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The Best Stellaris Mods (& How to Play Them) | Screen Rant

Like all of the Paradox Interactive games, players can spend hundreds of hours with Stellaris and still never run out of things to do. Eventually, players are going to begin to feel like even this complex game is running out of interesting things to reveal to them. Without a doubt, one of the best ways to extend the life of a game like Stellaris is to install fun mods that alter the game.

Mods are always a unique way to give an old game a boost. Those who want to play around with mods in Stellaris are also in luck, because at this time there are more 20,000 different ones to choose from. This is nowhere near as many mods as Skyrim has, but it's still a huge number. Beginning the process of modding a game can be a little bit intimidating for the inexperienced though, and it's daunting to see that many options. This guide shows players how to install mods in their game and the best ones to install.

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Mods for games can be found on various different websites, but the upside to playing Stellaris on Steam is that the player can download and install them all from within the Steam app. All the player has to do is navigate to Stellaris' page and click on the workshop tab. From there they are able to browse through all of the mods that are available at this time for the game. Each of the mods can be clicked on to get more information, and then the player can press the download button where it usually says "buy" when looking at a game on Steam. Before downloading the player should read the mod description to be sure that it will be compatible with the current version of the game that they are using.

Once players have figured out how to start installing mods, they can start grabbing any that they want. Be sure to check that none of them interact with each other poorly. Additionally, some may also require that the player has the Stellaris Nemesis DLC as well. Here are some of the best available:

Planetary Diversity

  • When players have spent a lot of time with Stellaris they may feel like they have seen all of the different planet types available over and over again. This mod fixes that issue by adding in fifty brand new world types for the player to check out. 32 of these worlds range from wet types like Tropical or Ocean planets, dry types like Desert or Dune, or cold types like Arctic or Tundra. There are also 18 rare planets as well that have many unique traits like Geothermal Worlds, which are ice planets with pockets of hot spots that contain rain forests. On top of all of this, there are special events associated with some of these planets that will add some unique gameplay opportunities.

SW Fallen Republic

  • Some of the most interesting mods that are available for Stellaris are ones that totally convert all assets and mechanics to fit a specific them. This mod gives the whole game a Star Wars feel to it and allows the player to live out their fantasy in a galaxy far far away. It features a completely lore accurate map, based on the Star Wars universe, with over 1300 stars. On top of that this adds in several other assets like forty ship types, new species, assorted empires to play as, and even brand new gameplay mechanics. Players should keep in mind that most of these features are reskins or replacements of things already in the game, but who can say no to a good Star Wars Mod?

Alphamod 3.0

  • This honestly may be the most important mod for players to download if they want more out of Stellaris. Rather than replacing assets or mechanics with new features like other mods, Alphamod 3.0 adds a ridiculous number of features onto the base game. The best way to look at this mod is as an expansion or DLC that allows for more replayability. It will add in brand new buildings, ship types, mechanics, forms of government, and more. Get this if Stellaris has begun to feel a little stale.

More Events Mod

  • This mod adds in a wealth of new events to the world, which will help give the player something to focus on as they are growing their empire. Players should keep in mind that they will be unable to earn achievements with this activated, but if a player has played Stellaris enough to need this mod then they probably have earned most achievements anyway.

Beautiful Universe 2.0

  • Stellaris is by no means an ugly game, but it is obvious that more time went into designing the mechanical aspects of the game rather than the graphical ones. This mod fixes that by making the world of Stellaris one that is incredible to look at. The normal space backgrounds become completely replaced by actual photos from space or more detailed artistic depictions of space. Players who care about the beauty of their game will want to download this one.

Amazing Space Battles

  • This is another graphical improvement to the game, but one that is sorely needed to make the Stellaris more fun to watch overall. This improves the graphics and effects related to ships and their attacks. Pretty much every single weapon in the game has received some kind of update with this mod, like lasers now being brighter and easier to track or kinetic weapons having new colors added to help players distinguish who is shooting. This mod also adds some small improvements to ships and combat to make fighting a better experience.

Machine Shipset

  • One of the more interesting ships in Stellaris is the Automated Dreadnought, but sadly there aren't really any other ships that fit this specific style. This means that the player can't just fill their fleet with these kinds of ships in the base game. This mod changes that by adding in an entirely new set of ships called Machine Ships. These all have a kind of retro cyberpunk feel to them that are a joy to look at, and ridiculously fun to use against enemies. Downloading this mod grants players access to a new ship from every single class of ship, new Machine Megastructures, and even a new city set based on this style.

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Stellaris can be played on Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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