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The Best Tank Builds in New World | Screen Rant

New World is an upcoming MMO from Amazon Games. Amazon's foray in the genre takes players to the mysterious island of Aeternum.  The game has three factions, The Marauders, The Syndicate, and The Covenant. New Worlds also has dungeons, crafting, exploration, PvP, and all kinds of new twists on various MMO systems. Unfortunately, the game has recently been delayed until late September, and an FPS issue in the beta of New Worlds, destroyed some GeForce RTX 3090 cards. Even though New World looks to mix things up in the MMO catagory, players can still choose to tailor their characters toward tanking, healing, and DPS.

New World is an MMO that does away with the class system, in the sense that players do not select a race or specialization at the beginning of character creation. New World, instead, ties progression to weapons, and character levels, and stat allocation. This MMO will release with plenty of group combat features and so team play will definitely be rewarded. One of the hallmarks of leadership and dependability in the MMO genre is the role of the tank. Tanking in New World largely centers around the 300 constitution sword and board builds.

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Tanks in New World world will want to use one-handed swords, and a shield in their offhand. Invest heavily in constitution and strength in terms of stat priority. Character progression comes from leveling up through questing, crafting, gathering, and skill points will correlate to each activity. Classic tank builds will always want to prioritize taking damage, as they are the ones up on the front lines.

In the "Sword and Shield" section of the character screen, assign skill points in the "Defender" tree. Skills like Defiant Stance and Shield Rush should be taken. One of the best passives in the Defender tree is called Defensive Formation. The passive grants 30% damage reduction to all allies within 2 meters. Damage reduction works well against bosses in New World, and is the staple of a solid tank build.

There are also certain combinations that can be used for a better tank build in New World. When Shield Rush is talented into Improved Rush, it applies a debuff called Weaken, which reduced the attack power of the enemy. At the moment, constructing a tanking character, even though this build does not require a specific class, in this fashion will allow players to successfully navigate dungeons and PvP in New World.

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New World releases on PC Tuesday, September 28, 2021.

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