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The Most Dangerous Locations In The MCU, Ranked | ScreenRant

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has lived up to its name and has expanded to include the Multiverse. With far-reaching worlds and realms also featured, the series contains incredible places to behold that the characters have ventured to. The most dangerous places have been so terrifying that most that have entered them haven’t or only barely escaped.

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Movies like Doctor Strange, Avengers: Infinity War, Guardians of the Galaxy, among others, have presented these places to cosmic lengths. Other times, the locations are dangerous due to the villainous characters that can be found there, with powerful heroes like Thor and Doctor Strange also being largely powerless or being forced to flee.

10 Titan

The homeworld of Thanos, Titan was once a peaceful place where an advanced species existed. However, overpopulation ended up causing many wars and the planet ended up being inhabitable, to the point where it was left eight degrees off its axis. 

Anyone who finds themselves on Titan will be left in a barren, desolate world where no life exists. There’s no hope of gathering food or resources, and Thanos’ act of shattering its moon has meant that the atmosphere is even more hostile on the planet now.

9 Sakaar

Although the Grandmaster is considered among the top villains in MCU’s Phase Three, he’s responsible for turning Sakaar into a hellish place to be. Anybody other than those in favor with the Grandmaster is turned into slaves who are either forced to fight to the death in gladiatorial games or have to spend their lives trapped in the dungeons.

Sakaar doesn’t have natural vegetation either, meaning those who do escape the Grandmaster’s enslavement have no choice but to survive on scraps. The planet itself is filled with garbage flung from different worlds through wormholes and anyone who tries to escape is met with execution by the Grandmaster.

8 Scarlet Witch's Westview

What is usually a normal town was turned into a different reality where every inhabitant was mind-controlled and forced to live in a TV show. This was a result of MCU’s Scarlet Witch losing control of her powers, as she trapped everyone in Westview under her thrall.

No one who came near the hex was safe and those who fell under it were turned into Scarlet Witch’s puppets as well. The presence of another powerful witch in Agatha Harkness doubled the danger around the town, and it was only after Scarlet Witch decided to leave that Westview returned to normal.

7 Vormir

A remote, barren planet hidden in the center of Celestial existence, Vormir is usually the final resting place for at least one person that visits it. This is because of the necessary sacrifice for the Soul Stone that rests in the planet’s center.

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There’s nothing else in sight for visitors other than the sacrificial cliff, as the planet consists of endless deserts and shallow pools of water. Those that find themselves in Vormir generally arrive with the intention to claim the Soul Stone, leading to a sacrifice that leaves the deceased person’s soul trapped there for eternity with no hope of bringing them back.

6 Ego's Planet

The living planet created a human avatar for himself to travel to different worlds and lure his targets to himself. Here, Ego proceeded to kill anyone who wasn’t useful to him, with their remains littered within the surface beneath the planet.

As Ego controlled everything in the environment since it was part of him, there was nowhere to run for his prey and only the Guardians’ combined efforts allowed them to kill Ego by targeting his heart.

5 The Sanctuary

The Sanctuary can be seen as the equivalent to DCEU’s most dangerous location of Apokolips, where Darkseid had his headquarters. In the MCU, the Sanctuary acted as the lair of the Mad Titan Thanos, with nobody allowed there other than those he summoned.

Failure meant that Thanos would subject his victims to torture so severe that they would crave death. Loki’s fall into the Sanctuary led to him becoming Thanos’ underling under threat of death. The Mad Titan’s own children were afraid to step foot in their father’s lair, as no good ever came from venturing into this place.

4 The Void

Located at the end of time, the Void is an open world that consists of nothing but elements discarded by the Time Variance Authority. Making things even more hostile is the presence of the Loki variants, who wage their own war and have no qualms with killing anyone for their benefit.

The most terrifying aspect of the Void has to do with it being under the guardianship of Alioth, an entity that consumes anything it can find. There is no escape from the Void other than through the technology of the TVA, with its inhabitants cursed to hide from Alioth perpetually until they’re found.

3 Muspelheim

The most menacing of the Nine Realms, Muspelheim holds the Fire Demons who were under the command of their lord Surtur. The environment is entirely composed of volcanic lava and fire, with only powerful beings like Asgardians capable of surviving the atmosphere.

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Those caught by Surtur are killed by way of capture, with their bones left to crumble. The Fire Demons are accompanied by even more terrifying creatures like Fire Dragons, while Surtur's power was such that he was invulnerable while at full strength.

2 Quantum Realm

Only accessible either through magic or an invention such as Pym Particles, the Quantum Realm is a devastating environment where space and time are irrelevant. Those trapped inside have no option but to float around endlessly, praying to be saved or else remain there for eternity.

As the Quantum Realm exists outside the normal universe, even extremely powerful things like the Infinity Stones don’t work there. With radiation in abundance everywhere in this dimension, no one can survive without protecting themselves through advanced suits or magical means.

1 Dark Dimension

A place that extends beyond time, science, and pretty much all the natural logic of the universe, the Dark Dimension is a realm where unlimited energy is stored. It contains perhaps the most powerful beings of the MCU in the Spirit of Vengeance and Dormammu, with even a fraction of power extracted from the Dark Dimension giving abilities like immortality to its users.

As Dormammu rules over the dimension, his level of magic is impossible to comprehend and he can effectively do whatever he wants here. The extended nature of the realm includes a dark world known as Hell that consumes anyone who dares come near.

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