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Tim Burton's Wednesday Addams Netflix Show Adds 10 New Cast Members

Netflix unveils 10 new cast members for the live-action Addams Family spin-off series, Wednesday, from Tim Burton led by Jenna Ortega in the titular role. Developed by Al Gough, Miles Millar and Burton in his TV debut, the series will consist of eight episodes and center on the eldest Addams child as she is sent to the peculiar Nevermore Academy. While attempting to master her emerging psychic ability, she must also end a monstrous killing spree in the local town and solve the supernatural mystery her parents were caught up in 25 years ago.

Development on Wednesday was first announced in late 2020 when Burton began putting together the series and shopping it around to various studios. Netflix would ultimately win the rights to the series earlier this year with Ortega being announced to lead as the titular Addams shortly thereafter. With Code Black alum Luis Guzmán and Oscar winner Catherine Zeta-Jones set as Gomez and Morticia Addams, Netflix has begun expanding its cast further for the series.

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Less than a month after landing Guzmán and Zeta-Jones for the series, Netflix Geeked has announced the rest of the main cast for Wednesday with ten new stars. The rest of the cast will include The Beta Test's Joy Sunday, Girl in the Basement's Emma Myers, The Gifted's Percy Hynes White, The Wolf of Snow Hollow's Riki Lindhome, The Walking Dead's Thora Birch and more. Check out the full roster of new cast members below:

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Burton's attachment to an Addams Family project has been a desire of both fans and the filmmaker himself since his rise to stardom in the '80s and '90s, with his gothic sensibilities proving to be the perfect match for the macabre family. Zeta-Jones' casting as Morticia came as the best choice since Anjelica Huston's Golden Globe-nominated turn in the live-action films and Guzmán has been generally looked favorably upon as Gomez for the series. The new group of cast members rounding out the roster for the series proves to be just as exciting as the main trio, but it's the characters themselves that prove more intriguing.

Where a large majority of Addams Family properties have flirted with the supernatural without ever addressing it, Wednesday looks to be diving head first into these elements with vampires, gorgons, werewolves and sirens. Though this may initially put off some as a bit of a departure from the source material, it should come as an interesting expansion of the world of its titular character and her family. Only time will tell what Burton and the cast have in store for fans.

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Source: Netflix Geeked/Twitter

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