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The Vampire Diaries: 10 Most Romantic Stefan Salvatore Quotes, Ranked

Several of the main characters fell for Stefan in The Vampire Diaries and it was easy to see why. Damon often made fun of his brother for being broody and even referred to him as "Buzzkill Bob," but Stefan had no reservations when he was around someone he loved.

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Stefan's diary entries read more like a book than an actual journal, so it's not surprising that he has a way with words. As a skilled writer, Stefan always knew how to convey his innermost thoughts, and his quotes were especially romantic because they came straight from the heart.

10 "I Get To Fight To Be The Man That You Deserve, Until The Day I Die."

Fans believe there are reasons why Stefan and Caroline weren't soulmates in The Vampire Diaries, some of which are related to their rocky start. Stefan wasn't even interested in being her friend for months, let alone anything more.

This quote showcases how far Stefan has come in regards to their relationship. He acknowledges that he has to work hard to be a man who is worthy of Caroline, and if he had survived past the series finale, he would've stayed true to his promise.

9 "I Want You To Marry Me."

It wasn't the most elaborate proposal, but it didn't need to be in order for the moment to be special. Given that the show started when Stefan and Caroline were in high school, marriage wasn't something that was on the table for any of the major couples.

But the characters had matured drastically since the pilot, and Stefan popping the question showcased how serious he was about his relationship with Caroline. Its beauty was in its simplicity, and Caroline didn't need anything extravagant to convince her to say yes.

8 "If It Were My Choice, I'd Want To Be With You Forever."

Stefan and Elena had never talked about the future because of all the implications that came along with it. Elena is maternal by nature, and it was always clear that she wanted to grow old and start a family someday. Unfortunately, this isn't possible for a vampire.

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The most romantic aspect of this sentiment is that Stefan doesn't pressure Elena into vampirism and he never has. While he makes it clear that Elena is the person he wants to be with forever, he also understands that how she feels is ultimately what matters.

7 "Elena's Warm, And She's Kind, And She's Caring, And She's Selfless...And It's Real. And Honestly, When I'm Around Her, I Completely Forget What I Am."

Stefan is so genuine when it comes to Elena that no one can question how much he adores her. Lexi is one of the few people that Stefan is honest and open with, and she was able to pick up on their connection just from the way he spoke.

There are many moments that prove Stefan and Elena were soulmates in The Vampire Diaries, and this line helps reinforce the argument. She was the only person who made Stefan feel like a human in love, rather than a monster who had to fight every day to control his nature.

6 "I Met A Girl. We Talked. It Was Epic. But Then The Sun Came Up And Reality Set In. Well, This Is Reality. Right Here."

One of Stefan's most romantic quotes was said long before he and Elena fell in love. It was exactly what Elena needed to hear to take a chance on him, and they ended up having one of the best kisses in The Vampire Diaries outside of the Salvatore boarding house.

What Stefan said wasn't just beautifully worded—it was also true. Although it felt unreal, what they had begun to form was as authentic as it gets. When the sun came up and reality set in the next morning, nothing changed.

5 "When You And I Were Together, Every Single Atom In My Body Told Me That It Was the Right Thing."

Being in love doesn't always equate to being certain. No matter how strong a relationship is, there are several factors that can cause problems, and Stefan and Elena had plenty. Because Elena didn't want to be a vampire, they would never work out long-term.

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Stefan and Elena's relationship even put people in danger, but it still wasn't enough to convince Stefan that they didn't belong together. Their love was deep and unconditional, and Stefan knew the way they felt couldn't be considered wrong.

4 "She's The Love Of My Life. I'd Go Back To Her In A Heartbeat."

It's easy to see why Stelena is such a popular ship, and that she was originally meant to end up with Stefan is one of several facts about Elena many fans don't know about in The Vampire Diaries. Stefan considered Elena the love of his life, and she was always his first choice.

Even after she fell for Damon, Stefan wouldn't hesitate to go back to the girl who broke his heart. There was nothing Elena could do that would make him not want to be with her, and watching Stefan force himself to move on was like nails on a chalkboard.

3 "I Understand If I Have To Wait For You. And I Will. I'll Wait. And When You're Ready For Me, I Will Be Ready For You."

Stefan's speech to Caroline is one of the best declarations of love in The Vampire Diaries. For a few seasons, it seemed as though Stefan would never feel anything romantic for his best friend. He was certain that their relationship was platonic and he wanted to keep it that way.

However, Stefan realizes that he fell in love with Caroline because of their friendship, and it was the perfect building block for whatever came next. Caroline had waited for him longer than anyone expected her to, and Stefan was ready to do the same in return.

2 "I Look At You And I See An Angel. I Touch Your Skin And My Entire Body Ignites. I Kiss You And I Know That I'm Falling In Love. I Am In Love With You."

Surprisingly, one of Stefan's most romantic quotes was to Katherine in 1864. He was a human with no knowledge of the supernatural, which shows that Stefan had a high capacity for love long before turning into a vampire.

His words had a strong effect on Katherine, and her love for him became the one thing that she continued to hold onto throughout the centuries. The way Stefan spoke was partly attributed to the time period, but it doesn't make his words any less intense.

1 "You've Been My Friend, My Conscience, My Sounding Board, My Sunlight When All I Saw Was Darkness. You Saved Me From Despair. You Told Me Once That I Would Fall In Love Without Even Realizing It And That's What Happened."

Caroline and Stefan's wedding was one of several full circle moments in The Vampire Diaries. Their relationship didn't come easy, and it required a lot of work for them to end up at the altar. But the two of them fought for their love and it paid off.

Stefan's vows to Caroline are easily his most romantic lines, and they sound like they were straight out of a romance book. However, they're the farthest thing from generic, as everything he says is true. Stefan was completely open about what Caroline means to him, which is what made the scene so moving.

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