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The Suicide Squad: The 10 Best Costumes, Ranked | ScreenRant

Consisting of returning characters and a plethora of new ones, James Gunn's The Suicide Squad is massive. From members of the Squad itself to the main antagonists, each character is given a unique look to fit their wacky personalities and abilities.

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In a cast this big, there are a lot of costumes to look at, even if a character is barely in the film at all. James Gunn and the costume department clearly put a lot of thought into the designs; not only are they eye-catching but some even have functional purposes in the movie as well. This is only for practical costumes so CGI characters including King Shark and Weasel do not count.

10 The Thinker

Peter Capaldi's version of The Thinker is much different than the one featured on CW's The Flash. In The Suicide Squad, he's more of a regular man with the technological implants in his cranium. However, The Suicide Squad version gets credit for replicating the look of the comics almost perfectly.

In other films, the comic book accurate design would have been too silly to pull off. However, James Gunn's style combined with Peter Capaldi's performance as an evil genius made the ridiculous design fit within The Suicide Squad.

9 Rick Flag (Yellow Shirt)

Another upgrade was given to Flag who featured a passable but rather average militaristic look in the first film. With James Gunn, Joel Kinnaman's Rick Flag ditches his soldier uniform for the yellow shirt from the comics. The shirt features an original cartoon character by James Gunn known as Ultra-Bunny.

It's a simple look but Joel Kinnaman wears it effectively, looking straight out of the comics. It also fits Flag's more idealistic and heroic persona in The Suicide Squad as well as James Gunn's vibrant comic book style.

8 T.D.K

Wearing green and orange as well as being portrayed by Nathan Fillion, people might expect this character to have the best powers of the Squad. Sadly and hilariously, no he does not: his powers are to be able to detach his arms and slightly annoy his enemies with them, hence his real name: The Detachable Kid.

At least T.D.K features a well-detailed suit that would likely work on a character with a better powerset. It's a very old-school comic book-esque design with a helmet and armor that takes the laughably bad design of Arm Fall Off Boy from the comics and revamps it to look better in live-action form.

7 Captain Boomerang

Returning from 2016's Suicide Squad, Captain Boomerang was given an upgrade. He looks less like a street punk and is given more of a specially made uniform while keeping the distinct look that Captain Boomerang is known for. He has the bomber coat, beanie hat, sideburns, and everything else needed.

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In The Suicide Squad, Boomerang is given a flashier jacket with orange accents, his uniform underneath has more armor, the boomerangs are more technologically advanced thus allowing them to slice through heads similar to a lightsaber, and he has chest holsters for his boomerangs. In every way, this design is an upgrade.

6 Peacemaker

John Cena looks absolutely ridiculous as Peacemaker but somehow pulls it off during action sequences. The chrome helmet combined with the bright red, white, and blue uniform also fit the film's satire of the United States military. Peacemaker is, in many ways, an evil Captain America who inspired the creation of The Comedian from Watchmen.

Peacemaker's obnoxious and psychotic personality fits the look, especially when given the absurdly long pistol he wields. Despite all the hilariousness about the design, there is still a lot of detail put into the suit from the patterning of the material, the armor pieces, the sculpt of the helmet, and more.

5 Harley Quinn (Gown)

Continuing her streak of great designs across all of her appearances, Margot Robbie is given two different designs in The Suicide Squad. Her second and most prominent is when she wears a red gown for the second and third acts. The gown is rather beautiful and fits her zany personality as well as her red and black pigtails.

The gown also showcases Margot Robbie's skill as Harley Quinn, since she performs acrobatic and brutal stunts and action scenes with this on. When combined with her signature weapon of The Suicide Squad, a javelin, Harley's gown design becomes a new unique but welcomed costume for the series.

4 Ratcatcher 2

At first glance, Ratcatcher 2's uniform is rather simple but on further inspection, there is a lot of details to admire. This new character wears an abundance of leather pads, high boots, pouches, and straps that all come together with a trenchcoat for a design that's almost steampunk-esque.

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Ratcatcher's gear consists of her mask which she inherited from her father, resembling the Ratcatcher mask of the comics. Along with the mask is her light, allowing her to communicate and control rats which resembles a small wand with a lightbulb, all continuing the steampunk look that gives her a distinct look.

3 Polka-Dot Man

Much to the surprise of everyone, Polka-Dot Man ended up being a praised character. Somehow James Gunn took one of the most laughable comic book villains and made him stand out. One of his best aspects was his uniform which could have easily been overall tights with multi-colored polka-dots printed upon them.

Instead, Polka-Dot Man wears a white leather World War II flight suit, similar to what the Ghostbusters wear but with rubber dots embroidered across it. The same goes for his cap and goggles, just slightly more modified to give a comic book look. This version of Polka-Dot Man also wears bracers that emit his interdimensional dots, showing some thought was put into how he uses his powers.

2 Harley Quinn (Uniform)

Harley Quinn's best design is only in the first act of The Suicide Squad. She wears a leather jacket, leather pants, goggles, utility belt, and long braided pigtails. This was the design that finally brought Harley Quinn back to her root colors of red and black which made fans rather happy.

On top of that, the design James Gunn went with is an amalgamation of several famous looks of the past. The jacket is very reminiscent of her base in Injustice 2, James Gunn himself mentioned inspiration from the Batman: Arkham games, and there are elements of her New 52 and Rebirth comic designs added. It's a very classic Harley design that still manages to be unique for the DCEU and please fans.

1 Bloodsport

Not only does the armored look combined with the xenomorph-inspired helmet give Idris Elba's Bloodsport a unique look but the armor has gadgets. Each piece of armor can be removed to transform mechanically into a firearm for him to use. From pistols to assault rifles to massive light-machine guns, all can be accessed through his armor plating.

Also on his suit are built-in slingshots that can become garrote wires, dart guns, and a piece of armor that can transform into a sword. Even Bloodsport's helmet can be stored as an armor piece on his suit. This revamps him from his rather basic design of the comics, making it believable that he is capable of putting Superman in the hospital.

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