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The Suicide Squad's Biggest Waller Fix Is How She Kills Task Force X

Warning: SPOILERS for The Suicide Squad.

The Suicide Squad not only fixed the tech Amanda Waller (Viola Davis) used to execute rebellious members of Task Force X, but it also exacted justice for Waller's worst sin in Suicide Squad 2016. In The Suicide Squad, Waller dispatched two Task Force X teams to Corto Maltese in order to erase evidence of the United States' involvement in Project Starfish and Starro the Conqueror. Despite facing a hostile army in South America, the Suicide Squad's members also have to worry about Waller, who is more than willing to murder them from the comfort of her monitor room at Belle Reve prison.

David Ayer's Suicide Squad introduced the fact that nano bombs are implanted in the necks of each supervillain "volunteered" to join Task Force X. The conditions of joining the Suicide Squad means successful completion of a mission cuts ten years off their prison sentences. But any prisoner who disobeys Waller's orders or attempts to desertion will be killed by Waller, who will detonate the nano bomb. Slipknot (Adam Beach) found this out in Suicide Squad 2016 and he was the first villain executed by Waller, who controlled the nano bombs from an app on her cell phone. Amanda Waller's killer app is one of the more ridiculous aspects of David Ayer's take on Suicide Squad; not only is it dramatically silly but many fans pointed out that Waller constantly held her phone with her fingers carelessly on the screen, which should have accidentally detonated the bombs.

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However, James Gunn's The Suicide Squad smartly replaced Waller's app with an elaborate kill box and it's a gigantic improvement over the tech in the original film. The new kill box resembles the nuclear football the President of the United States can launch nuclear weapons from. It requires a key held by Waller's aide, Emilia Harcourt (Jennifer Holland), to unlock the box and access the controls so it has proper security measures. In order to execute a member of the Suicide Squad, Waller has to flip a switch and then push a red button that detonates the designated victim's nano bomb. Waller demonstrated her new kill box on Savant (Michael Rooker), who panicked and tried to flee the Suicide Squad's massacre on the Corto Maltese beach. While Waller's app appears more 'current', the way Suicide Squad 2016 presented and used it was absurd.

The Suicide Squad's kill box is dramatically more powerful than a mere cell phone app. It lends more gravitas to the cruel act of murdering a member of Task Force X than Waller merely tapping the victim's photo on her cell phone screen. The app reduced the lives and potential deaths of the Suicide Squad at Waller's hands to a mere game. By contrast, the kill box more appropriately resembles military technology and Gunn used the kill box to create palpable tension, making Waller's killing of Savant and her later attempt to execute Bloodsport (Idris Elba), Ratcatcher 2 (Daniela Melchior), King Shark (Sylvester Stallone), and Polka Dot Man (David Dastmalchian) for desertion more impactful and more meaningful.

Thankfully, The Suicide Squad also gave Waller the comeuppance she has deserved since the 2016 movie. Rather than let her murder Task Force X, who heroically decided to stop Starro the Conqueror and save Corto Maltese, Waller's staff decided to do the right thing and turn on the director by knocking her unconscious. This was a necessary payback for how Waller ruthlessly shot and killed her entire staff in cold blood in the first Suicide Squad movie. After that, one wonders why anyone would work for Waller at all, but her subordinates in The Suicide Squad stood up to their boss before she could go too far.

Amanda Waller has always been worse than the super criminals she manipulates and she's the real villain in Gunn and Ayer's comparable Suicide Squad movies. With The Suicide Squad, James Gunn identified and corrected a couple of key issues with Waller. The Suicide Squad not only fixed Waller's absurd method of executing Task Force X but it showed that not everyone in Belle Reve is as morally bankrupt as Waller and her staff is made up of relatively decent people willing to stop the director from going too far.

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