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The Suicide Squad: The 10 Best Characters, Ranked | ScreenRant

Content Warning: This article contains spoilers for The Suicide Squad.

Fitting with James Gunn's style, The Suicide Squad features some of the most bizarre characters in the DC universe. Ranging from the obscure and powerful to the completely useless, leading to a unique comic book movie unlike any other in the past.

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With over twenty characters across the film, James Gunn manages to make everyone stand out in their own way. Of course, some characters are bound to be better than others. This is usually because they have either the best character arc, a memorable personality, show-stealing scenes, or simply being a badass for one scene.

10 Captain Boomerang

Though he does not have a large role, fans appreciated seeing Jai Courtney return as Captain Boomerang. For some, he was a show-stealer in the 2016 Suicide Squad so seeing him return with deadlier boomerangs and an upgraded outfit was appreciated.

They also loved how he had teased the newest recruits before joking around with Harley as they headed towards their first mission. Unlike many others in his group, he's actually one of the more competent members due to his deadly combat skills and tactics. He probably would survived the beach assault too if he didn't get caught in the crossfire of the helicopter crash.

9 Amanda Waller

One of the best performances that came from the Suicide Squad was Viola Davis' portrayal as the villainous Amanda Waller. Fans were pleased to see her return in The Suicide Squad, proving to be as cold and heartless as ever. In many ways, Amanda Waller is as much of a villain as the ones she sends Task Force X after.

In The Suicide Squad, Waller is given an even more antagonistic role as she's willing to cross personal boundaries to get what she wants. She threatens to have a child tried as an adult and willingly turns her back on the residents in Corto Maltese when they are dying and under attack. Viola's performance gives Waller an imposing presence every time she's on-screen; she doesn't even blink when Bloodsport threatens to kill her.

8 Starro The Conquerer

In the comics, Starro The Conquerer is depicted as an alien menace who fought the Justice League. Portrayed by James Gunn, Starro The Conquerer is depicted as a tragic villain; it was just simple alien floating amongst the stars until the government and The Thinker captured and experimented on him.

With the ability to send out parasites that turn victims into extensions of himself, Starro unleashes his rage by destroying Corto Maltese and assimilating the population. Not only does Starro provide ridiculous yet fitting monster action into the film but a dark yet sympathetic origin that makes it difficult to hate him.

7 Rick Flag

Though he was far from hated, Rick Flag was one of the less-loved characters of the first film due to his lack of personality and felt like an exposition machine. In The Suicide Squad, James Gunn gave Rick Flag an upgrade: not only is he more likable but he's believable as a leader of Task Force X.

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Joel Kinnaman gets to flex his comedic muscles a bit more and give Rick Flag a more idealistic personality. Rick Flag also gets to show off more skill this time around, managing to keep up with all the mercenaries and metahumans of the Squad.

6 Peacemaker

Played by John Cena, Peacemaker is a military soldier with a love for death and destruction. Peacemaker was seen to be an extremely childish and immature super-soldier that blindly follows his orders. At the same time, his obnoxious behavior combined with his hyper-violent actions and plenty of hilarious lines makes it hard to not enjoy his presence.

This is likely why Peacemaker is getting his own spin-off series on HBO Max starring Cena and is made by James Gunn himself. Peacemaker also steals the film by delivering some of the wildest and brutal kills of The Suicide Squad.

5 King Shark

On the surface, Nanaue, also known as King Shark, is a dumb oaf with a lot of strength and a big stomach. He's there to kill whatever's in his path, particularly by eating it. He has plenty of funny moments since he is like a three-year-old in a shark man's body. Still, if he gets angry, he will go beast mode and slaughter anyone in his way.

However, there is more to Nanaue than comedy and action. Throughout, he's shown to be a very lonely creature who just wants a friend. He's always wanting to join them on whatever objective, he makes trinkets for some and is happy to get hugs. It's difficult for anyone to not love King Shark by the end.

4 Harley Quinn

This marks Margot Robbie's third appearance as Harley Quinn in the DC Extended Universe. In The Suicide Squad, fans have praised that Margot Robbie is at her best so far. She retains the charisma that makes Harley so easy to love while backing it up with her own stunts. Despite being human, Harley shows some of the best abilities of the Suicide Squad, mixing acrobatics, dancing, and martial arts.

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Of course, Harley also brings lots of laughs while being a badass anti-hero. The Suicide Squad also continues Harley's development, showing she's more confident after severing ties with the Joker in Harley Quinn: Birds Of Prey. She's quicker to kill a villain, especially the ones that plan to harm innocent people to get their way thus showing a more heroic side of Harley.

3 Polka-Dot Man

In a million years, nobody expected to walk out of a movie and love a person named Polka-Dot Man. However, James Gunn with his bizarre yet brilliant mind managed to pull it off with David Dastmalchian giving a memorable performance.

Rather than a one-trick pony, Polka-Dot Man was given a darker and tragic origin story, but it leads to him being one of the funniest characters in The Suicide Squad. He also features the strongest metahuman abilities of the Squad with his polka-dots being capable of melting through anything they touch.

2 Ratcatcher II

An original character created by James Gunn, Ratcatcher II is an adorable character who is the farthest thing from a villain in the Squad. Daniela Melchior's Ratcatcher is in many ways the heart and soul of the movie. She even has a few of the best quotes from The Suicide Squad.

However, when she needs to unleash and fight, her ability to control millions of rats ends up making her as powerful as Polka-Dot Man in some sequences. On top of it all, she has wonderful chemistry with nearly all of the Squad including a surrogate father/daughter relationship with Bloodsport.

1 Bloodsport

Bloodsport AKA Robert Dubois is the new leader of the Squad played by Idris Elba. James Gunn took a mostly unknown Superman villain from the comics and revamped him completely. He wears advanced armor with each plating acting as a gadget that transforms into a weapon for him to use.

Each weapon is dynamic and leads to every action scene with Bloodsport being unique and memorable. Robert Dubois himself is an interesting leader as he's a more flawed man and heartless mercenary who slowly evolves into a hero across the story. Like all others in a James Gunn film, Bloodsport does also provide comedy through delightfully dark chemistry with the other members.

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