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The Mysterious Benedict Society: The 10 Best Characters

The characters in the Disney+ series The Mysterious Benedict Society are all incredibly intelligent and quirky. The little details in the series, such as Kate carrying a bucket around instead of a backpack or Martina's deep love for tetherball, make all of the characters more than just the typical smart kids.

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However, what makes some of the characters the best is just where the story takes them. Not only do fans see friendships between the children and adults grow but they also see each and every single person emotionally develop too. The arcs are one of the reasons why the audience loves them so much.

10 Mr. Benedict

While his name might be in the title of this Disney Plus series, Mr. Benedict doesn't appear right away. Instead, the kids who eventually make up his society appear first. It gives him an air of mystery, but the man is really the most gentle of geniuses.

He might live in relative seclusion, but he puts the rest of the world first. Mr. Benedict uses his massive intellect to uncover a conspiracy instead of making a profit. He also devises some interesting tests to find a few kids to help him stop the effort to take over the world. It's clear that he cares for the children and doesn't want to put them in danger, but he sees no other choice. While fans might have been put off by him initially putting the kids in danger, his decision to ultimately join them in taking down the villain that endears him to the audience.

9 Reynie

Much of the first season is told from Reynie's point of view. He's arguably the smartest of The Mysterious Benedict Society as his ability to see the logic in their problems has got them out of some dangerous situations. He also grows and recognizes how each person around him is important.

The reason why Reynie is considered the leader of the group is because he knows how to instill a belief in his friends. He's able to see that Constance could be a key asset and ally in their group and makes her see her self-worth. Reynie also encourages Kate to play to her strengths, and for Sticky to help her when he can't. Fans admire this trait the most because his loyalty and compassionate nature will certainly make him the heart of the group.

8 Miss Perumal

Miss Perumal joins the ranks of some of the best fictional teachers in television with her role. She doesn't appear in the series as much as the other main characters, but she certainly makes an impression on fans, as her compassion for Reynie makes them love her.

Miss Perumal is Reynie's teacher, or more accurately, his tutor, before she finds a place for him with Mr. Benedict. She so badly wants him to have a better life that she encourages him to apply for a spot at a prestigious school, but she also worries so much about him after the fact that she follows a seemingly impossible trail of clues to track him down. Miss Perumal is truly great and could potentially become a role model for all.

7 Rhonda

Rhonda is fully committed to helping Mr. Benedict stop The Emergency, but like most of his allies, she's a bit mysterious. The audience doesn't learn much about her background or how she ends up with the group, but they do see just how capable she is and how much she cares about others.

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What's most interesting about Rhonda is that she doesn't stick to the rules imposed by herself and the rest of Mr. Benedict's team as they're hiding out in the woods. She returns to town on her own to graffiti over signs about The Emergency, trying to lighten the mood for the population bogged down by the fabricated event. She knows it could put her and the team in danger - and she knows she's not supposed to do it - but she cares more about everyone else than her own safety. That rebelliousness makes her stand out from the other characters, making fans want to learn more.

6 Number 2

Her name comes from the term for a sidekick or second in command to a hero, but Number 2 goes above and beyond the role of a traditional TV sidekick. There's seemingly nothing she can't do.

Not only does she fight like a well-oiled machine, but she makes for a convincing test proctor when trying to find children with intelligence and empathy. She's also unflinchingly loyal to Mr. Benedict. The audience might not know what drew her to him, but can't help but be impressed by her constant ability to ground him or whip him up a gourmet meal. Fans hope to see more of her in the next season.

5 Sticky

Sticky might be seen as the most intelligent of the kids at the center of the story. That's largely because he excels in several academic areas thanks to his photographic memory. However, Sticky also has intense anxiety due to the pressure placed on him to perform - which is arguably what makes him the most relatable to fans.

When he becomes a Messenger, some of that anxiety is finally lifted for him. While it can put him at odds with his friends (and the audience), the audience can understand why he is feeling free. Sticky just wants to not feel so pressured by everyone in his life. Watching him learn how to speak up for himself and try to relax is a rewarding arc for the audience.

4 Milligan

For much of the first season, Milligan is the biggest mystery. He has no memory of his past, but he has so many impressive skills. Mr. Benedict gives him a home, and, as a result, he does all manner of odd jobs for the man.

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He's a good fighter and mechanically inclined, frequently fixing things and unraveling puzzles. He also pulls out impressive bits of dialogue and vocabulary with no prompting. With the revelation that Milligan is Kate's long-lost father, audiences are curious to know more about him.

3 Martina

When Martina first appears in the series, it seems like she's going to fall into the typical teen series mean girl trope as she intimidates her classmates into allowing her to be the only one to answer a question. Martina wants to be the best. She loves to learn, she's incredibly competitive in tetherball, and she understands that not many of her peers actually like her.

However, Martina proves that, underneath her desire to win and be the best, she is also a truly loyal friend. She comes through for Kate when Kate needs her most, despite Kate accidentally making Martina a scapegoat for her rule-breaking. Most of the audience would agree that she deserves her own shot at being a member of the Mysterious Benedict Society.

2 Kate

Unlike her peers, Kate isn't book-smart. She's more of a person of action. However, what makes Kate so great in the show isn't just her creative thinking, but how much she grows.

Kate is someone who relies on herself and her bucket - no one else. She has to learn to trust Constance, Reynie, and Sticky to back her up. Her growing friendships with both Constance and Martina, especially, are highlights in the first season and make fans want to watch.

1 Constance

Constance is a born contrarian. She can argue with anyone about anything, and it's highly entertaining. Also entertaining is her being incredibly blunt mannerisms. Constance doesn't sugar coat her dislike of something, and that can put her at odds with the society members.

Constance is also the only member of the group to essentially have a superpower. She might not understand it yet, but she does have some sort of psychic ability, able to completely refute the Whisperer with just her mind (a feat no one else manages). She's certainly a character to watch in potential future seasons. Fans want to see where she'll go next.

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