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The Boys: 10 Things Fans Hate About Billy Butcher (According To Reddit)

Billy Butcher's decision to recruit like-minded citizens and go after The Seven has led to an intriguing string of events in the Amazon Prime series The BoysAs the head of a group meant to take down corrupt superheroes, Butcher is supposed to draw adoration and admiration from everyone. On the contrary, he has been criticized all too often.

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Butcher is sometimes hated because he has an attitude problem. His meanness should only be directed to the immoral army of Supes from Vought International but it tends to sip into his own crew and family. The manner in which the character has been written has been considered unsatisfactory by some fans too.

10 He Is In Denial

According to Redditor risamaine, Butcher keeps lying to himself that his goal is to take down The Seven (specifically Homelander) but that's not his true goal. He is only doing this because he wants to get revenge for Becca. And the fact that he recruits other people and pushes them to make him achieve this mission is unimpressive.

The Redditor has a point because it's highly unlikely that Billy would be doing this if he hadn't been aggrieved by Homelander. It's important to also note that he isn't the only aggrieved party. Other members of The Boys also have legitimate reasons to hunt down The Seven, so they are definitely not being used. Butcher simply found people with the same goal as him.

9 Lack Of Remorse

A couple of fans have noted that Butcher is rarely remorseful about the negative consequences of the things he does. FreneticPenguin points out that even when Mallory's grandchild gets killed after Butcher pushes Lamplighter, he isn't apologetic about it.

This is but another example of why Butcher is an anti-villain. He does plenty of bad things but believes that are justified because if The Seven are defeated, it'll all be worth it. As a war veteran, Butcher also doesn't see death as a big deal. Add his no-nonsense trait to the equation and it makes sense why he would have little remorse.

8 His Blanket Hatred For All Supes

To some, it's odd that Butcher has a problem with all Supes yet it's only Homelander that did him wrong. Logically, he should only be going after the leader of The Seven. This is an opinion shared by a couple of Redditors, most notably txlario.

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Butcher mirrors gang leaders who wipe out their rivals' entire families. He is even bothered by Hughie's relationship with Starlight, yet she is one of the nicest Supes around. His disposal of Translucent is necessary since the Supe is dangerous but Mesmer's qualifies as one of the worst things Billy Butcher has done in The Boys.

7 He Cares More About His Adventures Than His Family

Even after finding out that his wife Becca isn't really dead, Butcher doesn't cool off on his vendetta against Homelander. He goes further by asking Becca to get rid of Ryan, something gizmondo finds shocking.

Butcher's decisions while dealing with Becca and Ryan might come off as mean but they aren't exactly illogical. Someone still has to deal with The Seven and Butcher is the only one with the drive to see the mission to the end. Ryan is also Homelander's baby, so Butcher isn't wrong for wanting nothing to do with him.

6 That He's The Lead Protagonist

According to askmenextyearifimok, Butcher doesn't deserve to be the lead protagonist because he isn't really the mastermind of everything. Neither does he have enough motivation to go after The Seven. According to them, Hughie is more deserving because he has saved the day a couple of times and also saw his first girlfriend die at the hands of a Supe.

The suggestion makes sense since Hughie has done a lot more. It's him that got information from Ezekiel. It's also him and Starlight that stepped up when Butcher backed out towards the end of the first season. In addition to that, Hughie needs to see The Seven fall not just for revenge purposes but so that his girlfriend Starlight stays safe. Most importantly, Hughie is genuinely a good person compared to Billy Butcher.

5 That Baby Incident

At the end of Season 1, Butcher shows up to kill Stillwell. Instead, Homelander does it himself to prove that she is nothing to him. Billy then decides to blow up the whole place, despite a baby being inside. This, according to Redditor Kill_My_Doppleganger is unforgivable.

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It's indeed strange for Butcher to not care about saving the baby despite being one of the good guys. However, he has never been known to care about collateral damage when it comes to getting the job. Butcher figures that the baby would be an acceptable loss if Homelander dies too. Sadly, it's the baby that dies, and Homelander escapes.

4 He Isn't That Much Of An Action Hero

Considering the kind of people he is up against, Redditor InsertNameHere1337 wishes Butcher would fight and get violent a lot more than he does. The conclusion is that he is a bit more relaxed.

While this is the case in the first season, Billy Butcher brings some of the best action movie tropes from the '90s with him in the second season. More action scenes from Butcher, and The Boys in general, would be a good thing since they'll add to the overall entertainment value of the show.

3 Karl Urban's Acting

Karl Urban might have been around for a long time but not everyone is a fan of his performances, especially in The Boys. Redditor Atethelastfrenchfry feels that Urban takes the tough guy act too far.

Urban has only won one award in his entire acting career, despite appearing in over 50 movies and TV shows. However, there are hundreds of other TV actors who don't have accolades to their names. He hasn't had the unfortunate honor of being granted Razzies either so, it would be okay to let Urban continue being Butcher.

2 Similarities With  Jack Sparrow

A few Redditors have noted plenty of similarities between Billy Butcher and Jack Sparrow. Apparently, they both point while speaking, try to act sarcastic, wear a fake smile, go on rants, and have a loyal group that dances to their tune. Mysterious-Ad-9030 and Chloedeschanel even describe Butcher as a knock-off Jack Sparrow.

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TV show writers and creators are normally inspired by many things hence it wouldn't be surprising if Jack Sparrow was indeed the inspiration for the screen version of Billy Butcher. The similarities aside, there are enough differences to make both characters distinguishable. Jack Sparrow is quite a cool character too.

1 His Accent

Redditor Leard notes that even though Billy Butcher is supposed to be from Britain, his accent isn't convincing enough. In fact, he sounds more like someone from Australia or New Zealand.

Since Karl Urban is from New Zealand, it makes sense that his accent would slip through. Viewers who aren't from England are unlikely to notice this too. That it's not just a problem specific to this series makes it easy to let go. Among the unpopular Reddit opinions about Jax Teller is that he doesn't sound American too.

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