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The Vampire Diaries: Elena's Most Romantic Moments With The Salvatores, Ranked

Elena's love triangle with the Salvatores was the premise that The Vampire Diaries was built upon. Stefan and Damon both brought out different sides to Elena, and because she felt so strongly for them both, it took years for her to make a decision about who she truly wanted to spend her life with.

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Despite the supernatural threats around every corner, Elena's love life remained the core focus. Stelena and Delena had the most romantic scenes in the series due to how much time was spent developing the relationships, and some of their moments stood out more than others.

10 Stefan Catches Elena

Stefan's love for Elena was so strong that he was able to resist Klaus' compulsion in The Vampire Diaries Season 3. The only way to make Stefan a loyal servant was by turning his emotions off altogether.

However, Elena believed that nothing could truly stop Stefan from caring about her. Her faith in him was so strong that she threw herself off the bleachers, knowing that Stefan would catch her. They share an intense moment that showcases Stefan's feelings bubbling to the surface.

9 Damon Steps In As Elena's Escort

Elena admits later on that this was when she first saw Damon in a different light. A large part of why it was so romantic is because it was unexpected, and Elena didn't have time to do anything other than be in the moment.

By stepping in for Stefan, Damon proved that he had Elena's back. The looks they gave each other were so heated that it seemed as if they were having a silent conversation while they danced. By the time it was over, Elena looked like the experience had taken her breath away.

8 Stefan And Elena's First Kiss

A gesture doesn't have to be grand for it to be epic, and Stefan and Elena's first kiss is a perfect example. Their relationship was the purest one in the show, and many of their most romantic moments included times when they simply sat around and opened up to each other.

Many of the most romantic Stefan Salvatore quotes in The Vampire Diaries are to or about Elena, and his line in "The Night of the Comet," belongs at the top of the list. The immediate connection between them is hard to believe, but Stefan assures Elena that they're as real as it gets.

7 Stefan And Elena Get Back Together

Stefan and Elena were broken up for a portion of The Vampire Diaries Season 2, but it was unrelated to their love for each other. Outside forces prevented them from being together, and Elena prioritized the safety of her friends over their relationship.

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After Stefan was freed from the tomb, there was no conversation required. Stefan and Elena had been without each other for long enough, and the actors did a wonderful job of portraying the love radiating from both of them.

6 Damon And Elena Dance In Front Of The Fire

While viewers watched Damon and Elena dance with Ed Sheeran's "Kiss Me" playing in the background, Damon and Elena were actually swaying in silence. Elena admitted that she had wanted to dance with Damon at Miss Mystic Falls, so he granted her wish in front of the fireplace.

The knowledge that there was no music playing in this scene makes it even more intimate, and viewers are still disappointed that their kiss was interrupted by Stefan and Caroline's conversation about the sire bond.

5 Stefan Gives Elena Her Daylight Ring

Stefan and Elena's future remained uncertain as long as she was human, and while being a vampire was never a part of her plan, the upside was that she would get to spend forever with Stefan. It's not necessarily how things panned out, but it doesn't take away from the beauty of this moment.

The couple sat on the roof after Elena completed the transition, and Stefan gave her the daylight ring he'd asked Bonnie to make. By putting it on her finger, it felt almost like a promise, and Elena was able to witness her first sunrise as a vampire with Stefan at her side.

4 Elena Confesses Her Love To Damon

Each main character's best kiss in The Vampire Diaries doesn't even compare to the intensity of this one. For the first time in his life, Damon knew, without a doubt, that his love was returned in equal measure. Damon loves more powerfully than anyone, so it's not surprising Elena's confession resulted in such an emotional reaction.

Ian Somerhalder portrayed Damon's awe perfectly, and he cut Elena off with a kiss before she could even finish talking. The fireplace is the setting of several iconic Delena scenes, so it felt like the perfect place for them to finally call things official.

3 Damon And Elena Kiss In The Rain

Anytime a couple kisses in the rain, it automatically becomes one of their most romantic moments. Delena shippers had been campaigning for this lip-lock for years, and The Vampire Diaries granted their request in the show's sixth season.

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But it wasn't just the kiss that made it beautiful, as Elena said something to Damon that solidified their relationship. She asked Damon to promise her they would be together forever, which also showed how loving Damon has made Elena embrace immortality.

2 Stefan And Elena Kiss On The Ferris Wheel

Damon and Elena's rain kiss was a fan-favorite moment, but in terms of romance, it doesn't compare to Stefan and Elena's scene on top of the Ferris Wheel. Elena's life had been turned upside down, and all she wanted was one normal moment with her boyfriend.

What Stefan did for her was heartwarming, especially after the horrible day Elena had. It was important that they continued to live their lives and take whatever stolen moments they could, and Stefan literally swept Elena off her feet.

1 Damon Tells Elena He Wants To Take The Cure

There are many ways Elena and Damon are the most relatable couple from The Vampire Diaries, and their decision to get married and start a family is one of them. In order for Elena to get the future she'd always wanted, Damon had to take the cure and become human again.

Damon loved being a vampire, so this wasn't a decision anyone took lightly. However, he loved Elena more. Damon promised that the smallest chance of a perfect life with Elena was infinitely better than an eternity without her. Giving up his immortality for Elena was the most romantic moment in the entire series.

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