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The Vampire Diaries: 10 Most Romantic Damon Salvatore Quotes, Ranked

As the original antagonist of The Vampire Diaries, Damon was the farthest thing from romantic. He thrived off of creating chaos and didn't care about anything other than himself. However, as the season went on his layers began to unravel, and Elena realized that every move Damon made was for love.

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After falling for Elena, Damon revealed who he truly was. A decent amount of fans believe there are reasons Damon didn't deserve redemption in The Vampire Diaries, but he still loved more powerfully than any character in the series. There's no shortage of romantic Damon Salvatore quotes, but some are more epic than others.

10 "When I Drag My Brother From The Edge And Deliver Him Back To You, I Want You To Remember The Things You Felt While He Was Gone."

Stefan was the most important person in Damon's life, but it didn't stop him from falling for his girlfriend. When Stefan left town with Klaus to cure Damon's werewolf bite, Damon and Elena grew closer. However, Damon didn't give up on his brother, even if it bringing him back meant reuniting Stefan and Elena for good.

He still put up a fight, and Damon made sure Elena recognized her developing feelings for him. He wanted her to know that they couldn't go back to normal and pretend like there was nothing between them once Stefan was home.

9 "I Will Always Choose You."

Damon wasn't bluffing when he told Elena he would always choose her. He consistently put her well-being over his own, and she remained his number one priority.

Everything Damon did was to make sure Elena stayed alive, and while it often made him the villain, he was willing to kill innocent people if it kept her safe. No one in the series loved anyone as intensely as Damon loved Elena, and she eventually returns his affections in equal measure.

8 "Right Here, Just Below The Rib Cage, Next To The Spine—That's Your Way To A Vampire's Heart. I'll Do Whatever It Is You Need Me To Do Elena. No One's Going To Hurt You. Especially, Not My Brother."

Damon was able to make any moment romantic, and a scene of him teasing Elena quickly turned into something else. There's a double meaning to his words when he tells Elena how to get to a vampire's heart, as she's clearly already gotten through to his.

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No matter how ridiculous or dangerous it might be, Damon makes it clear that he would do anything for her. Elena doesn't have to worry about how to take down a vampire because he would never let anyone, not even his brother, lay a hand on her.

7 "There's No World Without Her."

Because of the way their relationship played out, it's easy to forget how much Damon loved Katherine. He attempted to kill her several times in the present day, but he gave his life for her back in 1864.

Damon loved Katherine longer than he loved Elena, and he spent a century and a half trying to find a way to free her from the tomb. Damon means everything he says, and as he proved for the majority of his immortal life, he truly believed there was no world for him without Katherine.

6 "It's Okay. Because If I Had Chosen Differently I Wouldn't Have Met You. I'm So Sorry. I've Done So Many Things To Hurt You. I Know You Love Stefan. And It'll Always Be Stefan. But I Love You. You Should Know That."

On his death bed, Damon was the most vulnerable Elena had ever seen him. He didn't hold back when confessing his feelings for her, and all the walls he built came crashing down. Damon and Elena's relationship can be tracked season by season in The Vampire Diaries, and there's no doubt that he had done far too many evil things for Elena to fully love him at that point.

But Damon took responsibility for his actions and didn't ask for anything other than her forgiveness. He didn't want to die before Elena knew how much he loved her, while still accepting that she would always love Stefan.

5 "I Love You, Elena. And It's Because I Love You That I Can't Be Selfish With You. And Why You Can't Know This? Because I Don't Deserve You. But My Brother Does."

Compelling Elena to forget that he loved her was one of Damon's most selfless acts. Many fans believe there are scenes that prove Stefan and Elena were soulmates in The Vampire Diaries, as their relationship was pure and wholesome.

And Damon actually agrees with them at this moment, he only makes the confession to Elena so he can finally get it off of his chest. He chose to erase her memories so she wouldn't know that a softer side of him existed. Damon believed that Stefan was worthier of Elena's love, and he made the choice not to get in between them.

4 "[I'm] Madly In Love With You Forever! No Matter How Long That's Going To Be. And Taking The Cure Won't Change That."

It's understandable why there was so much uncertainty in relation to people's feelings and the cure to vampirism. Elena loved Stefan up until the moment she died, and she was going over Wickery Bridge because she was on her way home to tell him.

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After her transition, it only took Elena a handful of episodes to break up with Stefan for Damon, as being a vampire changed who she was. However, Damon wasn't remotely concerned about humanity affecting his feelings for Elena. He only had eyes for her, and nothing was ever going to change that.

3 "I'm Not Going To Let Someone's Idea Of Destiny Stop Me From Loving You, Or Being With You, Or Building A Future With You, Because...You Are My Life."

Delena had been through too much to throw in the towel over a prophecy, no matter how fated it was to come true. Damon made sure that Elena knew he wasn't going anywhere, and he would never stop fighting for their love.

Despite the universe always working against them, Damon refused to let go of the greatest thing that had ever happened to him. Things may have gotten tough, but he ended up building a future with Elena just like he promised.

2 "You Are By Far The Greatest Thing That's Happened To Me In My 173 Years On This Earth. The Fact That I Get To Die Knowing That I Was Loved—Not Just By Anyone—By You, Elena Gilbert. It's The Epitome Of A Fulfilled Life."

Damon's goodbye to Elena was one of the saddest moments in The Vampire Diaries. It was made worse by the fact that Elena couldn't hear anything Damon said to her and spent the entire time sobbing and begging him to come back.

His (thought to be) final words to Elena were full of love and contentment, as she had made him happier than he ever thought he could be. After living in misery for over a century and a half, Damon was at peace just knowing he was loved by her. Things never could've gotten any better than they were, and being with Elena was when he peaked.

1 "The Smallest Chance Of A Perfect Life With You Is Infinitely Better Than An Immortal One Without You. And I Know This, Elena. I Love You. And I Will Love You Until I Take My Last Breath On This Earth."

Damon Salvatore has an impressive amount of epic speeches, but the one he gave Elena when he decided to take the cure was his best by a mile. Unlike Elena, Damon loved being a vampire and enjoyed the perks of immortality. He couldn't become human just because it was what Elena wanted, but he could do it because he wanted to be with Elena.

Damon was going to be by Elena's side for the rest of his life, no matter how long or short that life may be. He made sure she knew, without a doubt, that he would love her forever, and would be happy as long as he was Elena's husband.

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