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The Amazing Race: 9 Movies And TV Shows Contestants Have Appeared On

In the world of competitive reality TV shows, The Amazing Race is unique for the sheer scale of its events. Each season spans different countries around the world, and each two-member team is required to undergo intense physical and mental challenges while navigating new territories.

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While people from all walks of life have appeared in the show as contestants, some of them have been socialites, actors, and other public figures. Hence, such contestants have had their fair share of on-screen appearances apart from The Amazing Race. Some of them, such as Rob Mariano, have also earned fame as contestants on other reality TV shows.

9 Around The World For Free - Alex Boylan

Alex Boylan gained early fame after he won the sophomore season of The Amazing Race back in 2002. After that, he went on to create the reality series Around The World For Free. A highly engaging travel show, the central concept behind it was to determine whether anyone can circle the globe with little to no money.

Each season featured a reality star assisted by a single camera operator. Both of them relied on local civilians and guides for basic amenities. Boylan was featured in the debut season while talk show host Jeff Schroeder helmed the next one.

8 Celebrity Poker Showdown - Charla Baklayan Faddoul

Having appeared in The Amazing Race 5 and The Amazing Race All-Stars, Charla Baklayan Faddoul also served as a contestant in Celebrity Poker Showdown. In Tournament 6, Game 1, Faddoul was joined by other reality TV stars to play poker for charity. Her co-stars included The Bachelor's Andrew Firestone, Survivor's Johnny Fairplay, and several others.

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The poker series ran as a celebrity game show for five seasons. As its title suggested, all contestants were celebrities playing a no-limit Texas hold'em poker tournament mainly for philanthropic goals.

7 Dante's Cove - Reichen Lehmkuhl

Reichen Lehmkuhl was an officer in the U.S. Air Force when he joined The Amazing Race 4 and emerged as the winner. Since then, he has appeared in the modern fantasy soap opera Dante's Cove, in which he played the role of Trevor. The character was introduced in the show's third season and served as a possible love interest for the recurring character Adam.

Dante's Cove usually dealt with supernatural themes, combining them with the usual tropes of romantic melodrama. The basic premise revolved around two men who were compelled to fight dark forces from the 19th century to stay together.

6 Big Brother - Alison Irwin

Alison Irwin finished in 10th place on The Amazing Race 5 but, before her time on the show, she had already earned fame as a popular Big Brother contestant. Irwin appeared in two seasons of that reality TV series. As in other Big Brother seasons, contestants were offered several tasks to do while being enclosed within the Big Brother house.

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Irwin's stint at Big Brother began with 2003's Big Brother 4. With Jun Song being crowned as the winner, Irwin was the runner-up. In 2006, she appeared in the show's All Stars edition. However, she wasn't as lucky the second time around, becoming the first contestant to be eliminated from the house that season.

5 The New Adventures Of Robin Hood - Christie Lee Woods

The outlaws of Sherwood Forest have been featured in several Robin Hood movies and shows. One example would be The New Adventures of Robin Hood, which also sought to add fantasy elements in the Robin Hood mythos. While Matthew Porretta played the titular character, future The Amazing Race alumna Christie Lee Woods played the sorceress Rowena.

A model and actress, Christie Lee Woods competed in The Amazing Race 5 with her boyfriend Colin Guinn. The pair placed second.

4 The Greatest - Chip McAllister

In 2005, married couple Chip and Kim McAllister emerged as the winners of The Amazing Race 5. Before his stint on the show, Chip McAllister's acting credits included the short-lived sitcom Better Days and the sports drama The Greatest.

The latter was a biopic of the decorated athlete Muhammad Ali, with the boxer playing himself. Aged 20 at the time of the film's production, Chip McAllister played a younger version of Ali for the film's opening scenes. The Greatest focused on the ups and downs of Ali's career, building up to the famous Rumble in the Jungle fight that won him back the heavyweight crown.

3 The Big Bang Theory - Brian Thomas Smith

Brian Thomas Smith appeared on The Amazing Race 7 only to be eliminated after a car accident injured his cameraman. Later, in 2010, Smith joined The Big Bang Theory as the recurring character Zack Johnson. A phenomenal success, the sitcom mostly dealt with the everyday misadventures of bumbling geeks who share an apartment.

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Smith played Zack Johnson for nine seasons until the series finale in 2019. After being introduced as the secondary protagonist Penny's ex-boyfriend, he evolved as a dim-witted but adorable character on the show.

2 Survivor - Rob And Amber Mariano

The CBS reality TV competition Survivor finds contestants marooned in remote locations, testing their survival (and social) skills to the fullest. Also known as "Boston Rob" on Survivor, Rob Mariano first joined the franchise on Survivor: Marquesas, placing 10th. However, Mariano's popularity was such that he went on to appear in five other seasons including All Stars and Heroes vs. Villains. It was on the All Stars season that Rob met Amber Brkich, who had competed in Survivor: The Australian Outback. The two sparked a romance during their time on All Stars and got engaged during that season's reunion.

As for The Amazing Race, the couple initially appeared in the seventh season before their marriage. Emerging as the runner-up team, they returned as a married couple in The Amazing Race 11.

1 Enlightened - Mike White

Mike White is another Amazing Race contestant who has also appeared on Survivor. However, reality television isn't his claim to fame as he's also an accomplished actor, writer, and director. One of his popular TV credits includes the HBO comedy-drama Enlightened, which White created and wrote.

The series starred Laura Dern in one of her most memorable roles as an executive going through a personal crisis. In addition to creating and writing the acclaimed series, Mike White himself co-starred in the supporting cast as Tyler, one of Dern's co-workers.

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