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The Office: 10 Character Pairings With The Best On-Screen Chemistry

The workers of Dunder Mifflin don't always get along on The Office, but at the end of the day, there's a lot of love between the characters. The chemistry between certain pairings only grows over the seasons, and the best part is that the chemistry brews between friends and coworkers, not just those in a romantic relationship.

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Whether these coworkers were romantically involved, close friends, or even enemies, the chemistry on-screen was felt off-screen by viewers. By working in a tight space, Dunder Mifflin Scranton had no choice but to form bonds while working side by side.

10 Michael & Toby

Michael and Toby were mortal enemies and rarely got along. Toby wouldn't have minded being friends with Michael, but Michael would never let that happen because of his job in human resources.

Despite their differences, however, fans on Reddit were quick to point out the amazing chemistry between Steve Carell (Michael) and Paul Liberstein (Toby). Even Michael's "I hate Toby" jabs were filled with tense chemistry. It was because of their chemistry that their characters were so magnetic.

9 Andy & Erin (Before The Disasterous Boat Trip)

Andy had a crush on Erin as soon as she started working at Dunder Mifflin. The crush appeared to be mutual but the two focused on a friendship before merging into a romantic relationship. Their scenes as friends were some of the sweetest in the series, because of how much they cared for each other.

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Their chemistry grew when they started dating but it sadly faded the second Andy left for a three-month boat cruise. They became distant by the time Andy came back, causing the pair to break up. However, before they crumbled, their chemistry was astounding.

8 Dwight & Jim

In a lot of ways, Dwight and Jim were best friends without realizing it. They loathed each other at times but they were also incredibly protective of each other. Jim even saved Dwight from being fired when he was in Tallahassee working on a new project.

As the coworkers, friends, and enemies, these two were connected with them realizing it. Dwight even had best friend moments with Pam, forcing Jim to come around to Dwight's erratic behavior from time to time.

7 Kelly & Erin

Kelly and Erin had some incredible underrated scenes together that didn't always make the show. The friends have a few webisodes for The Office that prove how close the two were. With Erin growing up in the foster care system, Kelly was the sister that Erin never had.

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The two were similar in age and Kelly coached Erin in a variety of things. And while viewers didn't see their friendship blossom fully, the chemistry between them was noticeable.

6 Ryan & Kelly

Kelly and Ryan had some of the best forms of chemistry on The Office. Sure, some of their behavior made fans cringe but their feelings for each other were hard to contain.

In fact, it was rarely a moment where these two weren't kissing in the back of the room or stuck to each other's side. Even when the two weren't dating the connection between them always brought them back to each other.

5 Jim & Pam

The chemistry between Jim and Pam was felt before viewers found out she was engaged to another man. It seemed criminal that Pam could be in love with someone else when the chemistry between her and Jim was so strong.

Eventually, Jim and Pam took the plunge and became a couple, where their chemistry only grew. The moment Jim proposed to Pam was one of their best episodes. The duo had come so far from where they started in season 1.

4 Michael & Holly

Michael thought he had chemistry with Jan but it was strictly physical. On an intellectual and intimate level, the two were never right for each other. He also had chemistry with Donna, but none even came close to Holly. Because of their similar personalities, sense of humor, and interests, Michael and Holly had unbelievable chemistry.

One of the most important milestones in their relationship was when Holly searched for Michael when he was lost. It proved their chemistry was strong enough to find each other without the use of maps or technology.

3 Michael & Erin

It took Michael some time to get used to Erin as his secretary after Pam was promoted to a salesperson, but once he did, the pair's chemistry slowly increased. Erin viewed Michael as a father figure, which confused Michael at first.

But once he realized where Erin was coming from, Michael lightened to and trusted Erin more. Fans love watching their scenes over and over again as their chemistry grew because, in a lot of ways, they had similar personalities and interests.

2 Dwight & Isabelle

As Pam's cousin, Isabelle wasn't in a lot of scenes but when she was, she was with Dwight. The two hit it off at Pam and Jim's wedding and had a one-night stand.

Their chemistry was off-the-charts and it seemed like Dwight kicked Angela to the curb after a night with Isabelle. Despite their chemistry, however, Dwight and Isabelle didn't last. But their connection was vibrant.

1 David Wallace & Jim

David Wallace wasn't just a great CEO, he was a great friend. With him working in the corporate offices, he wasn't around the Scranton branch a lot, but his chemistry with both Jim and Michael was realized when he was.

The bond between him and Jim started the night they had cocktails at his house and the two had a friendly game of basketball. Their friendship was even more apparent when Jim interviewed for a job at the corporate offices. If Jim did get the job at corporate, he and David would have become instant best friends because of their connection.

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