armors, many as there are, it seems that the Zakrello would inevitably come out on top. Appearing in the original Mobile Suit Gundam (briefly) the Zakrello was cut from the later compilation films, as well as every subsequent entry in the canon Gundam watch order.

Overall, it just seems there's no way to justify making a mobile armor look like a snake from a tactical perspective. Attaching large knife arms to the frame of the mobile armor also seems like an odd choice, as mobile armors typically fight at higher speeds and longer ranges.

3 MSM-04 Acguy

Yet another bizarre amphibious suit is the unfortunately adorable Acguy. First used during Zeon's assault on Jaburo in the original anime, the Acguy's superior mobility on land and underwater gave it an edge in close quarters combat with other mobile suits.

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Despite being an impressive feat of engineering, the Acguy is strikingly unthreatening. Most mobile suits appear as imposing figures, bringing destruction to their enemies and anything in their way, but it's hard to inspire fear in your opponents when your robot looks like a giant teddy bear.

2 MA-08 Big Zam

The Big Zam is a fan favorite (although it isn't technically a mobile suit), in part because it looks like a hamburger with legs, and in part because of its role in the original Gundam anime. Manufactured towards the end of the One Year War, the Big Zam was a powerful mobile armor that fell to Amuro's RX-78 Gundam.

With Federation forces bearing down on the asteroid base Solomon, the Big Zam's pilot, Dozle Zabi, confidently declares that once the Big Zam is mass-produced, it will be over for the Federation. That never happens, of course, because how could such a goofy-looking machine be the key to Zeon's survival?

1 GF13-066NO Nether Gundam

Putting designs from Mobile Fighter G Gundam in this list almost feels like cheating, because that anime was deliberately designed as a Gundam alternate universe that would subvert the franchise's typically serious tone. This resulted in some intentionally absurd designs, one of the most prominent of which is the Nether Gundam.

Representing Neo Holland, Nether Gundam is quite apparently an enormous windmill. The Nether Gundam can spin its central windmill to damage opponents with wind-based attacks, as well transform into a flight mode that sees the windmill acting as a propeller once the machine's legs are retracted.

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