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The Arrowverse Is Doing For Ryan Choi What Zack Snyder Couldn't In The DCEU

The Arrowverse is doing for Ryan Choi what Zack Snyder couldn’t in the DC Extended Universe. It’s been confirmed that Osric Chau is reprising the role of Ryan Choi for the five-part crossover “Armageddon,” which is taking place over on The Flash beginning November 16. The same character (played by Ryan Zheng) appeared in Zack Snyder’s Justice League when it debuted on HBO Max in March, but his role in the film was limited. 

First introduced in the Arrowverse during the Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover, Ryan Choi, a scientist and physics professor, was recruited to help the other superheroes fight the Anti-Monitor as the Paragon of Humanity. As such, Ryan was integral in saving the world and rebooting the multiverse post-Crisis. Unfortunately, Ryan’s role was much smaller in Snyder’s Justice League. He played a S.T.A.R. Labs scientist and assisted Cyborg’s dad, Dr. Silas Stone, with the Mother Box. He was later promoted to the director of nanotechnology, and it was a tease for the potential his character had, one that alluded to his future as a superhero, but will no longer come to fruition.

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The full extent of Ryan Choi’s role in the film was never fully realized because Snyder’s DCEU plans — which once included Justice League 2 and Justice League 3 and a pitch for a solo movie about The Atom — were ultimately scrapped. The character appeared in only a few scenes that gave him little to do, with the film barely scratching the surface of Ryan’s backstory and characteristics. With such a small role in Justice League, Ryan was barely a blip on the radar amidst all that was going on. In the Arrowverse, however, Ryan is more of a developed character. He has a wife and a daughter, with the audience learning about what he does for a living. His work in sub-atomic density manipulation is also crucial, with the Arrowverse hinting at his eventual transformation into The Atom, a superhero who can change his size.

The Atom is currently the moniker held by Ray Palmer, who is also returning for The Flash’s five-episode crossover. It’s possible Ray could pass on that mantle to Ryan during the events of Armageddon, as Ryan is his successor in the comics. The fact that Ryan is returning to the Arrowverse after Crisis on Infinite Earths could mean that his role will be expanded and his destiny as a superhero fulfilled. Whatever story awaits Ryan in The Flash’s Armageddon storyline, the Arrowverse has been able to utilize the character in a way Snyder, unfortunately, couldn’t due to the circumstances surrounding his involvement in the DCEU

The Arrowverse’s use of Ryan Choi showcases the endless possibilities for his character. Crisis on Infinite Earths gave him a big role and his fan-favorite status cements him in the shared universe in a way that has so far not been done elsewhere. There’s so much more potential for Ryan and The Flash’s Armageddon crossover event will likely show off more of what Ryan can do, further establishing him as a memorable, and crucial, character moving forward. 

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