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The Vampire Diaries: 10 Reasons Why Stefan & Caroline Weren't Soulmates

Caroline had several love interests throughout The Vampire Diaries and her relationships were a major part of the series. In a surprising twist, Caroline married Stefan Salvatore, a romance that didn't seem like a possibility until the latter half of the show. Stefan turned to Caroline after his breakup with Elena, and they formed a strong friendship that many fans enjoyed.

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While the best relationships are often built on friendship, not all friends are romantically compatible. Pairing Stefan and Caroline together wasn't just viewed as detrimental to their friendship but to their characters. Steroline was a fun concept to explore, but their relationship was full of red flags that proved they weren't mean to be.

10 Stefan Only Saw Caroline As A Friend

Stefan had always made it clear that he didn't like Caroline romantically. He had never done anything to contradict this, and he told Damon flat-out that he just didn't see her in that way. Considering that Caroline reminded Stefan of his dead best friend, Lexi, his feelings made sense.

Even on the first day they met, he told Caroline the two of them would never happen. In theory, this is one of the best full-circle moments in The Vampire Diaries, but the irony doesn't hit the way it should.

9 Stefan Left Town And Ignored Her For Months

Damon was the most important person in Stefan's life, and his death obviously took a toll on him. It wasn't surprising that he left town as a form of escapism, but he didn't listen to any of Caroline's messages or even reach out to see how she was doing.

Stefan wasn't the only person who lost someone. Caroline was grieving Bonnie while trying to help Elena cope with Damon's death. Stefan not only rejected Caroline's willing shoulder to cry on, but he didn't care enough to be there for her when she needed him.

8 Stefan Wanted To Reject Her After Their First Kiss

A kiss is the turning point in any relationship that's straddling the line, and it was only natural that Stefan and Caroline see if there was something more between them. To Stefan, it confirmed that he only saw Caroline as a friend.

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He made plans to reject her, but he put the conversation on hold after her mom's death. Stefan changed his mind after witnessing Caroline sing at her mother's funeral, and it felt like his change of heart was related to her grief more than her beautiful performance.

7 Caroline Had To Pressure Stefan To Be With Her

If Caroline hadn't pushed Stefan, it's unlikely that they ever would have gotten together. The best things in life are worth fighting for, but Caroline shouldn't fight for someone who wasn't willing to fight for her. It quickly spread throughout the entire friend group that Caroline liked Stefan, and Stefan was constantly interrogated about his relationship with her.

No matter how many times he expressed that he didn't want to be with Caroline, someone would always bring the situation back up. Whether he genuinely developed feelings for Caroline or not, Stefan clearly felt pressured and guilted into their relationship.

6 Elena Was The Love Of Stefan's Life

There is an abundance of scenes that prove Stefan and Elena were soulmates. No matter which Salvatore fans wanted Elena with, it's indisputable that Stefan never loved anyone as much as he loved her. Their relationship was unlike any other, and they were the heart of the show from day one.

Elena and Caroline are separate people, so it's not abnormal that Stefan's romance with each of them was different. But viewers have seen what Stefan is like when he's in love with someone, and how he treated Caroline was nothing in comparison.

5 They Had No Romantic Chemistry

One of the biggest complaints fans have when it comes to Steroline is their lack of chemistry. There weren't any sparks between them and every scene they shared felt bland. Even Stefan's proposal to Caroline was lacking, especially considering her personality.

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Caroline loves going all out and there's no doubt that her dream proposal would be something epic. Stefan did have good intentions, but showing her the ring and genuinely asking, "Do I really need to say it?" was a mood killer. Caroline deserves someone who would move heaven and earth to make her happy, but Stefan always did the bare minimum.

4 They Hooked Up For The First Time When Their Emotions Were Off

Everything about Stefan and Caroline's relationship was a mess. It is The Vampire Diaries, so a certain level of messiness seems to be a requirement in all relationships, but this was on an entirely different level. Although he did change his mind, Caroline could tell that Stefan was planning to reject her.

She shut off her humanity following her mom's funeral and later forced Stefan to shut off his. They antagonized each other and had hate sex while their switches were flipped, which isn't a very loving way to start a relationship.

3 Caroline Didn't Cross Stefan's Mind When He Planned To Start Over Somewhere New

Stefan makes a quick return to Mystic Falls to take revenge on Enzo, not even caring about how Caroline is coping with everything that's happened. In one of the saddest moments in the series, Stefan nonchalantly tells Caroline that he's moving somewhere new and starting over.

It's clear that he didn't think of Caroline at all when making this decision, nor did he care enough to. Caroline is left in tears upon realizing how little she means to her best friend, which is made even more painful by the fact that was secretly in love with him.

2 Their Relationship Was One-Sided

Equality is everything, and if one person cares more than the other it's not going to work. Caroline put everything she had into her relationship with Stefan while he gave her nothing in return.

After becoming a vampire, Caroline turned into a strong and independent woman who wouldn't be caught dead wasting her time on someone who didn't treat her right. Caroline pining for Stefan, especially during times when he wanted nothing to do with her, wasn't the same character viewers had come to love.

1 They Were Only Together Because Klaus Left The Show

Caroline and Klaus remain one of the most popular romances in The Vampire Diaries universe, and only Damon and Elena could stand a chance against them when it comes to the fan-favorite relationship. Klaus and Caroline were both better people when they were with each other. Klaus began to show compassion, something he hadn't done for centuries, and he pushed Caroline to embrace her true self, even the parts she wasn't proud of.

Klaus and Caroline were originally supposed to end up together, but Klaus left the series to star in The Originals. If Klaus and Caroline had remained on the same show, there's no doubt that they would've ended up together. Stefan and Caroline being each other's only option wasn't a good reason for the writers to throw them together.

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