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The Ascent: How to Beat The Megarachnoid (Boss Guide)

The Megarachnoid is the spider-like boss players will encounter in The Ascent. All throughout the campaign of The Ascent, players will come across robots, bounty hunters, and mercenaries all looking to get their slice of the pie. With a mega-corporation filing for bankruptcy, there is now a power vacuum available that everyone wants a part of. In this title, players can team up with friends to claim their stakes in this cyberpunk world. Players will come across dangerous bosses, like Papa Feral, that will stop at nothing to bring the player down. The Megarachnoid can be difficult if players aren't properly prepared.

For starters, the Megarachnoid is a mechanical boss, meaning players will benefit from having a decently powered energy gun. These work well against plenty of the robot enemies available in the game. For a secondary weapon, selecting a gun that sets of explosives will make it easier to deal with the horde of spiders it sends out. Make sure to also enter this fight fully prepared with maximum HP and ammo. Learn to fast travel to go back and restock on any needed supplies. Players can also benefit from having fire-resistant armor sets because of the Megarachnoid's flamethrower attack. The Megarachnoid has a pretty large HP bar to dwindle down.

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This battle will take place towards the end of the Empowerment quest. Players can go with their current build, or restart and learn how to Respec character skills. There are two bigger attacks players should worry about. Here's how to deal with each of them.

  • The Flamethrower: This attack can go pretty far so try and avoid it using the Javelin Dash as often as possible. Avoid running around the boss during this attack since it can reach nearly every corner.
  • Spider Bots: The Megarachnoid will summon these to explode upon contact with the player. Players can use explosives to defeat them and should keep their distance to avoid being damaged. Although, players can also use their quick-hack ability to prevent them from hatching altogether.

With the Spider Bots hacked, players will just need to focus their attention on the Megarachnoid. Although, players can keep them active and defeat them to earn a bunch of XP. Ultimately, it's up to the player which they prefer to do. From experience, grinding XP from this boss until the strength buff is substantial enough to defeat it is great for progressing through the rest of the game. This is just one of the many threats players will encounter in The Ascent.

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The Ascent is available now on Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and PC.

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